Monday, December 9, 2019

Coming Up Roses, Heart Pang, Yuma Exploration, POOL!

Yuma, Arizona
It was around 6 am on Monday, Dec. 9th when I woke up. The same for Bill as he was already up out of bed. I joined him by 6:30 and yet still had to wait until 7:15 before it was light enough out to go for my walk. It was 57F/14C and there was a slight wind, around 6 or 8 mph. I took a nice walk around the park for a total of 1 ½ miles. On that walk, I saw a lady up ahead walking her small dog.

Lots of empty spaces in the new section of the park

Mini golf if you choose
From a distance, my heart pinged, then it panged. That pooch looked like a mini Clemson. I think you can see the resemblance. Of all the dogs we’ve seen and met so far, this one was the first with the same colouring, identical colouring. 

Meet Dolly
Her name was Dolly and she was a 7 yr. old friendly little poodle/yorkie mix. Clemson had more fur around his nose but the rest was unbelievable!Her owner and I chatted for a bit and I moved on to capture more sunrise photos. 

In case you forgot what our little guy looked like
Here is a reminder
Back home, I showed Bill the picture and he just said “oh my goodness”.

And our neighbour has this little cutie
Across the lane,Bill pointed out another small poodle/yorkie. This is just too weird. Are we having messages sent to us from a little bum up in Doggie Heaven? These little ones are so cute and it sure makes us miss him all the more. 

And the sun played a bit before making an appearance

Pop! It made it
I had my tea back home and after Bill got cleaned up and had a bowl of cereal, he walked over to chat with our friends. We wanted to go to Sam’s Club and invited them along to show them both the Yuma Palms mall so they could navigate it on their own whenever they wanted.

The 1500 pc. puzzle

This one will take weeks! I'll leave it to someone else
We also stopped at Southwest Exchange on 32nd Street and they found some neat ‘gotta have’ things plus made an appointment for a haircut for Higgins. We drove down to the ‘kitchen’ store that Rob and Pat took us to last winter but sadly, it was only open Wednesday to Saturday. Another time I hope they stop as it is a neat store with lots of gadgets. I’d like to go back myself one day. It was after 12 noon so we drove home.

The fields are getting watered regularly
even though  early this morning we had a
lovely rainfall
I made us a nice loaded omelette and Bob showed up at the door with a couple of warmed Olive Garden garlic breadsticks from their supper the other night. That topped it off nicely. 

On the way home, I asked Bill to stop so we could take a picture
of this colourful field of lettuces
Omelette and breadstick
for lunch
Bill did his own thing while I changed into my bathing suit and prepped for the pool. I texted Jo-Anne where I would be in case she wanted to join me. Only one couple was there when I arrived.  This surprised me on such a gorgeous day but then again it was only 1:30.

Jo-Anne and I enjoyed the pool this afternoon 
I wasted no time as I spread my towel out on a chair and stepped into the pool. Oh, my goodness! It was so warm. I later learned from the ‘pool boy’, Tim, that it was 86F! Beautiful! I floated around on a complimentary pool noodle and then tiptoed quickly over to the hot tub which was 104F. The wind had died some but it was still cool when you were soaking wet. As I was getting out of the tub, Jo-Anne showed up and set herself up on the chair beside me. Yay, it was nice to have company!

Sitting at Happy Hour, the sun disappeared
behind the trees
She loves the sun as much as I do so she sat for a while. Once we got really hot, we went in the pool and it didn’t feel quite as war to me this time. Naturally, our bodies were steaming. Ha ha. We floated around for a bit and chatted with the few others that arrived. 6 out of 7 were from B.C./Canada. The hot tub was where Jo-Anne really smiled and then we sat and dried off as much as possible until 4 o’clock.

Higgins humoured us by playing with a rock
We walked back to our sites where we changed and got together for Happy Hour. The boys had a good afternoon as well.  At 5, we went our separate ways and Bill grilled a pork chop for himself while inside I prepared Caesar salad and fried myself a nice piece of liver with onions. Supper was good and to top it off, we had a dish of Tillamook Oregon Strawberry ice cream. I had some walnuts on mine and it was creamy and delicious.

