Wednesday, December 11, 2019

A Busy but Quiet, Enjoyable Day around the Park

Yuma Lakes, Yuma, AZ

I woke around 6 again, it’s starting to be my normal wake up time, on Tuesday, Dec. 10th. After I did my stretches, I got up and dressed as quietly as possible. Bill had been in a sound sleep before I moved. I know it was late when he came to bed. I, on the other hand, watched To Sir with Love, last night. It’s a favourite classic movie and I was in bed by 10 but I heard him come up after midnight.

The clear sky was promising this morning
Beautiful reflections of the colours
and all the coots swimming in the small lake

I wish they would secure this little dock
I was nervous walking on it

These natural looking wood decorations are all over

This is the park with the creative imagination
I waited to make my tea until after my walk. Bill came downstairs almost immediately, on time for me to say goodbye to him at 7:15 as I slipped out. I did my 1 ½ miles before returning to the Suite. 

A Jeep truck, cute!
When my tea was done, I put on my big girl pants and walked back to the orange Western Clubhouse for line dancing. I wasn’t sure what this would be like since it was Advanced and I hadn’t learned a new dance since….well, maybe 5 years at least. I tried hard not to chicken out and turn back home.

The Western clubhouse

It is very nice inside
The 7 ladies (?) in attendance were very pleasant to me and encouraged me to watch if I didn’t want to participate. As it turned out, the first song was Elvira and it was to the one dance that I know. The Electric Slide can be danced to any song, western or otherwise and once I saw the steps, I joined the ladies and never sat down through the whole hour until the very last dance. It was a tough one to learn and I was happy to just sit, watch and record a small portion. Yay! I did it!

These ladies were so good at remembering the steps
almost putting me to shame
After walking back, I took 2 loads of laundry over to the new building within 500’ of our site. It couldn’t be any more convenient! 

Now this top sign is one I'm glad we DON'T need back home!
Jamie and I always leave the doors open in 'our' machiines
Once I had them started, I walked down to a yard sale at the end of our street and found a chair cover for Bill’s recliner and a $1 fleece shirt for cool nights. Bob and Jo-Anne had gone into Yuma for some shopping and we could hear Higgins barking quite a bit next door. We weren’t sure why but paid attention, wondering about what was making him bark.

And overhead this morning I got a nice clear shot
of a C130?
I made us bacon and eggs for lunch and then I moved one of Jo-Anne and Bob’s chairs out in the sunshine and sat outside Big Red. It seemed that if Higgins could see me from his perch at the bedroom window, he was happy and never made a sound for the whole half hour I sat there. Mama Patsy being in sight was all he needed since his real Mama wasn’t home. ๐Ÿ˜Š At 1:40, I walked home and changed into my bathing suit just about the same time our friends returned.

I wish she'd had two of these the same but she didn't
For $5 worth the price
The pool was calling my name so I walked up with my book. There was only 1 lounge chair available so I took it and after a dip in the warm pool, stretched out to relax. About an hour later, Jo-Anne joined me and we chatted and fully enjoyed the heat of the sun. It was a gorgeous day! I do believe we got up to 70F today. 

We all talked while the 5 dogs played
and got tangled up
This little guy was shy around them
Reminds me of another little bum
We walked back home around 4, just when the guests’ social hour began.  As Bill and I were thinking about when to have supper, Jo-Anne came over invited us to share their large salmon with them. Unfortunately, I had nothing to contribute to a supper for 4 but we accepted their generous offer.

It still gets cool when the sun drops so we moved inside
Big Red
We had a bit of Happy Hour first and enjoyed watching the neighbour’s small dogs playing with Higgins. Bill and I sat and chuckled at the owner’s and the leashes getting all twisted around each other. Higgins was having fun, as I’m sure the other dogs were too.  There are a lot of really nice people in here, everyone very open to sharing their experiences. While I was at the pool, Debbie, the lady whom I bought the yard sale items from, came to see Bill and have a tour through the Suite. You know we are quite open to things like that. We love our home.

What a lovely dinner - almost too much food though
We were stuffed
Supper was delicious and I helped Bob do up the dishes. We sat for a while afterwards and around 7:30, we walked the long distance back home. About 15’, I’d say. Ha ha. I hadn’t started my post so I downloaded pictures from today and completed the write up. It would not be posted until morning as I can hardly keep my eyes open. I went and sat with Bill in our recliners and watched some television until 10. This was a wonderful day. I fully enjoyed the activities.

Higgins slept through most of the meal
He was tired out from all that barking
Good night from Yuma Lakes!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. It is a lovely park for sure. Good for you for doing the line dancing! I have to admit Elvira is the one song I just could never was quite an interesting group though you were dancing with. Did you have cowgirl boots too?! Love the cover for the chair, two would have been nice. Sounds like a lovely afternoon out in the sun! Wonderful looking dinner too, always nice with friends :)

  2. Glad you are enjoying it there , love hat bak and relaxing days ar right up our alley.

  3. Even the dogs need to have their social time.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the warm weather.

    It's about time.

  4. Great picture of the lake and reflections. Interesting natural wood decorations; someone has a great eye and imagination for seeing things in the wood to bring it to "life".
    The cover for the recliner certainly was a great find.

  5. Beautiful photos of the Lake. Whenever seen a Jeep truck before. That was nice and expensive I bet. I've always wanted to learn to line dance. It would be so much fun. Be sure to go back till you've got it down. What are those animals made of?

  6. What a great day! It must be interesting to meet so many people as they come and go. Little Higgins is such a cutie. :)