Monday, November 5, 2018

Nice Easy Day Today, Shopping, Gambling and Chillin’ (with Patsy)

Bill and I were both awake around 5 am on Monday, Nov. 5th and took our time getting up. By 5:45 we were both up out of bed making our first brew of the day. It was a howling night and still windy in the early hours. I’m glad I folded up our chairs as they may have been in the next county. I hope the prairie dogs hunkered down in their holes! The sun came up with a pretty introduction and after the clouds moved off, the sky was solid blue.

I was expecting a grand performance but the clouds rose with the sun
blocking the view
We read a few blogs posts and then took turns showering. That water pressure feels so good so I made mine nice and hot and long. We had something to eat and by 9 all 4 of us hopped in Black Beauty for the drive into El Reno. Walmart should have been easy to find but we ended up having a nice scenic tour around the small city. It always strikes me funny to see signs stating ‘Canadian River’ and in this case ‘Canadian County’. That’s where we are right now.

There were a few things on our lists so we went our separate ways and filled our carts. Bill found a nice pair of shoes with a good tread. His last pair that we bought at a Mark’s, I think, were nice looking but sure didn’t last long. For $20 these are definitely much better quality and the old ones that were falling apart went into the garbage lickety split! When we returned home, Bill assisted Rob as he replaced some bolts on his outdoor steps.

We're on the far left and Rob and Pat are two spots over
Inside, we each had a coffee and our last cookie from Sam’s Club. We’ve been really good and made them last! When we were at Graceland, we got pictures taken standing in front of the ‘faux’ gates at entry. Of course, they want you to purchase them so as we left Elvis Presley Enterprises, we examined them. 

They were really good! We’d also asked him to take a group one of the 4 of us and it is also very good. Yes, we bought them and split the difference for the group one.
They are much better than this but these are pictures of a picture
and at least you get 'the picture' LOL
At Walmart, we picked up a pack of photo paper and copied the picture so we each have one. With a small strip of black tape or marker, we’ll cover their copyright info to make a nicer picture. Bill settled in his chair with his next story on the Kobo. He has read The Overlook, The Narrows, The Black Box and is now reading a Bosch/Mickey Haller story. All Michael Connelly.  I think I mentioned that I’m reading Loitering with Intent with the lawyer, Stone Barrington by Stuart Woods. It is good too.

It was a beautiful day today

I had a nice walk down this country road
and saw lots of prairie dogs and lots of their holes filled in
I went for a nice walk with my hoody zipped up tight to start with. I headed west down the road towards the Native Tribal Station and a church and it was a pretty walk. By the time I turned around to come back, I unzipped my jacket and rolled up my sleeves. The difference of the wind straight on and behind you. 

Selfie in the sun
The sun is gorgeous and we are already sitting at 20C/68F. Bring – it – on! I sat outside around the corner out of the wind without a jacket and my bare feet. A nice place to read.

At 12:30 I made us egg sandwiches for lunch
Clemson sat with me for a while and at one point I had to go in and change into shorts. Bill joined us with his book and we noticed that Rob was 2 sites down sitting in the sun too. It is nice that we can all enjoy quiet time of our own for an hour or so. 

I watched as the sun dropped lower and behind some of these clouds
At 3:30 Rob invited us to Happy Hour behind their fiver and the next couple of hours is history. We solved issues and well, no we didn’t really. We had too much fun. There wasn’t much serious going on today.

Pat and Clemson look happy too

We parted after 5 for supper and agreed to meet up at 7 to walk across the lot to the Casino. Let’s see how ‘lucky’ we’ll be at the Lucky Star tonight. I had made one of Bill’s favourites, my meatloaf, with Caesar salad and we had dishes cleaned up by 6:15. After I cleaned up a bit, I caught up here and then sat in front of the tv. We haven’t had tv since we left home so it feels like a treat to watch some of our programs.

And dropping lower
We met Rob and Pat and went to try our luck. We always have luck, don’t get me wrong, but it usually is bad. Tonight, was no different. Pat was the ‘big’ winner again tonight, walking away with .15. Where’s Sandra when we need to rub her head for luck? Anyway, we had fun and before 8 we came back to the Suite for dessert. It wasn’t my best but everyone was polite and said the Rhubarb Crisp with Cool Whip was very good. They’re kind.

Our meatloaf supper was quite yummy
By 9 we said goodnight and we read for a bit before bedtime. I felt pretty tired and knew I would drop off quickly. This has been a wonderful day for relaxing. We all need the down time so we are very glad to have come here for a couple of nights rather than push on to the next destination. I hope you’ve had a great day too.

Good night from a few unlucky gamblers at the Lucky Star
Thank you for stopping in to see what we’re up to. Tomorrow we move further on down the road. Hop on board!


  1. It sounds like you four are having a good time. It's fun
    traveling with another rig especially when your schedules are
    That meatloaf sure looked good!

    1. We can't believe it has just been a few days. We've jammed a lot of fun in so far!
      Thank you, the meatloaf is a no brainer for me, Bill always loves it. :)

  2. A relaxing day is always nice, put your feet up and enjoy a book. Now you keep on having too much fun with these guys and get moving on down the road enjoying the scenery.

    1. Three got some reading done and one got to catch up on some of her soap operas. :) So, all is great!
      Looking forward to our next adventure down the road.

  3. Hi friends! We moved our motorhome up the hill near us yesterday. Getting closer to leaving. Still raining here. ☔

    1. Hi you two! That's great. One step closer for sure! Yay! Come and get out of the rain! ;D

  4. Rain here in the morning but cleared enough to rake leaves in the afternoon. Send the winds here sis... maybe the rest will blow over to the neighbours. Glad to hear you're enjoying your trip so far. Safe travels tomorrow.

  5. It's so nice to be able to travel with friends. Glad you enjoyed Elvis-land.

  6. Perhaps of interest to you on the Canadian River.
    In Oklahoma generally called the "South" Canadian River, the Canadian was known to seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Spanish explorers as the Rio Buenaventura and the Magdalena. French explorers, perhaps assuming that the stream flowed northward into Canada, may have attached the name while they were seeking a route to Santa Fe.
    Don in Okla.

  7. I still like the pink sunrise. What great pics of you two and all of you at Graceland. Something to treasure forever! Oh and that dinner with the caesar salad..yummy!

  8. Having issues with connecting to wifi again so blog updates will follow.
    Can't post a blog from my phone.

    1. Thanks, folks might worry without you letting us know why you didn't post . :)

  9. Love the post, missed reading your blog all summer. Looking forward to more reading in the days ahead. Safe travel.


    1. Hello Deb! Welcome back! Safe travels to you and Riley, nice that we are all on the move again. Hugs