Monday, November 26, 2018

A Night Full of Dreams, Waking with Clemson Beside Me, Puzzle Work, Company

On Monday, Nov. 26th I could hear the wind again when I woke up. I’d been awake off and on since 3:45 when Bill had to take Clemson out for a piddle. When the little bum got back on the bed, he climbed over me and curled up near my belly. He remained there until 6:30, even after I rolled over with my back to him, when he moved over under the covers with Bill. He never sleeps on that side of me! Gosh, they are so special in the little things they do.

I got a chuckle out of this picture from a couple of days ago when
I walked up to the clubhouse, texting my sister
The door is mirrored
 We got up, Bill and I, at 7:30 which was proof of a later night and weirder sleep for me. So many strange dreams! I made a tea and Bill had his shower before making his coffee and joining me. We read some blogs and had a bowl of cereal. Not my favourite thing but when you are trying to get ready for something, you make concessions. No bacon and eggs this morning, Rob and Pat had invited us to go along for the drive today into Bullhead City.

And then I took a selfie in the reflection
We were ready shortly before 9 and watched to see Rob go out to his truck. We will be glad to go to Walmart since we need milk again. It is Bill’s favourite thing to drink and we go through a lot. I have a grocery list on the go and as soon as our pension $ goes in the bank, we will be heading into Smith’s, Sam’s and/or Walmart to stock up. The freezer is looking bare for meat meals. It was about 9:30 when we left and just before 11 when we returned.

do you remember this picture I posted a few days ago
of the new house being built on the hill?
Bill and I made a coffee and Rob brought over a couple of pieces of brownie for a coffee break treat. Yummy, but not sweet-tasting. Just chocolately, my favourite flavor. 

I had one with a Nutter Butter cookie and then I walked up to the clubhouse to work on the jigsaw puzzle. I was up there for close to a couple of hours before returning to the Suite. I met an interesting man up there, someone in the Entertainment business who personally knew Lisa Marie Presley and the Hallmark family. I wish I could remember the details of his stories. 

I know this is a different angle but one of the walls has blown down in the strong winds
I missed getting a photo yesterday before the workers returned to clean some of it up
It's crazy how the wind can take down a structure with such air flow
Bill had kept busy by washing outside windows on the shady side of our home and retreated indoors just before I got back. He had also finished setting up our pvr for taping the programs we are unable to watch tonight. We settled down to watch a new Christmas movie and it didn’t take long before I realized that it wasn’t any different from many of the others I’d seen Bill watching. I sat for a while with him and then occupied myself starting preparing for supper. 

This morning, our weather station shows how strong the winds got in the last hour
That is the 19 mph showing in the top corner
The 13 beside it is the current wind speed, constantly changing
At 4:45 Bill lit the Weber and put the potatoes on to bake. We’d have chicken thighs and salad along with them. Within 10 minutes Rob came to the door and said we were expecting company, all of us. Rose and George were in Fort Mohave which is a suburb of Bullhead City, so very close. They were popping in for a quick pre-dinner Happy Hour. How nice it will be; it was August since we saw them last at the Ridge. Bill turned the Weber off and we walked over to Rob and Pat’s when the Goodens arrived. Supper can wait.

this was my first attempt at the puzzle, yesterday
 We had a nice visit and a drink together catching up and discussing the world issues and where to find good deals. Always a good time. We will see them next week when we are in Lake Havasu City. We said goodbye around 6 and re-started the barbecue to finish grilling. Once it is dark, it is difficult to tell when the chicken is done so it took a couple of shots at it before Bill brought them in with the spuds.

And when I left today, I had accomplished something
Eventually, I'll get the border done
Supper tasted really good tonight, it is seldom that we have potatoes so we really enjoyed them. While eating, we watched The Voice and then continued for the remainder of the night watching some news and recording 9-1-1 and The Good Doctor. We always have enough programs recorded for the rest of the week after Monday and Tuesday are behind us.

I missed getting a picture of Rose and George
but I did get a picture of their car before they left
And at the same time, caught some of the pink sunset
This has been a good day with not much going on but I did get some puzzle time in, which I love to do. We saw our friends, Rose and George for a bit at Happy Hour and got a bit of shopping done too. I hope you’ve had a great day too.

Supper was good

Thank you for popping by!


  1. are you staying in Lake havasu? I thought you were going to pilot knob from there?
    By the way, see, I do read blogs! sometimes ;)

    1. We are going boondocking in Lake Havasu for 6 or 7 days at Lone Tree Hill or whatever it is called and then staying at our friends place until Dec. 11. Then Pilot Knob. :)

  2. I really miss jigsaw puzzles. No room to do them in the RV. When we get to Mission they usually have one out for people to work on and I enjoyed that last year.

    I'm a little jealous - you in your shorts and short sleeved shirts. I'm inside with two pairs of socks and my shoes on and my feet are still cold!!!! Dec 26th can't get here soon enough if the weather keeps on like this! Typically it's just a day or so and then it warms back up - supposed to be up into mid 60's later in the week, so I can't complain too much. Right?

    1. I'm lost if a park doesn't have puzzles to do. My friend has offered me a puzzle mat and I've never tried one before. I'll see her at Quartzsite so I'm excited about that!
      Sorry about your weather, we came for this and I dread if we ever have to stay behind in the 'real' winter. Brrr.

  3. Always something to do and nice that you are enjoying your time there, so many times we have been there and mostly very windy, hope lets up for you.

    1. Seems we're getting some windy and then some calm days. We love the park and the warmth no matter what comes as far as wind. We like this area for shopping too.

  4. Enjoyed your pictures from the last couple of days. Great old pictures, I can see your mom has always had a beautiful smile. You are looking good I envy the weather that allows shorts and a sleeveless Enjoy...:)

  5. I can tell you from personal experience, all those Christmas movies are EXACTLY the same script, just different actors!! I really like your weather station. Must be nice to be in shorts as I sit here freezing!! lol

    1. Yes, I know but some people enjoy them. I met someone yesterday who actually knows the Hallmark family and he says they are exactly those type of people. Very sincere. that helps to know that!
      It is beautiful here and shorts are what it's all about for us. it means we're in the right place!

  6. Just another nice day. Which channels are you watching/taping the xmas movies on?

    1. The Christmas movies are on the W (Woman's) Channel. They are back to back.:)

  7. Just saying hi and keeping track of you!šŸ˜‰

    1. Hey! hi there! Where are you guys now? We were talking about you with Rob and pat the other day. Just wondering whereabouts you are now. :)
      Thanks for the comment.