Thursday, May 2, 2019

Windy Drive to London, Doctor, Doctor, A Tearful Goodbye to My Friend

The Ridge
The battering winds woke us up on Wednesday, May 1st around 5 and I went back to sleep eventually praying for some calm before 6:30 when I’d planned on getting up. No such luck. Bill got up first and turned the furnace on for a quick burst of heat in the bathroom and turned the small heaters up to generate an even heat.  I hopped in the shower right away and then Bill followed when I came down for my tea.

The rain stopped shortly after we got on the highway
but it was a dull cloudy drive
The little heaters will remain on until we leave but the furnace got turned off when we were done in the bathroom. At 7:30 no way was I hungry, and I do believe after a discussion with my sisters on Saturday, that the cream and coconut oil in my tea each morning keeps my hunger at bay longer than Bill’s w/o the fat of the oil. I was wondering why he was hungry sooner and I could often go until 11 or later. This morning he had toast and a yogourt and I had some Jell-o.

Crossing the Avon River in Stratford
Once cleaned up, we had a discussion as we watched the sky get darker still and the rain even heavier. We were planning on taking both vehicles. Bill has a doctor’s appointment at 12 noon to chat about the results from his blood work. That never pleases us as it is never good news. His weight is down though quite a bit since last fall so he is anxious for the doc to see that.

This is a popular spot for tourists during the summer months especially
We have the visitation for Mark at 2 so the timing worked out well. Any other day this week and it wouldn’t have worked for us to attend. It will be hard, very hard for me but I want/need/have to be there. I was going to follow Bill in Ptooties and after the visitation, return with Clemson on our own. He works tomorrow and Friday.

Stratford is another city with a lot of beautiful historic buildings
to photograph
With the weather, we decided that it makes no difference in fuel usage if we both drive together in Ptooties, there and back today and Bill head out in the morning. I feel better because it also means that we’ll have our sweetie for one more night. At 8:45 Ellen and Scott popped over to say goodbye and thank us for the stay. It was great to see them before they head out for their new adventure. P.E.I. wow! Now we will have a place to stay when we make a trip out east! 😊

So, I tried to capture a few on the drive through
We were on our way at 9. The drive to the big city was uneventful, which is always good when you are travelling for2 ½ hours. Clemson was restless in the back seat, for some reason couldn’t settle down but he was quiet at least as he roamed back and forth. In his seat belt he can only move so far so his safety was guaranteed. 

I wouldn't want to own it, but I'd love a tour!
We arrived at the west corner of London, close to the doc’s office but we were too early. A good time to make a pit stop and then we went to The Shoe Company store, which we’d never been to before.

Crossing the mighty Thames (pronounced Temes) River
around London
Bill was happy that he found a pair of good shoes that he can wear to work since his other black leather ones are looking pretty rugged. He likes to look neat and tidy and he needed slip ons for going in and out of rvs with a client. The prices were high enough but as long as he is happy. Then we drove to our Dr.’s office with a bit of trepidation in hearing what he had to say.
When I lived in Lucan with our parents, this Presbyterian Church
at Ilderton was where we went every Sunday
Later, in early 70's (?) my sister, Donna, married her first husband here and I was a bridesmad
for the first time
While waiting the few minutes to see him, we both weighed ourselves on their reliable old-fashioned scales and were quite pleased with the results. Especially Bill’s. The results from his bloodwork also was favourable and we are all very pleased. This was just a routine follow-up that the doctor has to do when monitoring something specific. We left with (as my sister says) a gold star and encouragement to keep doing what we’re doing. And that is to protect Bill’s natural insulin count!

High rise apartments are popping up all over the city of London
not to mention the multiple new condo complexes
I had to peek up the sidewalk as we drove by but it was too blurry of a picture to share

The large University Hospital ahead on the edge of the UWO Campus
The second order of the day was the toughest. We went to McFarlane and Roberts Funeral Home in Lambeth for 2 o’clock and it was a packed place. Mark was a great guy and Leah, his wife, worked in the city council offices for many years. I wouldn’t recognize too many of them but we did say hello to Bud Polhill, a familiar face on television news. I lost it to tears a couple of times, some things I can’t hide, and I give so much praise to the strength shown by Leah, Brittany and Matthew as they greeted everyone.
                                            Now bear with me while I record some pictures
                                            for my own memory and collections please
Mark as a young lad

Mark and the upcoming star hockey player, Mitch Marner
who began playing for The London Knights

Mitch, from Thornhill, stayed with Mark's family in London during his rookie season
and eventually helped lead the Knights in winning the 2016 Memorial Cup
Mark treated Mitch like a son during the years he resided with them and beyond
 We saw a few former co-workers, which was nice, but was blessed when Leah told Bill and I that while Mark was sick in his short month and a half, since learning of his state of health, he had our names on his list of people to call to see when he was better. It broke my heart, but she wanted us to know that he thought of us often. I will treasure that as I move forward through this grief that still smacks me in the face since I heard the news.

