Friday, November 23, 2018

The Day After the Holiday = Black Friday, Sam’s Club, Family Pool Time, New Appliances

I was up around 7 with big plans to take my walking stick and go for a walk on this gorgeous day. It is Friday, Nov. 23rd, the day after the American Thanksgiving Day. I know that yesterday found stores closed and I’m sure today in town, Black Friday, it will be crazy.

We had to wake him at 9:15 so we could let him out before we went to town
And then, by the time we were ready to leave, he was perched up here on the pillow shams
in the sunshine
Things changed as I sat up in bed and found that I was experiencing a minor dizzy spell. As I lie back down for a couple of minutes, I thought about how much water I ‘didn’t’ drink yesterday. Hmm, that is definitely the culprit. I had my normal tea and coffee but only 1 bottle of water. I’d had a glass of red wine with our mid-afternoon dinner and I’m sure that didn’t help. So, it's all on me.

And on the hill behind us, the Gambel Quail made their trek down and then up again
I got up, got dressed and came downstairs and grabbed some water. As I sat in my recliner, I began getting a hold on how I was feeling. Bill joined me half an hour later and made me a cup of tea. Soon enough, I was back to normal and sat and read some blog posts to see what our friends were up to. We had plans this morning to get into Bullhead City and pick up a few things we needed badly.

Our new weather station
The indoor part at least
Pat and Rob came along when we drove to Sam’s Club and we bought our milk, cream and eggs. The desperate things since we were almost out back home. We also found a couple of neat things that we’d talked about. Bill found the Weather Station he has wanted and I found an Air Fryer, both for a great price. We were surprised that the store was not crowded at all. Not typical for what I’ve heard about Black Fridays.

I chose a red one because I could

So, I cut up the potatoes for fries tonight

With the help of an instruction booklet
From there, we drove to Harbour Freight where the boys picked up a couple of things on their list and I even found something! My Dad always had a gadget in his pocket that he used often and was very proud to own. If he dropped something, a screw, nail, washer or coin he’d reach into his pocket and use his telescopic magnet. It looked like a pen clipped there for scratching down measurements and I was tickled to see it was more than that. Today, I bought my own for $3.99.

I’m always dropping my stylus between the seat and console in Black Beauty or money and this just felt like I needed it. Bill drove us to a mall where Pat and I got to ‘explore’ Ross’s, one of our favourite stores here. 

                           Pat and I laughed at the size of this celery
                                              Yes, for .99c
                                    It is almost as tall as she is!! :)

Without a lot of money to spend (being our big driving month) we poked around quickly and met the guys after we’d all done some shopping in the .99c store. Of course, not everything is .99c but many of their food items were. I picked up some lettuce, mushrooms, green onions, bananas and a couple other things for a small $8 charge. Crazy!

The neighbour next to us has an old dog with some obvious age issues. Shep, I think he called him
Shep has a toy and I watched him as he eventually made his way
up the ramp into the toy hauler
Sweet and sad at the same time
Back home, I changed into my bathing suit and walked up to the pool. It was just after 1:30. Bill got his weather station partially set up and then surprised me by showing up at the pool with Rob and Pat. Rob was looking forward to a hot tub so Bill joined him for a swim and Pat came along for the walk. It was 3 when they returned home and I followed soon after.

It was a lazy afternoon and while Bill dozed and read inside, I did some domestic sewing. His shirt was in need of a button with others needing securing. We had a cup of wild strawberry loose tea and then I took Clemson for a walk around the ‘block’. It was an absolutely beautiful day with some wind but the temperature still rose to 72F in the beautiful sunshine.

These palm trees have such smooth bark
Pretty clouds this afternoon
I walked the garbage down to the bins at the end of the street and came back to begin supper. With small sausages to grill on Weber, I peeled and cut 3 small potatoes into French fries. Let’s try this new air fryer! It took 20 minutes and they turned out quite good. I warmed the turkey dressing I brought home from yesterday and reheated my glazed carrots. Supper was delicious!

And the sun's presence only made it that much nicer

Me, myself and I.......oh and my shadow walked back from the garbage bins
We cleaned up dishes and Bill turned a new Christmas movie on. I’m a hard sell for these ‘mushy, predictable’ movies but watched it out of the corner of my eye while I put this post together. He enjoys them for some reason so I’m all for gaining more of the Christmas spirit out of my sweet Mr. Scrooge. It was a quiet evening and since we’d had another glass of red wine with dinner (and enough water for me) it was an early bedtime for me too.

Our home while we are here in Bullhead City
Life is good!
I hope you enjoyed your day. We took advantage of some Black Friday specials without having to fight crowds, spent some quality time in the sun, in the pools and with each other.

Thank you for stopping by. It is always nice to hear from you if you wish to leave a comment.


  1. Ive been curious about those air fryers!!

    1. We have too. I'll tell you, cleanup was 100% better making it totally money well spent! And the fries were good too.

  2. your neighbour has two senior citizen dogs. Believe it or not, that doggie is in good health compared to the other. :'(

    1. Oh dear. We thought we'd seen a white one inside but just figured our eyes were playing tricks. :(

  3. I got a lump in my throat reading about the pen gadget that your Dad used to have and now you as well. Very special.

    1. funny, the things you remember. He had his wherever he went so I'll try and keep mine in my purse. :)

  4. Nice that you got things taken care of and enjoy the pool; and hot tub, loving these warm sunny days too. I was surprised here that the stores were open and much busier here on Thanksgiving day than on friday

    1. We all enjoyed the day and got some shopping and swimming done too.

  5. Got caught up this morning on your Thanksgiving day blog. Love that you did the I'm thankful part! Black Friday has changed alot in the last several years. Stores started opening on Thanksgiving Day so the rush isn't like it used to be. I don't participate in that for sure, but my sisters and I still go out early 0400 yesterday! Does your air fryer make your fries look like they've been fried in oil? Glad you got your pen gadget :) so sweet.

    1. Thank you Shirley, I did steal the idea from Nancy at Kissack's Adventures and I hope she didn't mind. It is good to stop and think about those things.
      You were out at 4 am?? wow!
      The fries are different but still good. If I sprayed them with oil first, they likely would be crispier if we wanted that. Love my little gadget. :)

  6. Isn't it fun when you find those inexpensive little gadgets that make your life so much easier. Your new weather station looks interesting because it is soon time for us to get a new one too!

  7. I'm with the others about your new air fryer . Would have liked to have had a picture of the fries . I will be watching to see what all you can cook in one of those. glad you made back to the states . Vern in Boise