Thursday, December 5, 2019

Warm Morning Walk, Tombstone with the Gang, Big Nose Kate’s (Of Course!)

Quail Ridge, Huachuca City, AZ

I was awake before 5 and rolled over, throwing the duvet off me. It felt warm inside which is always a nice thing to wake up to. Bill was still sleeping when I did my stretches but woke as I got up. I hopped into the shower immediately, getting that out of the way early. After I was finished in the bathroom, it was Bill’s turn. I kissed him a quick ‘good morning’ and with just a hoody, went out for my walk.

And the sun rose on this great Thursday
 I didn’t go far or for long but it was a refreshing walk to catch the sun coming up and to say hello to the cute bunny rabbits. I stopped at the clubhouse and put a few pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in and found two books that we haven’t read. Yay! At some point, I will have to take time to work more on the puzzle, I’ve missed doing them. Today is looking like a great day. There are a few wispy clouds but we are expecting a dry, sunny day with a high temp of 64F/18C. Perfect!

Things I saw in the park this morning
Back at the Suite, it was the usual run of the mill routine. My creamy tea, reading blogs and making contact with both sets of friends to confirm our departure time for Tombstone. We will need to take two vehicles but that can’t be helped. Bob has offered to drive today and Ken will bring their car. Bill had some cereal and after finding some clean clothes to wear, I had some yogourt and a Satsuma orange with a bullet proof coffee. Then we met our friends outside at 9:30.

Two new books from the clubhouse
Ken and Kim followed and it was a nice drive to Tombstone. The stores were opened yet we were pretty much the first ones to arrive. Never before have we seen the street bare like this. It enabled us to take pictures of the little western town. We wandered slowly in pairs, threes or singly, just taking in the sights and the shops. Us ladies kind of stuck together and then soon, we were all going into the stores. We had some laughs and fun conversation.

We've never seen Tombstone with no people on the street

Jo-Anne gets in the groove

Bill, Ken, Kim and I had never taken in the Ok Corral Gun Fight so when it was offered at 11 am, we discussed the fee and asked Jo-Anne and Bob, who had done it 5 years ago, whether they would recommend it – would they go again. Jo-Anne’s response was an emphatic ‘oh definitely’ so we paid the $10/pp fee and walked through the store into what seemed like a stockyard trail back to where the reenactment took place. It was very good, well worth it.

Doc Holliday was the mc, so to speak, and gave us the primary ‘rules’ and instructions and got audience participation. Cheers when the good guys entered and exited and boo hisses for the bad guys. It was comical. In my mind, I think it helped the actors know when to come and go because there were times when they were out of visual of each other. We wandered after the ‘show’ and Bill and Ken tried on some hats and Bob looked for boots.

The OK Corral gunfight
And us 3 gals squeezed in between the Good guys

The young man who played the part of
Tom McLaury was accepting donations for charity
The charity? Starving actors. :)
And then it was time for more fun
We worked up an appetite for lunch and all agreed on Big Nose Kate’s – of course! Seated quickly, the 6 of us ordered drinks from ‘little’ Joe, our waiter. What a little sweetheart he was. I ordered the Big Minnie’s Calzone (aka panzerotti, kind of) but because it is made from scratch, it took 28 minutes to make and that meant everyone else had to wait for their order too. Woops! It was worth waiting for and my friends and my hubby didn’t mind.


Ride 'em cowboy!
You see so many things in Tombstone

holey rocks

two headed alligator

two headed snakes
In the meantime, we had entertainment, good entertainment, but I missed his name. This piano player/singer was so good! I really enjoyed his music and made sure to tip him as we left. While waiting, us 3 gals went downstairs to The Shaft, ladies western wear. It was a neat little shop to browse through. 

A very talented man kept us moving

It's a neat place for sure

Soon after, lunch was served and it was wonderful. Before we left, I asked Joe if I could get a picture of him and Jo-Anne talked me into standing with him. Why sure! He pulled his six-shooter to protect me. 😊

A picture of me and our waiter
We left there, did some more browsing which turned into some cash exchanging hands and two men walked out with new hats! We’d had a good day and it was 2 o’clock when we were ready to head home. Bill and Bob needed at snooze, Jo-Anne took Higgy for a walk, I went to the clubhouse and worked on the puzzle and Ken texted and invited us to Happy Hour because they had an empty site beside them in the sunshine. None of us had that to offer so at 3, we came together.

Bob and Jo-Anne waiting for us 
A couple of good looking cowboys 
Bill and I saw this truck last year but it was parked down a street of people
and I couldn't get a good picture
Typical H.H., good times, laughter, stories and sharing. Two things different today was that there was no rain and there were two cowboys in our midst. Ha ha, we did tease the boys about their hats but they truly look great in them. 

This turned out cute, with the sun's rays over their shoulders
 It was a couple of hours later that we split up for home. Bill decided to take a run back into Sierra Vista for some more light clips so I walked back to the puzzle until he returned. We weren’t hungry for a typical meal so settled on some Creamy Jell-o.

Happy hour begins before the Francis's join us
Fun waits for no one, apparently
As I sat to work on my blog post, Bill turned on the recorded Biography of Garth Brooks, Part 1. The things you don’t know about an entertainer. His is an interesting story. This was a great day and we spent it with our friends. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day.

Good night y'all!
Thank you for popping by. I love reading your comments if you have time to leave one.


  1. You sure made a fun time in Tombstone. Nice to get there early and get pictures before the tourist show up. The guys do look sharp in their new cowboy hats. Great pictures of Tombstone. And the hats.

  2. They do put on a good show at the OK corral. We enjoyed it too.
    There is no shortage of places that can separate you from your cash in Tombstone. The boys made a very nice purchase. Now I suppose they want six-shooters!.....or a horse!

    1. Tombstone is always a fun time and with friends, even more so.
      I'm glad they got the hats, Bill has been looking since last winter after seeing Robs. :) I suggested spurs but they didn't go for that. I was looking for a holster and a pink six-shooter. haha

  3. Always fun times in Tombstone so much to see and doo , glad y'all had a great day. We have lost the number of times we have been there.

  4. Be still my heart! Those two good looking cowboys! Glad all of you enjoyed your day in Tombstone! Hard to believe there was so few people when you got there! Love the pic of you and the waiter..he's a cutie too! No purchase for you, Miss Patsy? Happy Hour looks like so much fun, these pics are making me jealous!!

    1. Ha ha, I know!!!
      We had a great day.
      Our waiter was indeed a sweetheart. Us girls said how could his wife ever say 'no' to that smile?
      No purchase for me, soon, maybe. :) We miss you at H.H. hope to see you in the Q.

  5. You know that's my all-time favorite place to be. I always go really early for no-people pics, and of course never miss Big Nose Kate's. LOVE those cowboy hats!! Makes for some handsome men!! Next time check out the little bakery at the far end of town.

    1. I'm not surprised that it's your favourite, little Miss Cowgirl. :)
      The cowboy hats make the man, right?
      We'll have to remember that for next time.

  6. What a great day! Love all of the photos from Tombstone - definitely a place I'd love to visit.

  7. Sounds like you all had a fun day. Always nice to meet the good guys, nice picture. Those are pretty good looking fellows you know in those cowboy hats...:)

    1. Tombstone is always a fun time and with friends, the fun increases.
      Nice looking cowboys, eh? Especially the one on the right. :)