The sun set beautifully
While I worked on this post, Bill turned The Voice on and we watched that together. They are into the semi finales so many of the performances are really well done. I’m not a fan of today’s music so it is hard for me to judge the young singers on some of their songs. The day was a great one and I finally got in the pool, first time since we left home. We must be in Yuma! I hope you’ve had a good day too. Probably tomorrow will be a stay at home day for Bill and I.

The new washroom and laundry right beside us

The laundry room is nice

And so is the Ladies washroom

Supper was very good
Jo-Anne noticed the almost 'full' moon
A special Happy Birthday wish goes out to my girlfriend, Brenda, 

It's a great day to dance, girl!
back home and a big kiss sent up to my Dad in heaven on what would have been his 96th birthday. He was far too young when he left us at 71. 

I'm sure he's playing his own birthday song

Good night from Yuma Lakes RV Park

I miss you, Daddy.

Thank you for your visit!


  1. It is nice to hear that you finally got in a pool. Those are more like my kind of temperatures. Sunbathing is a vacation must for this gal!

    1. Thanks sis. You know I love the pool and love the sunbathing even more!

  2. We could have been in the same park. Our swimming pool had several visitors yesterday and the ongoing puzzle looked to be quite the challenge. I know exactly how you feel seeing little doggies resembling Clemson. Do not visit Pet Smart on Adoption Fridays :) Enjoy the park and good company.

    1. That would be nice sometime! :) The pool is a real draw and I love that.
      The puzzle is a challenge, need to get at it today.
      Those doggies are adorable. Clemson would be standing off watching.

  3. Ahhhh I love the pictures of the puppies. Dolly sure does look similar to Clemson!! I'm glad to hear about the warm weather. I'm packing my shorts!!

    1. The puppies are so cute, playing and sniffing each other. :)
      Definitely bring shorts!

  4. Glad you are enjoying Yuma Lakes a very nice park and you finally got into a pool and hot tub that you enjoy.

  5. With all these Clemson reminders, could be your little guy is telling you it's time to think about adding to your little family :) The pool sounds amazing for sure! Your omelette looked awesome! Dinner looks awesome if that was a steak and not liver :0 Happy Birthday Brenda and to your daddy in heaven. No matter how long it is, we still miss our daddies! Sounds like yours was pretty special, as was mine...

    1. Do you think that is what Clemmy is trying to tell us or is he saying 'you see 'me' in these other guys, you don't need a replacement'??? haha
      Yes, we sure miss our Daddies, don't we?

  6. What was the name of that kitchen store? Sounds like a really nice way to spend your day :-)

    1. I'll have to let you know......thought it was The Kitchen Store but it was different.

  7. It is hard to lose a pet. Maybe seeing doubles is telling you it's time to enjoy new baby. That hot tub sounds inviting.

    1. Maybe.....we are still torn right now.
      The hot tub was wonderful!

  8. Hooray for pool and hottub time! While it may cause some heart pangs I'm sure it was still nice to see the puppies that reminded you of Clemson. Perhaps he is sending you his love,

  9. Cute puppies for sure...I am sure your little sweetie is sending his love...:)
    Sounds like a good day in the sun spent relaxing and enjoying the company of friends. Tom says liver and onions sounds like a nice dinner; personally, I like Bill'

    1. There are so many small dogs here, it's fun to see them play together.
      Funny how one half of a couple usually likes liver.........makes for interesting meals. :)

  10. So glad you got in the pool. Hey there was some dust or something on the floor in that laundry room. You will get that picked up in the morning right?? And the bathroom picture!! See I do rub off on you, that is something I would do, take a picture in the bathroom!! So glad you have shed the shackles of winter. Enjoy!!!

    1. Ha ha you are a card. (don't change). That isn't dust.....a drain in the middle and broken tile pieces. Trust me, I looked!! haha
      You do rub off on people, Lorne, we avoid parking close because of you. Ha ha. Nice bathrooms deserve camera time too.