Friday, December 20, 2019

A Few Different Things – Variety is the Spice of Life

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
On Friday, Dec. 20th Bill was up ahead of me by 30 minutes. I didn’t sleep late though, it was 6:30 when I came down. Yawn, stretch, ‘morning, Sweetie! Still dark so I made my tea and sat at my laptop for some reading. We went out for our walk around 7:30 and got our mile + in before returning home. We waved at Jo-Anne and Bob as they headed back to Los Algodones for some dental stuff. We go on Jan. 3rd so we don’t need to think about it for a while. 

The park is still quiet at 7:30

Bill got cleaned up and drove to the Yuma Aeronautics Club north of the Foothills. He is happy to be able to join the club this winter and get some flying in while we are here. He'd made arrangements to meet the President of the club to hand in his app and payment. After he lef the Suite, I headed upstairs. I’ve promised myself and Bill that I would purge my closet. I know I’m not home where I can save the items for a clothing exchange, but I am ready to move a substantial number of pieces out.

Across Hwy 80, the sun is already making an appearance
I’m sure my definition of substantial is different than Bill’s but I should at least get an A for effort. Okay, ‘Affort’. Yeah, Microsoft Word didn’t like that word! Bill checked in by text at one point and wanted to know if there was something I needed from town so he stopped at Fry’s for me and picked up the few items (raisins being one) needed for my recipes. That was helpful and now I can bake my Christmas cake tomorrow.

I forgot to show you a picture of my big purchase yesterday
There was a very young Mexican boy with a basket of these little goodies
He was so cute, the boy, that I had to buy a turtle
from him
At 9:50 I was still in the middle of my chore so had to leave everything and hop on my bike. I had a ‘date’ with myself and a bunch of ladies. Barb was hosting Ladies Poker Pool in the clubhouse and 8 of us showed up to play. I’ve never done anything like this before but stepping out of my comfort zone came easily. The ladies are so friendly and 3 or 4 were familiar from playing Boccee Ball. I came out at the bottom of the winner’s list but I had 2 hours of fun and laughs.

Alie takes her shot while Diane watches

This was the other table of 4 ladies in play
Barb in the back is our host
Back home, I made peameal and eggs for our brunch and then I went back upstairs to finish the job. Well, that was short and sweet as Bill said we had company. It was nice of Judy and Oscar to stop in on their way to Yuma for some shopping. We sat and had an early Happy Hour for a couple of hours before they headed on their way. Kim texted that they were having a bit of a H.H. themselves but Bill and I decided to just relax for a bit before supper.

Full house for supper
He stretched out in his chair and I went back upstairs once more. By 4, I was finished and we took our plates and drinks up to the clubhouse for supper. Jo-Anne and Bob, Ken and Kim and Tom and Deb all joined us as we walked past. Too bad Dave and Cheryl didn’t join us but they were otherwise involved in Yuma.

Ken and Kim on the left in line
Mary and Barb on the right serving up the food
Tonight, Friday night, was the night for burgers or dogs prepared by staff for $5. How can you go wrong? Bill and I had loaded cheeseburgers, beans, assorted chips and pudding. They were very good.

$5 - a pretty cheap meal
and we didn't have to cook!
We hung around until closer to 6:30 before we all walked back together. It was a nice night but it cools down quickly. We said goodnight to our friends and called it a night. This was a great day. I found out today where the landfill for Yuma was and we’ll load our chairs up in the morning and take them for a drive. Because of the damage on the one chair, no Thrift Store will take them. Too bad, when we think of all the homeless who could probably still get use out of them.

The sky was pink when we were inside
so this is the best I can give you for tonight's sunset
Good night everyone!
I hope you had a good day too. Thank you for your visit!


  1. Burger night looked like fun. I would be curious to know what it cost to get rid of your chairs.

    1. We always enjoy the $5 meal. hot and delicious although simple enough.
      The disposal fee for our chairs is $12.50, the min. charge for under 700 lb)
      That is at the South Yuma City Landfill.

  2. Another fun day there as always , nice to see Barb there say Hi for us, We have 3 of her CD's she gifted us last winter and her singing Karaoke and enjoy listening to them.
    The burger night is always a popular one alway good times there.

    1. It was a great day. We will say hello to Barb for you. Such a nice lady she is.
      Cheeseburgers, chicken burgers and Tom had a hot dog. All delicious.

  3. Nice to have a park with activities available. The burgers look delicious, especially when you don't have to cook them!!

  4. I love decluttering! Such a fun social environment :)

    1. I rather enjoy the decluttering too.
      This is a nice place to meet people and get involved if you want without feeling any pressure or any 'cliques'.

  5. So you're a pool shark now. Seems you and Bill had another very busy day. I wonder just how much more room there is in that closet.

  6. So you're a pool shark now. Seems you and Bill had another very busy day. I wonder just how much more room there is in that closet.

    1. Ha ha, well, maybe a pool guppie!
      Never mind joining Bill in his quest to empty that closet!! ha!

  7. This park is great! Lots of activities and lots of friends to enjoy it with.

    1. Itis hard sometimes to put yourself out 'there' and join in but I'm getting better at it. i don't want to sit around all the time. We are enjoying time with our friends.