Thursday, December 19, 2019

Los Algodones, Friends Arrive

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
There can never be a prediction of what a day in Algodones will be like. It never stops us from finding out though, as Bill and I just love the adventure. On Thursday, Dec. 19th, our plan was to get up and on the road to Mexico by 9. It wasn’t in the plan that we slept in until almost 7. We weren’t rushed but it was a little more of a push than we’d expected.

Waiting for the sun to rise over the mountains

Because Bill wanted to shower before we left, he had his coffee and I headed out for my walk, alone. It was a calm day, no wind for once, and even though only 45F, it was a lovely walk. I bumped into Jo-Anne and Higgins along the way and we walked back together. At 9, Bill drove Black Beauty and we picked Ken and Kim up along the way. Bob and Jo-Anne followed us in their truck.

Higgins was very playful on his walk

We parked at the Quechan casino lot for $6 and walked across into Los Algodones. It wasn’t very busy – yet – so the first thing was to go find the Meyer Optometrist office. Bob and Jo needed some eye glasses. We hung around together and Bill and I enjoyed seeing Andy and a few of the regular Mexicans who help us get what we need each time we come. We really get a kick out of this experience.

Bill could walk right in for his haircut
There's my 'new' guy
While they were busy picking out glasses, Bill went next door and got a $6 haircut. From there, we all went to have breakfast/brunch. Not sure what the name of the place is but it is a yellow courtyard surrounded by vendors. I forgot to get a picture this time. The omelettes are the best and they were only $8 with refried beans and rice and you get free salsa and chips while you wait. We all enjoyed them and while waiting for the bill, Bob went in a side vendor for his haircut. You can’t beat the prices here.

These were yummy omelettes
Then we walked to Dr. Eva Urena’s office. B, J, Bill and I made an appointment for a cleaning. They filled out the ‘first-time’ client information and then we headed into the streets to shop. The fun stuff, as Jo-Anne said.  Bill and I took everyone into Snowbird Alley where we found Marlon the Artist and Israel ‘el Cheapo’. They are the ones who get your signs, mailboxes, satellite dishes and whatever else you want painted. We ordered a mailbox and watched as Marlon turned it into a masterpiece.

Marlon's finished products waiting for pick up
Bill was the only one with leather shoes
so he got them shined for $3 + tip
Look at that shine!
Jo-Anne and Bob enjoyed this vendor as well and ordered a sign and a satelittle dish. Because we had to wait 2 hours for our finished products, we all agreed to go to Paraiso for margaritas. 

Ken and Kim enjoying drinks with us
That is a big ass margarita!

Jo-Anne and Bob taking it all in too
We visit this cafe every time we come
Bill and I sort of had a Miami Vice. The bartender mixed ½ pina colada and ½ strawberry daquiri for the effect and although it wasn’t exactly a M.V., we enjoyed it very much. We took some pictures and after picking up our goodies, we headed to the lineup to cross the state line.

Starting with a blank slate (mailbox)

The moon takes its position in minutes
In no time, Marlon has a lovely scene of our choice
on one side - all from memory

Our coyote howliing at the moon on one side

And our daylight picture
The quail family I requested is hiding behind the flag

Only a few people in front of us
Surprise! Surprise! It was around 2:45 and there wasn’t a very big line up. Just 20 people or so and therefore it didn’t take long at all getting back into Arizona. 

We all agreed that this was the weirdest rv that we've
ever seen!
Back in the park by 3:30, our friends, Tom and Deb had arrived in their Singer ‘B’. They were enjoying Happy Hour at Dave and Cheryl’s so we made a drink and took our chairs back to join the group. Cheryl was sweet enough to share her baked goodies with us all. Yum!  

Looking into the sun, Tom, Ken, Kim, Bill

Dave, Deb, Tom

Bill, Bob, Jo-Anne and Higgins (looking at the photographer), Cheryl
And the sun began its disappearing act
 Now, there are 10 of us and this is wonderful! It was 5:45 when we walked back to the Suite and since we weren’t too hungry, we had a simple meal of Clam Chowder. We watched a Christmas movie together while I wrote today’s post. The rest of the evening was a quiet one together. I felt exhausted so make no excuses if I fell asleep in my new chair. I hope you had a great day. Mine was second to none.

Good night y'all!
Thank you for stopping in!


  1. The new mailbox looks awesome. Such a work of art.....and practical too!
    The HH's are sure fun. Looking forward to more. I just wish it would warm up ten degrees.

    1. Thank you! Even nicer in person. :) He was amazing to watch!
      The HH's definitely are a fun time and I agree about the temperature!

  2. I love the mailbox!! I bet your mailman will deliver to you a couple times a day now!!! Mexican food is the best isn't it. Keep on keeping on!

    1. Ha ha, yes, I know we'll have the prettiest one for country miles! :)
      We do enjoy the Mexican food. The drinks are pretty good too!! haha

  3. They do excellent work on that mailbox. All their examples looked great. Do I need a passport to go there? I would like to go there but I don't have a passport. What a pack of friends all in one place. That makes for a lot of fun.

    1. They do excellent work on whatever you want. It took 20 minutes to do our mailbox and then he added a quail family last minute. So good!
      Us, as Canadians need a passport to return to the U.S. and most Americans too. However, perhaps a driver's license for Americans is enough. We'll try and find out because you would love Algodones. :)

    2. For us Americans you either need a passport or passport card for travel. (by car)If you fly in and out you need a passport.

  4. Always fun time there in Algodones good food , reasonable and love the artwork that Marlon does and of course ya gotta do Happy Hour with the bunch.

    1. It is always a good time, we love it. Marlon Brando is very talented as were the two other painters in that area. H.H. with the now larger gang is great fun!

  5. Your mailbox is fantastic! That was a great idea. Another piece of Mexico to bring home to Ontario. Maybe some day we will be in that area and cross over with never know.;-)

    1. Thanks sis. We were first going to do a Canadian scene on one side and Arizona on the other but decided on the day/night instead. We love it!
      You two would have a ball with us!!

  6. The painting they do is absolutely fabulous. I love watching them work their magic. Glad to see them wearing respirators. Your hubby's looking good with his beard and new haircut. Algodones is always good for food, drinks and entertainment, not to mention glasses, haircuts and meds.

    1. The painters are so talented and a hoot to watch and joke around with.
      Bill does look good with the lower ears and his beard. :) He says thank you!
      We do love Algodones and will visit a few times over the next 2 months.

  7. That mailbox is amazing! Merry Christmas to you and Bill! We are heading off to Virginia tomorrow so will be out of touch for a while but hope you have a safe and wonderful New Years!

    1. Thank you! Merry Christmas to you as well! Safe travels and will catch up in 2020.

  8. Oh my gosh I love, love the mailbox!! They are really talented painters for sure! Love the beard on Bill, he's extra cute! Food and margaritas look amazing! Guess we're going to have to work on a passport this next year! What a wonderful happy hour! I'm so jealous...

    1. Thank you! The mailbox is really nice.
      Bill also says Thank you. You made him smile. :)
      The food and drinks never disappoint - yes, you need a passport!
      Will we see you in the Q area in January?

  9. Goodness you got a lot accomplished in just a few hours. A margarita would be wonderful and the mailbox is spectacular.

    1. I guess we did. Our friends especially, with a sign, a dish, eyeglasses and dental appt. :)