Saturday, November 17, 2018

JEROME and Sunset Beauty

Since I stayed awake until 10 last night, my first awakening on Tuesday, Nov. 13th was at 6. Aah, that is much better than this 4:30, 5 o’clock thing. Bill and I played ‘under the cover’ footsies for a bit and then I noticed he dropped off again. I’ve no

I’d dreaded the idea of having a shower with their terrible water pressure here but my hair needed to be washed. It is less pressure than what we have on The Ridge by just using our water pump and I was concerned about getting the shampoo out. It worked fine, but I used more water than I normally would and I also had help. 😊 After talking to a few people, I’ve learned that many people have enough water in their tanks to use their pumps instead.

Loving the old style buildings in this, largest Ghost town in the U.S.
We were dressed and downstairs with our tea and coffee by 7ish and it looks like another beauty of a day. The forecast is for 16C/61F and full sun again. This weather is wonderful! Yesterday, on the climb, the winds were quite strong and made the 13C feel much colder. The climb up Cook’s Hill did help to warm us up some. Today is another adventure, Rob and Pat are taking us up the over 1,800’ to the quaint tourist town of Jerome.

Bill peeks in the window of this building front
Now, an artist or yoga gallery.
Jerome, the way they describe it, puts Bill and I in mind of Idyllwild, CA. That is a hilltop town above the ROD park Silent Valley at Banning, California. One of my favourite parks too but 9 miles up a very ‘scary’ trek. I doubt we’ll go back unless we were pulling a smaller unit. More pictures today and it will be tough choosing which ones I want to post. I hope you enjoy these as well.

some kind of camera/projector


skeleton displays all over town
Oh, and that is Rob in there too!
A sunflower for Daddy and it is probably the newest thing in this whole town

We walked up here and yes, vehicles used this lane - often

The town Sheriff is on the job, thank goodness!

Because he was impersonating a fireman!

My parlor is undergoing renovations
Notice the hotel sign beside it - hmmmm

Pat and I visited this lovely store
The proprietor was 'chatty Cathy' but we loved
the clothing
It reminded us of our Moms' attire in the 50's and 60's

My buddies at the top of Jerome
We rested for a bit back at camp and I went for a walk and hid one of my painted rocks here in the park. Shortly after 4 we all piled into Rob’s truck again and he drove us to Sedona to the Airport for great sunset photos. 

We broke the mold and went where no one else did to capture the sunset
We each had our own cameras and were practicing a lot with the ISO settings etc. I think we got some pretty good ones. You be the judge!
Helio rides for 15 minutes or longer
I learned a lot about my camera and taking night pictures tonight
If it looks like Bill is running, let me just say he was anxious to
eat at his favourite fast food joint
After we left there, we drove back to Cottonwood for supper at Carl’s Jr. As Pat said, we have been really good so far on our trip, very seldom having eaten out. The food was great. I had the Pastrami Charbroiled Burger combo and it was awesome, jam-packed with pastrami, burger, pickles, tomato and lettuce. 

I could have had it with a lettuce bun but chose not to today
Back home at 7, we watched some tv and relaxed for the night. What a wonderful day!
My sister, Gayle, posted this picture of her last visit with Mom
before they, too, headed to the southwest warmth
Safe travels you guys!
This afternoon in the park, I searched for a place to hide one of my painted rocks
Can you see a suitable spot?

I can!

The ducks enjoyed the Fish Hatchery

I enjoyed the sun's reflection on the water
And one last collage of my sunset photos
Good night!

Sorry for the picture overload. Thank you for taking the time to see what we’ve been up to over the last few days while we ‘live without connections’. 😊


  1. How neat!! My last name is Boyd but I sure don't have a hotel!! May be some long lost kinfolks from Okla. I'll have to check it out someday.
    Thank you.

  2. I love Jerome. My favorite ghost mining town. Miners Inn bread pudding was determined to be the best from Maine to California!!!!!

  3. Love that quirky town always an interesting visit, glad you made it there.