Sunday, November 4, 2018

Falling Back to an Early Rising, Just a Hop, Skip and a Jump Today to Another Casino

It was 4:52 when I first looked at my watch on Sunday, Nov. 4th. I lifted my blind to look out at the Casino lights. It was a nice view shining in my window. It was 10:30 last night when I closed my book up in bed. Bill was falling asleep reading so we went upstairs together. I managed to finish my book Orchid Beach by Stuart Woods. A good page turner about Sheriff Holly Barker.

This was our overnight site with hookups
With the new standard time, we were an hour ahead of the game tonight and we turned our clocks back in the Suite. Our Fitbits, phones and my computer automatically switched. That’s a ‘switch!’ We had our coffee and tea around 6 and I went for a walk at 7, it was light enough out by that time. I walked the perimeter of the casino lot and it was a tad cool so I needed my hoody and wind breaker. Just a few steps away, I spotted a young deer but didn’t have my zoom lens, of course.

I don't know if you can make her out but she is watching me
We had toast and a yogourt inside and Bill cleaned dishes up while I took Clemson out for his business and a teeny walk. The sun was trying to break through the wispy clouds by this time and the sky was blue to the west. Should be a good day to travel even though we only have a couple hundred miles to go. 

Another very nice casino, elaborate buildings
We had heavy rain and some thunder overnight so the ground is a bit muddy around us. We began the packing up process although not in any rush this morning.

Electric Security cars were prominent but not a nuisance
Nice to know they are out and about at all times
We never feel insecure in these places
Bill and Rob drove up to the corner to see about filling up with fuel before they hooked up. We were soon on the highway, I-40w to be exact and Bill took the lead and it was 49F, sunny and it was just past 8:30. 

thank you Cherokee for the overnight stay!
Today was a short drive after a longish one yesterday so that would be a nice break. We drove on the outskirts of Checotah, OK the birthplace of the 2005 American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood, and I’m sure you all feel better knowing that.

This is the river that goes with the above sign
We crossed a couple of rivers, North Canadian River being one and Lake Euphala which was a large body of water both north and south of us. 

Hobby Lobby for our daughter, Charlotte
It was another one of those very pleasant drives, with good highways and only about 6 miles of construction. No big deal there since it was Sunday and there were no workers so we didn’t have to worry about huge fines or jail time for hitting one of them. Phew!

Beautiful views
At 10:30 we pulled off at a No Facility Rest Area and we opened up to use the bathroom and to make ourselves a coffee. It was just that time of the morning when we needed something. Pat and Rob were Face-timing Aunt Mary with their daughter being the ‘go-between’ and then I did the same with Mom and Donna, who was visiting her this morning. That was very nice of Pat and Sandra to help out with that. Mom looked great, although confused and Donna said later that Mom was happy to see my face.

We met a couple in Roswell, NM last spring who owned a Casita
they were remodelling it inside and loved it
By 11:50 we were skirting around Oklahoma City on I-40W and we didn’t have to change lanes at all. Love the signs on the pavement and there was no congestion so it was easy peasey. We pulled off at a Pilot fuel station but their power was off so no fuel tank accessibility. Hmm, oh well, we weren’t desperate for diesel although Rob was getting low, but we got to run in and use their facilities. That was a bit desperate.

Yup, yup, we'll follow you
Hey, wait a minute, we're already having a good time!

Black gold?

Sod farming

Don't we all!!

This was the construction section and I loved seeing the red earth
It was not far to our destination and with the sun, we had warmed up considerably from the rest area stop where it felt quite chilly. It was 55F and 12:30 when we backed into 2 of 12 free full-service sites at Lucky Star Casino at El Reno, OK. 

Now, Bill's favourite fast food place down here
this is the first one we've seen on this trip

cute water tower

You probably all recognize this structure in Oklahoma

Traffic around Oklahoma City was almost non-existent on a late Sunday morning
First thing on the guys agenda was to set up the satellite dishes, which proved easy, and on mine and probably Pat’s agenda was to get some lunch. I warmed up a bowl of my green tomato bacon soup (yum!) and made Bill a peanut butter and cheese sandwich. Not quite an Elvis taste, but close!


El Reno gets ready for their Christmas season

We met out in the sunshine with our chairs and a drink and sat for maybe an hour watching the prairie dogs and relaxing together. 

Across the fence
"can you see her watching us?" "Yes, I think she is the paparazzi"
"I think this is my best profile"
You little guys are so darned cute!
We've all heard of passwords on free WiFi "Happy Camper"
Well, they don't come much happier than this!!
This pretty Ford drove in and parked across the lines
I sure hope it doesn't get hit like our pretty Ford did in the Spring of 2017
almost in the same spot
Soon enough, most of us were displaying exhaustion so we moved inside and there were 4 people and 1 dog who had an afternoon snooze today. The last few days have worn us plumb out! We chatted about eating in and then going to the casino for an hour but after eating and doing dishes, our minds were changed. Let’s stay put tonight.

the sky was quite beautiful tonight
I fried up mini sausages and served mixed salad on the side for Bill and I and it was just enough to satisfy our hunger. This has been a good day and we have a full day tomorrow to relax and do whatever we have a mind to do. The boys drove over to fuel up and got a good price for diesel at $3.19/gal. Those are the prices that we like. I hope you have enjoyed your day and are safely settled for the night as well.

goodnight from our second Casino of the weekend
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  1. Sure enjoying your travels.
    You do such a great job sharing. Thank you!

  2. nice to see you making good time and enjoying the journey, keep on travelling safe.

  3. Love your sense of humor Patsy! You are just too cute! Loving the trip and the picture of the boys outside enjoying, that's what it's about! El Reno was the spot of the first KOA we ever stayed at in 1985...memories every time we go through there. :)

    1. Ha ha, I'm glad someone does!
      That's cool that El Reno was a 'first' for you guys way back in the day when you were young and foolish. Wait a minute! you still are!! :)

  4. Oh ... oh .... I've been on that highway!! Gorgeous sunsets there!!

  5. Ok, so what is that structure in Oklahoma?

    1. It is actually the Skydance Bridge.Sorry, F.G. should have known you'd like that info! :D It was designed after the state bird, the scissor-tailed flycatcher. The bridge itself is 380' long for pedestrians and the structure is 197' tall.

  6. Sounds like a good travel day. Then an enjoyable relaxing time with friends.
    Nice sunset picture.

    1. It was a great travel day for sure and we enjoyed some quiet time with friends.