Sunday, December 8, 2019

Travel Day, Yuma Lakes RV Resort

Yuma, Arizona
Bill and I were up and mobile by 6:45 on Sunday, Dec. 8th.  We each had our showers and Bill made his coffee while I went for my walk. We hadn’t planned to leave until 9 so there was time to take it slow. When I was walking, I met a couple of dog owners with pooches that wanted to say hello so of course I got a couple of doggy fixes. Then I met Jo-Anne and Higgins so I got greeted by the little love bug too.
Just some pictures in the park

There was some wind
Back at home, I had my tea and Bill suggested I make lunch for the road. It would be 300 miles today so that was a wise idea. I made him a couple of sandwiches and myself a meat & cheese wrap and then we each had a bowl of cereal. Bill washed the dishes and we noticed our friends were already closed up at 8:15. Hmm, maybe they misunderstood our departure time.

Both chihuahuas - the little black one is a long haired
and he looked like a little woolly mammoth
Both were very friendly to me
So, without rushing, because they wouldn’t have wanted that, we just put a bit of a push on to get packed up. It was 8:45 when we were ready to go and drove around the loop to say goodbye to Kim and Ken on the way. They are also pulling out today, and we’ll see them next Sunday, if not sooner. It isn’t a very nice-looking day, with heavy rain clouds hovering and the winds up to 16 mph. Good thing it was a warm 54F though.

Heading down Hwy 82 towards the mountain
Leaving the park at 9, we got on Hwy 82 to Sonoita and then after turning onto 83, we went through the Border Checkpoint. 

I love this sign and take a picture each time we're here
Bill stopped and chatted with the very nice young guard, asking about passports etc. before we moved on. From there we caught I-10W and it was a smooth drive. We took the exit to I-8W after Tucson and drove for a couple of hours or so before pulling into a parking area for a break. Bathroom and leg break.

The clouds were really spooky and strange this morning

A nice old water tower

We all decided since it was 11:30 that we could just eat our lunch as we drove without having to stop again. We would be good for fuel so unless Bob needed it, we won’t have to pull off for that either. The temperature has been up and down just as the elevation has. We left Quail Ridge at 4,500’ and were soon skimming along at 450’. Over the next couple of hours, we were bouncing from 270' to 725' at the pass just before entering Yuma. Such beautiful views along here. Yuma elevation is 141' so we should experience warm weather this week.

Yup, we'll be there soon

These two pictures are for our friend, Keith

Just on the edge of Yuma - the dunes are waiting for you!
As it turned out, by 1:30 we got a message from Jo-Anne that they needed fuel so pulled off at a Chevron near Tiacoma. The prices aren’t very good for fuel here so we can only hope they improve in Yuma. $2.97/gal for regular gas and $3.12 for diesel. That’s ridiculous and that isn’t even the most expensive. 

And we've entered the land of agriculture
Within 40 minutes of stopping, we took the exit off I-8 onto Fortuna Rd. to the north and then west on Hwy 95. Turning right onto Laguna we soon came to Yuma Lakes RV Resort where we arrived at 2:45.  This is a Coast to Coast membership park so $10/night, full hookups. It was now a mild, still cloudy 64F.

Turning towards the park, and our friends are right behind us
After getting set up, side by side, Bill got the satellite dish out to see how well we could find a signal. As it turned out, we only got one yellow bar, reading 77 again but it was enough to get the channels we needed. Jo-Anne brought our movie binder back over and they are hoping to use their antenna. I slipped on a light sweater and took a walk around the park before it got dark. It was spring of 2018 when we were here last so I’m happy to be here for another short time.

This is a nice park and we were welcomed by a great host

Our sites back in the new area
I told Bill that I needed to do my ‘ritual’ walk, something I like to do every time we enter a park. New park or not, I like to refresh my memory of what is here, where things are and familiarize myself with things we may need. First, I found the hot tub and pool, I’ll need that for sure! 

I walked into the clubhouse where the puzzles (there was a new 2000 pc. puzzle spread out on one table and a 1500 pc. puzzle ¾ done on another) and the books were. This is where free internet access would be also.

One room of the clubhouse
The puzzle/book room had occupants so I didn't get a picture yet
We are quite a way back from all of this stuff but you know that I don’t mind the walk. Back home, Bill was having a rum and Coke so I poured myself an iced coffee made with Rum Chiata and real cream. Oh my, good thing I added ice to it or I would be flat out! I drank it slowly and at 6 got Madame IP out to warm up the meatloaf. We had mixed vegetables as a side and required no dessert. There is ice cream if we chose later for a nibble.

And overhead, I spotted this
After dishes, I finished downloading my blog post and we sat and watched some television together. I might have opened my book a couple of times too before I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. This was a nice move day and we did hear that our friends’, Kim and Ken, have arrived safely at their new destination too. That is their story to tell. We are settled here for a week and that will give me time to experience the pool and some activities.

And even after a cloudy day
there was a pretty sunset

And clouds can make for a lovely sky
Good night from Yuma, AZ
One of our favourite places to be

I hope you have also enjoyed your day. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Diesel is $2.95 at Fry's, and of course cheaper if you have points ... but definitely more expensive than last year :-( Enjoy your time at Yuma Lakes.

    1. We saw diesel for $2.79 at Fry's in Sierra Vista and $2.89 at Circle K in Huachuca City.
      We've started collecting points at Fry's just not enough yet to use. :)

  2. Enjoy Yuma Lakes other nice membership park we enjoy !

    1. Thanks George, we will enjoy it here. And of course close to Yuma shopping.

  3. Sounds like a good day for driving since it was overcast. Glad you're at Yuma Lakes and hopefully will be able to enjoy the amenities ! Sunset is pretty with the clouds, but hoping they're gone this morning :)

  4. That sounds like a good park. I think it's much cheaper than where I'll be staying!! Enjoy the pool, although other friends there have mentioned the overcast skies with rain. I hope you get some sun.

  5. Looks like a lovely park, lots to do! Hope you get some nice weather to enjoy the pool and hot tub.

  6. I recognize some of those clouds that I could see to the south today...:)
    Looks like a nice park to spend some time relaxing and I am sure you will do your
    Been seeing a lot of clouds laying on the mountains recently reminds me of soft fluffy cotton.

  7. We too had those clouds, but I think the days look clear. Welcome to Yuma. Enjoy your park!!!

  8. Glad you had a safe journey. I'm sure it will be sunny and warm in Yuma this week. Enjoy your stay.

  9. Another beautiful park you picked out. I thought of you when I noticed the 1500 pc puzzle here on the table in the community room. Its a difficult one and needs an expert and experienced puzzler like you ;-) Have fun in the new RV park.