Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Clemson Gets a Partial Play Date, Change of Pace in Las Vegas

I woke a couple of times between 3:30 and 5 am before waking for the last time around 5:30 and biding my time until 6. Time to get up. I dressed and came downstairs to make my tea. I wouldn’t be walking for an hour and by that time, Bill rose too and got his coffee brewed. Rob and Pat’s coffee maker went on the fritz a few days ago so they have bought a Keurig. I hope they enjoy theirs as much as we do ours.

Beautiful sunrise view across the valley
After finishing my tea, I slipped out for my walk. The wind is with us today so I wore a neck scarf (which turned into a buff for my ears) even though it was 54F. It was 7 when I headed out so no sun down here in the valley of the park. We are high but in between a number of rocky hills. We certainly are not ‘high’ in the scheme of things, only 541’ above sea level. I had finished my J.D. Robb book yesterday and knew that Bill would not enjoy it so dropped it at the clubhouse.

A pretty Oleander flower on its last days
I should have done this on macro setting, sorry.
I checked the list of attendees for the Thanksgiving dinner and none have been added below our 4 names. There is a note that says “we need more vegetable dishes”. Hmm, vegetable dishes are not my thing but instead of making a pie or other dessert, I could make some glazed carrots. That is the only veggie I currently have in the Suite. I decided this after I got home so will change it when next I’m up there. When I returned home, I found a recipe.

Walking through the wash, I have a nice head on view of the
Riverside Casino
Bill had his shower, I decided to wait until tomorrow, and we bided our time until 11. Last fall, when Bill and I visited the south, you might remember we went to a few ‘shops’ of some television stars. American Pickers in Iowa and Pawn Stars, Rick’s Restorations and Kounts Customs in Las Vegas, NV. We were granted free parking at Pawn Stars, thankfully, but filled out a ticket for a chance to get a VIP tour.

We received a call when we got home in the spring of 2018 offering us a multitude of free gifts if we took advantage of a 90-minute promotional pitch for resort/hotel stays. You all know of these and probably many have attended some. What the heck, we thought. It is easy to say ‘no’ to offers regarding hotel stays when we don’t need them, having our home with us while we travel. Today is the day and it is going to be interesting. Just get us in and out with our free goodies, please.

Breakfast of steak and eggs - yum
Clemson will get a bit of a play date out of it all as Rob and Pat will keep an eye on him. He can stay here, go outside with them and even go into their ‘home’. We have no idea how long this adventure will be but it is a blessing to know that we don’t have to be concerned about the little guy.

they are really more orange than it looks here
Ready to go, just enjoying the sunshine
The Plaza Hotel where we’re going is at the end of Fremont Street so it will be fun to see that strip again. We spoke once more to Clemson’s other Mom and Dad and advised that we would keep in touch as the day went along and were ‘instructed’ to go and have a good time without worry about time. In other words, “go outside and play!”

My sun worshipper sits with me
We were ready to go, looking spiffy, by 10:15 and just bided our time with some relaxing until it was time to leave. I changed out my big purse for a small cross shoulder bag and had to empty .39 in pennies from my wallet so it wasn’t so bulky. Now I understand why we got rid of the copper coins in Canada, they just take up space! I will always have one or two on hand for those nasty bee stings during the summer.

Heading towards Laughlin, Nevada
It was nice to have lots of time to get ready as I got my toenails repainted, finally. The colour is perfect for the American Thanksgiving, Orange You Crazy, is the name. I love it and it just so happens to match my outfit today. First, after getting a text from Rob that diesel was a great price at Sam’s Club (of which we are now members), we drove into Bullhead and topped up at $2.91/gal. Best deal yet and so we tried not to grumble at the busy-ness at the pumps.

Crossing the Colorado River and gaining an hour, 10 minutes from 'home'
It is such a lovely drive with great views
We had a good hour and a half drive across the river into Nevada (where we gained an hour) and on through Searchlight and eventually the busy hubbub of Las Vegas. Bill followed the gps and found our destination (hard to miss such a large hotel) fairly easily. Parking Black Beauty was to pose more of an issue but we did end up finding a spot for $5 within easy walk distance to the hotel and Fremont Street.

Entering Searchlight speed drops to 25 mph
Not sure why but we obey
It is exciting to see this area again, you are constantly looking up and around you at all the bright vastness of the buildings. And that is in the daytime! We checked in and after a 25-minute wait we were ushered in to a crowded room by Brittany. She was a lovely pleasant young lady who detailed the whole TLC promotion deal before asking a manager to finalize with the $ part.

I love how this wall mural looks like actual people walking with their horse
Pretty overpasses here
We already knew it wasn’t for us, not because it wasn’t worth it, but because we are already at our maximum budget limit. They were very good about it, no pressure at all, they knew we lived and travelled in our rv so I almost think they expected a denial.

woohoo - but we'd already been to Graceland where he slept for much longer

That is the parking garage we were too high to enter
 It was easy to get our original refund back and a few gift coupons for shows, dining and gambling before we left. At Binions Casino on Fremont Street we quickly played through the $300 cash on their 6 promotion machines and walked away with enough ‘points’ to get two $1,000,000 pictures. All fun.

Fremont Street
Where we played our free $300 and got our pictures
Since we hadn’t eaten since breakfast at 8 and it was 4:00 PT, we stopped at a food truck and grabbed a bite. Bill had a Pulled pork sandwich and deep-fried chips and I had 3 soft tacos stuffed with chicken and lettuce. They were messy but very good! No picture, I was distracted by the occasional squeal as participants flew by in zip-lines. It was difficult to catch them but my that would be so much fun!

The pictures are much clearer in reality
I just wish the $1,000,000 was ours to claim :)
The Pioneer Restaurant and Bar

Zip line, anyone?
Yah, Michael was in the building but he purposely avoided me
because he wanted $ for a posed picture
My punch is more powerful than you'd think!
The young gal here who served us was pleasant to chat with
and the food was good, fast and reasonably priced!
We picked up our pictures and headed back home again. It was dark by the time we reached the winding mountain drive near Laughlin and I wish pictures showed the bright light views better. Something else to learn, perhaps. 

Donna and Gerry will recognize this parking garage from last year
They visited Fremont Street with us
We lost our hour at the crossing of the Colorado River and were home by 6:30. Clemson was comfy, cozy in his 2nd, 3rd? home. As a matter of fact, they all 3 looked quite at home together. How comforting that is for us.

The sun dropping slowly through the clouds
Looks like someone is upset!
We chatted together for an hour about our days and also about a Jell-o twist that has come about. More on that tomorrow when we figure our best action. This has been a fun day. We’re glad it was early in our visit here so now we can relax and do more ‘fun’ things together with Rob and Pat. I hope you enjoyed your day.

Laughlin casinos at night

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Fremont Street is a kick. I like to play the no-photo game. Love how they always call in the manager. I imagine no one wins on that machine. Lol

    1. Fremont street is just one of those things you have to experience, I think. We enjoy it too. No, I'm sure no one wins on those machines but I had to use the 'play' money all the same. :)

  2. Love Freemont St, glad you got to see it again. Now to settle down and take things easy for a couple of minutes and keep having fun.

    1. Yes, we do too. We'll try and slow down for a few minutes before getting back at it again. :)