Friday, December 13, 2019

Winding Down Here, More Stepping, Finding Friends, Time at the Pool

Yuma Lakes RV Resort, Yuma, AZ
On Friday, Dec 13th we were up together at 6:30. There were some low-lying clouds so it remained dark outside until about 7:10. After Bill had his coffee, we went for our walk together. We were curious to see where new friends have planted themselves in the park so did another perimeter walk. Dave and Cheryl of The View from Here arrived yesterday.

A pretty picture looking west this morning
We will all be leaving here Sunday and moving to Pilot Knob for Christmas. I assume right now that they will be there through Christmas. We found their site and I left a painted stone on the running board of their truck as we walked by. Woops, meant to take a picture. Back home, I had my tea and walked up to advanced line dancing for 9 o’clock. On the way, I crept up close to Dave and Cheryl’s rv and snapped the picture I missed getting earlier.

And the sun comes up starting another great day
 This is the last day I will be able to attend the line dance class as they only do it through the week. I stumbled a bit with a few more new dances but I had fun and they weren’t critical at all of me. Taking the time to show me some of the challenging steps in the middle of a dance didn’t fizz on any of them. Nice people. As I was leaving, I told them that it was my last class because we were leaving on Sunday and they all said exactly the right things to make me feel good. 😊

The Cedar Creek and truck of our friends
When I returned to the Suite, Bill wasn’t around so I waited a bit, thinking he was next door. He’d told me that he wanted to eat breakfast when I got back so we could head into Yuma Market as early as possible. When he wasn’t home by 10:10, I texted him, asking where he was. He was visiting D & C and returned soon after. We had bacon and eggs, did dishes and hopped in Black Beauty by 11. The market parking lot was fuller than yesterday and we had one destination to check out inside.

We went in search of the vendor that was not open yesterday and then wandered a bit down one of the aisles. Soon, we left the market and drove to Walmart for some milk and more salad fixings. While there it made sense to check out chair covers, hoping to find another one like the one we bought from Debbie’s garage sale here. No luck and these things aren’t cheap! Gosh, we wish she’d had two the same. Back home, I changed into my bathing suit and texted Jo-Anne that I was going to the pool. She responded that they were already up there.

The pool was wonderful and so was the sun
I walked up and since Bob was in the hot tub chatting with some guys, she offered me his lounger. There weren’t any others available and he didn’t mind sitting in a regular patio chair when he came over. Thanks Bob! The first thing I did was get in the pool and float around for a few minutes to get wet. Jo-Anne and I stretched out in the sun for half hour before they left to go back. They’d already been at the pool for over an hour.

Here is the progress we're making on that 2,000 pc. puzzle
Alone, I stayed and read my book, flipping from stomach to back getting the full coverage, don’t ya know! At 3:00 I took another dip in the pool, then the hot tub before heading back around 3:15. The water was lovely today. Bill, Bob and Jo were all over at the neighbours' for Happy Hour so after changing, I took my chair and drink to join them. There were 5 doggies running around, making friends and getting neck rubs where ever they could. They were fun to watch. 

Treat time
Looks like but no, it isn't Clemmy's ghost up on his hind legs

Nice people, but I don't know their names

They all own motor homes

The conversation was such that I really didn’t participate and after an hour and a bit, I was chilled and took my chair home. Sometimes H.H. just don’t interest me. No offense. I made myself a cup of creamy tea at 5 and sat with my book. Bill returned soon after and the rest of the group also went their separate ways. At 5:45, I started supper. We had Caesar salad and shrimp poppers done in the air fryer. They were really tasty!

Higgy was played out, under Jo-Anne's chair for a nap
After dishes, Bill sat watching Live PD while working on the White Sheet crossword puzzle. I’d done all I could so I like to get his responses. He filled in a few as well. Today on the way back from Yuma, we stopped at the Park Office and picked up 2 tickets for the 50’s dance tomorrow night at the clubhouse. Erma, one of my teacher’s at dance class, was taking the cash and issuing tickets. I had a few laughs with her and her husband. She’s such a nice lady.

Back home, the sun was setting

I snapped a picture of the group from our bedroom window
after I returned
Tomorrow, I figure will be a pretty relaxing day. I’m thinking I’ll go to the pool and perhaps do a load of sheets and towels at the laundromat at some point but not much else. We won’t be quite as close to the laundromat at Pilot Knob so may as well take advantage, right? This has been a great day. The weather couldn’t have been any better, rounding out around 74F/23C mid-afternoon. We call that pretty much perfect!  
These little shrimp poppers are very good and only
took a few minutes (5 or so) to cook
Oh!Two other nice things happened today. Bill's sister, my sil, who volunteers in the kitchen at the Hospice in Stratford where our friend George is right now, stopped in to introduce herself. She stayed for a short visit and met Suzie as well. Thank you, Carol for taking the time to say 'hey' to our friend, when we are unable to. Check out his blog at to meet Carol.

And Happy Birthday to our blogger friend, Shirley

Thank you for your visit today!


  1. Thanks for the cute rock Pat!! We had a nice visit with Bill. Hope we get to see you Saturday. We didn't get back from Yuma until after dark.

    1. You're welcome! I wanted to give you a more personal one so you knew it was me! haha
      Hope to see you today too.

  2. Looks like you enjoyed Yuma Lakes now to move on down the road a few mile enjoy new sights and surroundings.
    We have enjoyed Pilot Knob at Christmas for many years, It was so fun to meet Bill's sister nice that she dropped by. If you think of it say hi to the guys at Pilot Knob.

    1. We do like it here and I'm enjoying the activities too.
      You will certainly be missed at Pilot Knob this year, it just doesn't feel right w/o you.
      We're glad Carol could get in to see you after not working there last week. :) We will pass on your greetings for sure!

  3. Nice weather you are having and a pool and hot tub to enjoy it with. I thought Bill would now wear his new hat at happy hour. Maybe when all the guys are together showing them off? By the looks of this huge puzzle I don't think it will get finished before you leave but then there might be a new one going in PK. Have fun.

    1. We are having awesome weather, yes. Bill isn't used to wearing a hat so it will take a while! :) Also, I wasn't here to remind him when he went over.
      It is a huge puzzle and definitely won't be done too quickly. There will be one at P.K. for sure and I'll have lots of time!

  4. Aww. thanks for the birthday wish! Sounds like you had a nice day at the pool! You are so brown already! Jealous girl here..haha. I can't even imagine a 2000 piece puzzle. That's so sweet about Bill's sister! Small world isn't it? Looks pretty crowded in the MH section. Enjoy your day!

    1. You're welcome, my dear! It is nice at the pool for sure.
      The puzzle is a challenge and fun at the same time. Carol was happy to pop in and meet George. It is crowded up at the front area.

  5. That was nice that your sister-in-law visited George, it sounded like he really enjoyed the visit.

  6. Glad you are getting nice weather with comfortable temperatures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your move to Pilot Knob for the Christmas Holidays.

    It's about time.

  7. Oh, I so wish I were where you are. It's so cold here today! Enjoy your pool time.

  8. The weather has been great for you this week. Proud that you stuck with those line dancing classes. You two have a safe short journey tomorrow.

  9. I just met Carol, before reading your blog.