Sunday, December 29, 2019

A Quiet Day Around Home, Goodbye to Friends, Normal Happy Hour

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
On Sunday, Dec. 29th, we were up by 7 and after Bill’s coffee, we were out the door by 8. It was a cool walk as it was only 41F/5C but we were bundled and we enjoyed the exercise. The sun came up over the Gila Mountain just as we rounded the back, east corner of the park. We saw and chatted with Joe, the manager, before returning home. It is very nice to see that he is feeling great again and back to work.

This is how the day started out
This beautiful husky waits for us (Bill) to get an ear scratch

and a belly rub
No wonder she gets excited when she sees us!
At home, Bill once more decided to take his Timber for a flight. It was very calm again. I came inside with my tea so got no pictures of his flight this morning. Around 9:30, we walked back to say goodbye to Dave and Cheryl. Before they got too involved in packing up, we got in our safe travel wishes and hugs. It truly has been nice getting to know them so well. We’ll see them in Quartzsite nearer the end of January so that will be awesome. I forgot to get a picture of the two of them beside their unit. Darn!

the birds are enjoying their Christmas seed bell
For breakfast, I made us a pkg of Cinnamon Rolls but we only had 2 each and I saved the last 4 for tomorrow morning. Bill had a yogourt to supplement his and because that was my suggestion. 😊 After dishes, he sat with his book for a bit and I walked up to the puzzle room for an hour and a half. 

Progress is made but I can't take all the credit
It seems most of our friends are off and running today, somewhere. Bill and I need to go do some grocery shopping as well but decided to wait until Monday.

The hummers are happy too

At 2, we met Kim and Ken and walked up for the Ice Cream social at the clubhouse. No banana today for me, they were too soft and need to be ‘made’ into something very soon. Ken and Kim offered to host Happy Hour today and we got back to normal. No food and no more than a couple of hours. We sat outside their Journey facing the sun and it was very warm for the first hour. Once clouds moved in, the temperature dropped. It was just before 5 when Bill and I brought our chairs home.

My $1 scoop (2 halves for 1) and 2 cherries because
we were at the end of the line
Bill wanted to fly his plane at dusk, with the lights turned on so we decided to wait to eat. Just as the sky was painted a beautiful orange and pink, we walked out to the field on the other side of the fence. 

A smaller group for H.H.
Bill, Deb, Tom, Jo-Anne, Ken, Kim, my chair

This kind of ruffling clouds always appeals to me
I was snapping photos of the sunset as we walked because I know it changes quickly. Bill turned the ‘l e d’ lights on on his plane and up she went. 

Look at the reflection of lights from under the wings

The plane is white
And with the sunset as a backdrop
What a pretty sight! Against the backdrop of the western sky, I snapped pictures throughout the 10-minute flight. That was long, believe it or not, the batteries on a higher throttle would only last about 5 minutes.

My sweetie is in his glory
You should be able to see the little plane too

We walked back and saw Ken and Bob outside watching and a few other rv’ers saw the plane and complimented Bill on the flight as well. We chatted with Lance and Bonnie, someone we’d met before, before returning home for supper. Bill grilled bacon cheeseburgers for us and that was all we wanted for tonight. We each craved a snack of chips later, something we haven’t had for over a month, so Bill cut some cheddar to eat along with it.

Coming in for a landing

safe and sound

Sitting pretty where she started
We’ve had a great day of relaxing and doing fun things. It was supposed to be a cool day of 57F, and I guess it was, but with the sun and light winds, it was the warmest one we’ve had in a while.

there you have it
An Arizona sunset for you
Good night!

Thank you for checking in to see what we’re up to.


  1. That was a beautiful sunset and your pictures captured all of the glory. Bill's plane looks great. I can see why he loves flying. My Dad was a WWII bomber pilot and then flew for the FAA until he retired. He loved flying as well. Don't tell him but I like his hat.

    1. Thank you, aren't the sunsets something else?
      Bill truly has fun and is dedicated to his hobby. I'm glad he was able to bring a plane this year and has joined the Yuma club.
      (I like his hat too!)

  2. The lights on the plane are so cool. Hopefully I can see it fly at Q on the Thursday night fly-in.
    Awesome sunset. We are parked behind a mountain so not much for sunset here tonight. Sure was weird having a HH by ourselves. :-(

    1. I was hoping you'd check in to see the pictures. )
      The sunsets blow me away, so beautiful.
      I mentioned you two at our HH, missing you. Tom said you'd be set up and having your own. Just not the same by yourselves but still nice. :)

  3. Those were cool pictures of Bill's plane all lit up!

  4. What a beautiful sunset to enjoy Bill's plane. Glad you are enjoying yourselves and meeting up with friends. That's always a good time! Hard to believe we are only two days away from a New Year. Sending wishes for 2020 to be the best yet!

    1. The sunset was amazing last night and went on forever, which is always nice.
      We are having a great time with friends. Slowly we part and then will reconnect later down the road.
      All the best to you and Dean in the New Year as well! Thank you!

  5. Those night plane pictures are too cool. And the sunsets!!! I can never get too much of those beautiful sunsets!!

    1. Needs more lights, Bill says. Ha ha. He'll add some white lights under the belly for even better control, especially when landing. :)
      Arizona sunsets, aaaahhh.

  6. I love the pics of the sunset and the plane flying! Smaller HH but still fun I'm sure! I would guess you will be moving on soon? Still hoping to catch up with u guys somewhere!

    1. Beautiful sunsets, they never cease to amaze me. We missed Dave and Cheryl and soon more will leave. We don't move until the 15th to the Q.
      We sure are hoping to see you somewhere too!

  7. Those sunset photos are amazing. It's so nice to have the open area to enjoy the flying and the view!

    Have a wonderful day.