And a special collection of the Mark we knew
A unique feature in London, single lane walkway and tunnel
After leaving the home, we decided to go to Costco instead of Bill having to stop after work this week and I’m glad we did. It gave me the opportunity to pick up a couple of things that he wouldn’t have thought of and we didn’t have on the list. With that done, we headed home in the rain. 

It was a good dry day until that point when we walked out of Costco so it looked like a nasty drive home. It wasn’t too bad but driving the first stretch of about 40 minutes on the 401 is always worse with traffic.

The drive home started out this way but soon cleared
 It was tiring following behind a dump truck as we approached Stratford so after finding out Jess was home; we made a quick stop for a visit and to see Easton before continuing on the last stretch. Easton wasn’t up for company; I think we disturbed his sleep but it was nice to see them both briefly and to hold that little bundle once more. Our baby fix for the week. It was 5:30 when we pulled up onto the Ridge after a long but good day.

Jess and Matt's attractive building
With everything unloaded and food put away, Clemson got fed and I was grateful that we had enough leftover roast beef to put together another meal for us. It just meant heating things up in the microwave and we were eating soon after. I was starved. We did manage to have lunch at Wendy’s before the visitation and I forced myself to have a chicken Caesar salad and a diet Gingerale instead of a juicy burger. It wasn’t too bad but their dressing leaves a bit to be desired.

An easy meal waiting for us at home
Supper was good and we even topped it off a bit later with some ice cream. We hadn’t had any for a while and it was yummy. Chapman’s Black Cherry, need I say more? We watched 3 of our hour-long recorded programs and half way through The Enemy Within I was sleeping so went up to bed with Clemson. 

I wanted to share this picture of this old sprawley tree on a busy street in London
Notice, how the hydro wire runs right through it yet they don't chop the tree down
It is called the 'Forest City' after all
Exhaustion was in control and I don’t fight it when that happens. All in all, it was a great day and things turned out really well. I was grateful that Bill and I drove together and that we crawled in bed together. 😁

And what better sign of spring than a very full tulip tree
Except for the aftermath of cleanup, a beautiful tree
Thank you for your visit and any comments you wish to leave for me.


  1. So sorry you lost a good friend. It’s always so sad. Nice to get a thumbs up from the doctor. I always threaten my scales (I’ll throw you out) but it doesn’t help.

    1. Thank you Nancy. It was a tough one. We were so happy with the doc, he was our buddy today.Bathroom scales? They are Bill's friend right now, mine not so much. haha

  2. Good morning you three! Glad to hear that Bill's appointment went well! Wonderful news! I'll see today what mine says :0 So sorry you had to say goodbye but I'm glad you were able to be there and sure that it was much appreciated by the family. Hugs again to you. Then you got business taken care of, always nice to do as long as you are there! Nice you got to see baby Easton, they grow so fast at that age! Dinner again looks wonderful! Congrats to you too with the scales, always nice to see a downward trend haha.

    1. thank you for your kind comment. The scales are liking Bill better than me right now but still favourable. On the right track anyway!

  3. Congratulations to Bill, and you, on your weight loss and so glad you had good news at the doctor's.

  4. Always sad to go to those visitations . but glad we do go. we have 2 this weekend :<(. Nice to get those other things taken care of and great to hear Bill got good news from his doctor. And the wight loss a good thing was well. Now enjoy some nicer weather.

    1. Except for my brother, this was the hardest visitation I've been to. Sorry about the ones you have to go to but you're right, if possible, we are glad to go.
      Bill is happy and so am I. Both the blood counts and the weight. yay!

  5. Saying goodbye is always tough and it is a fact of life that as we get older, we will have more and more goodbyes to say. It is always important for the family to see you there as well supporting them. Safe Travels to Bill tomorrow!!

    1. Thank you Lorne. Yes, some people don't realize that the visitation is not for the one who has passed, it is for the family.

  6. Chapman's Black Cherry is good for us too! Sorry for the loss of your friend. I think your Tulip tree is actually a Magnolia, a very beautiful one!

    1. Yes! We love it with the large cherries! ;) Thank you FG. You are right about the tree. The name Magnolia was just not coming to my fingertips (nor my head). Thank you for that. :)