Wednesday, November 14, 2018

On the Road Again, New Park for Us, Arizona, Nil to Poor Reception - Catching Up Again

The skies were cloudy on Saturday, Nov. 10th so we decided to move towards clearer horizons. Well, that isn’t really the reason but still a good one! We were up to greet this day at 6 am and enjoyed our coffee and tea together. We checked in with our online blogging friends before having a bite to eat and cleaning up.

someone doesn't want to get up
Since Bill and Rob both put the satellite dishes away last night around 7:30, it was just a matter of unhooking cords and hoses today. We were all on the same page this morning, moving early and pulled out of the park at 7:35. It will be our longest driving day yet this trip so better to be on the road as soon as possible without rushing. The temperature was reading 38F but there was no wind at all so it didn’t feel quite that chilly.

This is the sky we woke up to
This is where we're headed
Bill led out and Rob took over later since he has been to the next park before. We are headed to Page Springs RV Resort in Cornville, AZ today and will stay for 5 nights. We have a couple of things lined up to do while there and we are looking forward to the lower elevation which means higher temperatures.  

Overpasses - busy spot
At 8:50 we opted to take the EB (eastbound) Rest Area since there was no WB one for quite a number of miles. It was a bit confusing to get in with 2 roundabouts but lots of space and washrooms. Interesting set up but actually an easy in and out, back onto I-40W. This is a really nice highway and once again, great driving weather. We have certainly been blessed for the better part of this trip so far.

We stopped for Fuel at Exit 16 and immediately compared prices at Love’s, TA and NKS Royal Truck Stops. Easy decision. We pulled into NKS and paid at least 10 cents less for diesel. What a rip off at the two popular stations and they missed out on our business today. We all grabbed a coffee before heading back out with Rob in the lead.

a pretty rest area
Bill and I had commented early on today about not seeing many trains this trip and within minutes we started seeing them. One right after another. Choo choo! You don’t have to tell me twice what that means and it made us smile to know that Dad was thinking of us. At 11:00 on the dot, we made the state line crossing into Arizona and I got my required pictures of the signs.  HOME!!

We drove for 2 ½ hours before pulling off to a Rest Area for a piddle break and lunch. It was beautiful with large red rocks and a great view. At 1:20 we were on our way again with us leading the way, at Rob’s request. Once through Flagstaff I looked for another reasonably priced fuel station and found a 76 station on the edge of Flagstaff for $3.159/gal. It is now 59F/15C and absolutely gorgeous!

Interesting things along the way
It is getting mighty pretty!
The rest of the way was a very scenic drive as we followed Rob to I-17S, Cornville Rd, S. Page Springs Rd and finally N. Page Springs Rd to the campground. What a lovely drive going from 7,000’ to 6,300’ in less than 45 minutes. This is another ROD member park and costs us nothing to stay here for 5 nights with water, electric and sewer dump upon leaving.

Bill and I had booked this park our first year as our first campground and then cancelled when informed that it was difficult to get into. Now we see why although, if you are prepared to swing wide, you can get in fairly easily. The only thing we’re not happy about, is that none of us have a cell or internet connection here. It looks like a pretty little ‘low-key’ park and I’m going to enjoy walking along the river.

A crowded collage of some pictures for this travel day
Once we were set up on Site 37, I took a walk up the hill to the main road to see if I could get a message off to my sister. She likes to know when we arrive at our destination. I got it sent, by luck, but was unable to inform her about our connection so she won’t understand why she isn’t hearing from me in the next few days. We’ll be taking a drive out of the park tomorrow so we can all inform family that we are safe and settled.

A bit tricky getting in this driveway to the par
Rob was parked pretty close to the turn so he is the white mark
Bill, behind, was able to swing wider and is the blue mark
It was 3:30 when we arrived here and 4 when I fed Clemson. You know that means he waited pretty good for his supper today, because he had to. We know he can last without starving even though he often leads us to believe he can’t. Rob and Pat brought their chairs over and joined us for Happy Hour and we toasted ‘Arizona’. There are quite a few large trees here which means a lot of leaves on the ground so Bill raked them away from our entryways.

We had some laughs together and as Rob said, solved a few of the world’s problems. It turned cool quite quickly and we said goodnight and went in for supper around 5:30 or so. Yup, we’re in Arizona and the nights are cool and dark early. I was negligent this morning and didn’t have anything out for supper even though Bill got Weber Q out. So, we agreed to go simple with grilled cheese and I had half a cabbage roll to eat up.

This has been a long driving day but a really good one. We arrived safely. Not sure when I can post this but at least you will know the reason for late postings. I hope you’ve had a good day too.

The bar and grill at the top of the hill where we sometimes can get reception on our phones
don't worry about us (but thanks to those who have)
We are fine!
Thank you for stopping by. Your comments are always welcome.


  1. I like how you call AZ "home". I read the reviews of that park. Is the restaurant open? The reviews seem to indicate the restaurant has some good food!

    1. The restaurant was open on Saturday when we arrived but closed since. I think today it is open again but we won't be eating there. Trying to watch our spending right now. :)
      the park has its downfalls and we wouldn't stay this long again. Poor water pressure plus no reception but pretty.

  2. Nice to hear from you again and hope you enjoy the area so much to see. We have not got to that park because of those issues, but have stayed in the area and love it. Keep having too much fun with those guys.

    1. Thanks George. The park is pretty and we couldn't hesitate to come again for just one or two nights at the most.
      It is so pretty around here. :)

  3. Sounds like you are moving right along and having a wonderful time in the process. Take care and continued safe travels.

    1. Nice to be in Arizona again, it is just as we remembered. Cacti everywhere!!

  4. Glad hear from you! I was wondering where you had disappeared to.

    1. Thank you F.G. The reception was a disappointment but we survived! :)

  5. We stayed in a park there that put cat food out every night for raccoons and skunks. Sure enough there came about a dozen of each. We were ten feet from them. Fun to watch. That is eight years ago.

    1. How interesting! I don't know that I'd want to encourage either one but I'll bet fun to watch all the same! :)

  6. Sure is frustrating in this day and age of technology that you find there's still a lot of places with no internet or wifi or phone service. Glad you made it safely to "home"...:)

  7. It is indeed. It doesn't help that the park is way down in a valley.
    Thank you, things are as we remembered. Even the warm sun. :)