Saturday, November 3, 2018

How Great Thou Art, Elvis, You Moved Me

On Friday, Nov. 2nd I woke once at 4 but went back to sleep until Bill got up around 6. I think it was closer to 6:30 when I crawled out of bed and hopped into the shower. Today is the day and I wanted to be wide awake and ready to go. It sure feels nice to have a full force, hot, long shower and we’ve each enjoyed one here in the park. We had our tea and coffee and Bill had cereal while I had oatmeal with strawberries and cream. It hit the spot.

Bill and Rob setting their cameras to 'no-flash'
before going to Graceland Mansion
We met Pat and Rob outside around 9:10 and walked up to the Ticket building to get in line for the shuttle at 9:30. It isn’t far, just across the Boulevard but it beats walking. We all had ticket lanyards to wear so the drivers knew who went on what shuttle. 

Looking down the driveway to E.P.Boulevard
The world renowned gates to Graceland
There were quite a few changes in the whole Graceland experience from when Rob and Pat were here 3 years ago so they were very glad they decided to do this tour again with us.

She's so very pretty!
If you’ve been through the Mansion and the grounds you already know how an Elvis lover feels. If you haven’t been, well, all I can say is that it is overwhelming to say the least. I wasn’t as emotional as I thought I would be and I’m thinking that is because of the group we were walking with, people always around. 

Also, we were listening to an audio recording on an ipad and that kept me grounded. Until, we walked out to the Meditation Garden. Let me just say, I should have had Kleenex. I couldn't stop the tears and Pat couldn't look at me or she would've started.

Bear with me while I record some personal favourites here
A 15' long chesterfield on the right and his white piano in the back
It was an exciting experience and although we could have gone back on our own and walked through at our own pace later in the day, time was not on our side. By the time we caught the shuttle back to the ‘new’ Graceland grounds, and walked through the 15 exhibits (consisting of more than one room each), into the 9 various shops and had a bite to eat at Glady’s Diner, it was 2:30. Bill and I still hadn’t seen Elvis’ airplanes.

We couldn't go upstairs to his personal bedroom but I got as close as I could

Elvis! Come on down!
It's dinner time!
Rob and Pat skipped the planes this time and walked back to let Clemson out who must have had his legs crossed by this time. We were back around 3:30 and the guys took the trucks out to fuel up for tomorrow’s travels. 

The hub of Graceland
Gladys prepared meals and everyone gathered around in the kitchen
A peek at the Jungle Room
Yesterday, I asked at the office about the history of this park. The gal told us it used to be a KOA, then a private campground and for the last 10 years, bought by Graceland and renamed. Interesting. It isn’t huge and it isn’t really fancy, but it certainly serves the purpose and is indeed a hot spot for touring rv’ers.

One of my favourite 'ooh' rooms, so much to see in here

The originality and creativity Elvis had for decorating
The ceiling and walls are actually 'pleated' paper
I suggested before we left this morning that reheat the Chicken Fettucini Alfredo from Walmart, I mix a salad and we eat together again. That plan is going to work so after Bill gets a few things in order outside, we relaxed until 5ish. I think we will all sleep well tonight! As if I haven’t walked enough today, only 2.5 miles, I went outside with my camera to watch for the famous Pink Cadillac (replica) that picks patrons up for dinner. I just wanted a picture.

Yellow and blue room
By 5:30 it was still a no-show but boy, are there ever a lot of new rv’ers coming in. Rob told me Pat went up to the park office and we met up and decided to walk up to the Souvenirs of Elvis store to check out their inventory close-out sale. I found a couple of small things for less than $7 and we walked back together to our sites. I heated up the noodle dinner a bit in our microwave and we carried it, baguette, our drinks and a salad over to Pat and Robs.

Bill and Rob enter Vernon's office

Rob can set up their small card table and it gives us a dining room ‘feel’ in their trailer. Supper was good, although it was a favourite meal for the guys, Pat and I enjoyed it. For the price we got everything for, we have no complaints about the meal at all. Bill helped Pat with some pictures on her laptop while Clemson and I relaxed on the sofa and Rob did the same in his chair. At 7:30 I brought Clemson home with our stuff and that was it for the night.

So happy our friends took the tour with us

And the back is very neat and modest
The only painting Elvis ever commissioned of himself

We all know what this is and it is truly gorgeous without being 'too much'
The rain started soon after Bill got back, which was the first we’ve seen it all day. It was a wonderful day with mild temps and quite a few patches of sunshine throughout the day. 

And we wee definitely here
I’m so happy that I can cross this off my bucket list and now I’m another one of those die-hard Graceland fans. I’d love to come back another time just to go through the Mansion again. I’ve taken far too many pictures so will have to sort through them to decide which ones to include.

And this was the moment for me
It became real
I hope you’ve had a great day too. 

Just caught the sun leaving us
Dinner was great
Clemson was comfy too
Thank you for taking the time to see what we’re up to. Check in tomorrow to see what other exhibits we explored today. 


  1. I'm not sure that is his original furniture. When we were there in 1993 the carpet was a reddish shag and Mediterranean dark wood furniture of the 70s. Just like we had in 70s. I think they modernized it. I was disappointed then because it wasn't a mansion like I had imagined. This makes it look more like a mansion. The outside is the same. What do other folks think that have been there before?

    1. I don't know but I like to think it is a close replica of the style he had. It was absolutely beautiful and very modest, which I liked rather than over the top.
      Our friends were happy to see it again because there were some changes. The clothing and his gold records were all in the house 3 years ago but they like them where they are now, more visibly displayed.

  2. My favorite parts of Graceland were the plane, Serenity Garden and the grounds themselves. My husband was there a couple of years ago and there were changes. A worker told us if we come back next year, there will be more changes. I loved the city of Memphis.

  3. Sorry....forgot to publish my name again...…..Elva

    1. Ha ha, you make me laugh. :) I loved the mansion and would like to see it again, without the ipad and headphones and even without the camera, as my friend said. Just to slow down and look and look and look again at each room. :)
      Yes, I'm sure changes have to be made to keep it interesting.

  4. Pat we had a great day in Graceland with you and Bill . Rob and I were really happy we took the tour again through Graceland with all the changes that were made . Seem to be like a lot more walking with the changes .
    But nevertheless It’s always amazing to go back through again . I looked at you once and I had to turn away for your tears. You did good holding it together . I think that has to be the most emotional part of the tour .
    Lunch was really good . I do think we walked are poor little feet off , all of us .
    Rob and I are really thrilled with the pictures that were taken as a group and individual .
    Love making the memories with you guys at Graceland .

    1. It was a great experience for us spending it with you two. We weren't sure if you would want to do it since you'd already seen it.
      I'm glad you saw different things and yes, a lot of walking. We're not so young anymore!
      Those pictures turned out great! We're pleased as well.

  5. I can't wait to go and visit Graceland, thanks for the pre-tour :-)

    1. You're welcome! I love love loved it. :) a dream realized for me.

  6. Great pictures sis. Makes me want to go back again! Do they still let you sign your name on the walls surrounding the estate? We did that the one time we were there.:-D

    1. thank you, Donna. It will be so different and we definitely would do the Mansion tour again. There are signatures on the front walls of the estate, we looked for Pat's name but couldn't find it. We had nothing to write with this time.

  7. Nice to be able to get there and enjoy Graceland. We took the Pink Cadillac to the restaurant and back for dinner at Marlowe's for an tasty meal when we were there, A nice treat.

  8. Thanks for the tour. Safe travels.