Monday, December 16, 2019

Windy Day in the Sun, Christmas Decorations Up, Drop in Guests

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, AZ
Monday, Dec. 16th, we were up early and after Bill had his coffee it was light enough to go for a walk. A new park, a smaller park meant a little creativity was necessary in order to complete our mile and a half. Just before the final loop I checked my Fitbit and said ‘one more loop’ and that did the trick. It was 50F this morning and a bit of wind so it felt chilly when we started out. You soon warm up when you strut along, even at a nice regular pace.

Low clouds this morning
before the sunrise
Our back view with Bill's flag and windsock

We've never seen so much grass growing on the sites
as we see this winter
I missed getting a picture of this sign yesterday
so here it is
We checked out the shuffleboard courts
and were surprised that the surrounding fence was down
It looks nicer, more open and neat
As we round the bend at the front of the park
And on that last loop of our walk, we got to say
hello to this husky/collie cross
What a beautiful, gentle dog
Back home, I had my tea and we walked over to the boccee ball court. Gordon and Barb were just setting up and weren't they surprised when their 'small interest' group turned into 20 of us wanting to play. We got teamed up in pairs and by 11:45, we had completed 6 or 7 games. That was a lot of fun and they decided to go back to two mornings a week. Yay! 

And 'home' from the front of our corner site
Bill's turn to play

Usually ladies at one end
Men at the opposite end - Ken's turn
Sometimes, we did very well
We had brunch back at the Suite and then after dishes, Bill pulled the box out from under the bed that held our Christmas tree. He set it up on the coffee table for me and proceeded to get comfy in his recliner. Now it was up to me to make it pretty. This is the part I love. We have a box of ornaments, some from my past, BB (before Bill), some I bought since we were together, others were made for us, some Clemson ones and then the ones we’ve bought together from places we’ve visited.

We are trying to increase those latter ones so our tree in the south has a bit of home and a bit of the southwest. Some don’t mean anything special so they don’t need to go on the tree. When I finished, I believe that it looks quite lovely and Bill agrees. I finished hanging the last of our decorations and some garland around the Suite before heading up to the puzzle/library room. No one was there which is sometimes nice and I set to work and put quite a few pieces in.

It was just after 1 when Bill texted that we had company. I didn’t need to be told who it was as yesterday a little birdie told me herself that they might pop in today. I walked back home and first saw the Victory and the Indian motorcycles at our site. Then I saw Lori and Roland in the chairs on our patio. How nice of them to drop by for a visit! They are boondocking at the LTVA at Holtville Hot Springs with their Mom and Dad, Oscar and Judy.

a nice 2000-pc. puzzle

Lori and Roland, fellow Canadians
Lori rides off on her Victory
And Roland on his Indian
Even though it was windy, the sun was warm and we sat and enjoyed each other’s company, catching up. We haven’t seen them since this past summer at the Ridge. Ken and Kim joined us all for Happy Hour a bit later and we soon moved inside out of the breeze. Much more comfortable indoors. Bob soon arrived and then Jo-Anne with Higgins shortly after that. It is comfy cozy in here at any time but today it was also festive!

Ken and Kim

The sun ready to disappear out of sight
 Around 4:30 Lori and Roland left for home. They are in California (well, so are we) AND on California time (unlike us) so they had an extra hour of daylight that we won’t have (if that makes sense) with only a 40-minute ride. The winds across the dune areas can create havoc on a two-wheeler so they don't need the ride in the dark too. The rest of us hung out for another few minutes before our company went home to begin supper. We are having a nice easy one tonight, homemade chili from the freezer. We won’t need it for travelling now and I was pleased to find 2 containers.

Before starting supper, I slipped across the lot to the fence and snapped a picture of the sunset. It had a few minutes before it would drop completely but I wasn’t dressed warm enough to wait even for those ‘few’ minutes. I sat and wrote on my post, which I hadn’t even started yet. At 6, I heated the chili on the stove and made us each a toasted bun for sloppy joes. I was hungry.

Isn't this pretty?
For dessert we still had some Tillamook ice cream, Oregon Strawberry so I had a small dish of that with choke cherry syrup. Yum. We got dishes out of the way while watching the two hour Part 1 of The Voice finale. I sat to finish this post and while waiting for pics to download I checked my phone messages. Lo and behold, I had a message from Amazon. 2 of our 3 items ordered on Saturday had been delivered this afternoon. We weren't expecting them until tomorrow with one more coming on Wednesday.

Now you see it in the light of a flash
We bundled up and walked to the club office where the mailbox slots are. Because of poker, pool and whatever else that goes on in there in the evenings, the doors are open. Our box was waiting for us. Yay! The wind was at our backs on the return walk so that was warmer at least. I snapped pictures of Ken and Kim's beautifully festive rv and then ours. I'm not allowed (and this time I'll listen) to post our outdoor lights but Bill has only a few days to come through with his blog. Teehee.

I worked on my post then joined Bill in our chairs. I had so few pages left in my book,  Swimsuit, that I was determined to finish it before bed time. And I did. Great book.

You will see what's in the box in a few days
Good night everyone!
This was a wonderful day with a lot things taken care of, one step closer to the big day. I hope yours was a good one too.

Thank you for your visit.


  1. it was a very windy cold ride home. However, it was a ride worthwhile. It was great to see you two and look forward to our next visit. Merry Christmas and happy new year!
    And thank you for your blogging. I always look forward to a good read! :)

    1. Glad you got home safely! It was great to see you both!
      I'm really glad you enjoyed the read!!!:)

  2. I like your Nutcrackers. Your Christmas tree is lovely and it sounds like it is filled with special memories. I am looking forward to decorating when we get settled for Christmas and seeing your decorations makes me that more anxious to do so...:)

    1. Thank you, Mom gave us all the nutcracers. There are a few more that aren't in the picture.
      You don't have long to wait! :)

  3. It sure was windy in the Yuma area today! Your Christmas decorations look nice :-)

    1. It really was windy and more today by the looks of it!
      Thank you M.T. I'm happy to get them up.

  4. Always nice to be back there at Pilot Knob again an wonderful park some nice campsites and friendly people.
    Great that you had Lori and Roland drop by for a visit and thanks yo so much fo passing on the bag of can tabs to Ailene she sent me a picture.

    1. It was great to see Lori and Roland. She said Ailene would be thrilled with your donation. :)

  5. They should be called memory trees instead of Christmas trees. The puzzles you work on seem very hard. Maybe the more detailed, the easier they are. I can't wait to see what's in your box!!! I've come to depend on Amazon a LOT!

    1. I didn't think we'd 'get' into the Amazon shopping thing but it is so easy ordering online and fast delivery too. ;)
      The puzzles are a challenge, probably you are right. Less detail means more plain sky or grass which is harder.

  6. Your tree is perfect for your home! Really festive looking. Looking forward to see what goodies are in the box! How nice it seems like "old home week" with everyone stopping in or being there in the area! Ken and Kim's home looks too cute! I remember him showing us video of how he decorates when they're "back home" for Christmas! Just amazing ! Looking forward to Bill's blog!

    1. Thank you, that's what we thought too. :)
      Box reveal on Wednesday or thursday.
      Ken's decorative lights look awesome and pictures can't show how they change colour!

  7. The tree is pretty! You're certainly having busy days with lots of company. Nice way to spend the holiday season.

  8. A very busy day indeed. Lori and Roland have nice big and beautiful bikes. I like your X-Mas tree and the Christmas decorations around the house. You two are ready and Amazon sent presents for the tree.