Thursday, December 26, 2019

Boxing Day or The Day After Christmas as it is Commonly Known in the U.S.

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
Thursday, Dec 26th, Bill and I slept in. I guess it was a good morning to do that since it was dull, windy and cool outside. We can’t and won’t complain since we were graced with a gorgeous day yesterday for Christmas Day. It was 7:30 when we had our coffee and tea and I was able to sit and catch up on our friends’ blog posts. Everyone had a wonderful celebration!

I slipped out the door at 7:30 to catch the beautiful sunrise

The reflection on our Mobile Suite looks lovely
It was around 8:45 when we got out for our walk and yes, I bundled up. The temperature wasn’t terrible at 50F but the wind went right through you if you weren’t prepared. Our fast pace slowed on the return trip but it did help to warm us up initially. Sitting back home, we read together in our chairs with only the radio playing country tunes in the background. Enough Christmas music for me. They’ve played them to death.

Looking to the east where the sky isn't so pretty anymore
this was on our walk
As I was sitting here, I asked Bill what he thought about sending an invite to everyone for a warm Happy Hour today before Gayle and John left tomorrow. He agreed so I texted them and received favourable responses. We have room so why not? Other than that, it is a quiet day. After breakfast and dishes, we noticed the winds gusting periodically and the spatters of light rain on the windows. When my outside wreath blew off the door, I retrieved it so it didn’t end up down the lane.

We had bacon and scrambled eggs
and they hit the spot
Gayle messaged me and asked if we were interested in seeing any of their pictures from their stays last winter(s) in Mexico. Last evening, we had been discussing some of these areas. We don’t think it is something that appeals to us for our future winters but it is always nice to see options available to us. So, after we had a phone call from Marilynne, Bill’s step-Mom, (we’d failed to make a connection yesterday) they arrived and shared some pictures. The pictures along the beach of the Bay of Conception looked intriguing.

I didn't get pictures of our Happy Hour inside but after they left
the sun started to disappear

A close up 
Around 3, the rain had stopped, the winds had died and the sun came out. Kim, Ken, Tom, Deb, Bob, Jo-Anne and then Dave and Cheryl arrived. We had chairs set up for everyone and although it wasn’t maybe the best seating, the conversation ensued with no dull silences. At one point, around 4:15, I handed out papers and pens to ‘play’ a game. This was unusual and I had no idea how our friends would like it. The girls groaned as it reminded them of 'shower' games (which I never mind) and the the guys surprised me by getting right into it.

The following pictures detail how I cooked the pork tenderloin

Seasoned meat ready to go in the air fryer
 It was an hour of Patsy’s version of Family Feud Camping. I had fun and I think the others did as well.  Everyone left before 5:30. Bill had succumbed to the bottle of Yellow Tail Chardonnay and was feeling the effects of that. He stretched out in the chair and dropped off immediately. I sat beside him and read some of my book until daylight turned into dusk. I closed blinds, plugged in our indoor and outdoor lights before starting supper. No Madame IP tonight, this meal was a job for Rosy, the Air Fryer.

I got our red chef out of the cupboard and pulled the seasoned tenderloin out of the fridge. It had been marinating most of the afternoon. I placed tin foil in the bottom of the air fryer and curled the 2 pieces of pork inside. I cooked it for 15 minutes at 360° before adding sweet & sour sauce to half and bbq sauce to the other. Then another 10 minutes of cooking. My mistake was not to check the centre as it wasn’t quite finished and had to be returned for 10 minutes more.

However, when it was done, it was perfect and I had mine with asparagus and Bill had his with mixed veggies. The tenderloin was wonderful and moist. I’ll do it this way again. After dishes, Bill was finally feeling himself again and we sat together to watch CourtCam and Live PD: Wanted. When I finish posting this, I will get some more chapters read if I’m not too tired. This was a great day and other than our morning walk, we didn’t go off our site.
Good night everyone
from Winterhaven CA
I hope you’ve enjoyed your ‘Day after Christmas’. Thank you for popping in.


  1. Hi Patsy
    It’s fun following your adventures this year. I get home from work just after eight PM, just in time to read your post of the day. Sounds like you are having another great winter in the south-west!
    It is only fitting on a day like today that we in the ‘lower forty-eight’ join with you and all of our Canadian friends in celebrating the achievements of legends in sport. We fondly remember the greatness of the likes of Jack Dempsey, Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier and yes, that unforgettable hero, Rocky Balboa! We proudly stand and applaud these fine men!
    -Chicago Robert

    1. Hey Robert! How interesting that you refer to 'Boxing Day' in terms of sports. For us Canadians, it simply means a day of boxing things up to return items received at Christmas.
      I've learned a whole new meaning now!
      Thank you Robert for reading along and your reminder of such well known fighters. :)

  2. The pork loin looks delicious! And those early morning photos of the sunrise are stellar.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. Oh YUM!! Pork loin looks delicious! Thanks for the reminder of Boxing Day! Now I can celebrate THREE days at the end of the year!!

  4. The pork loin was wonderful and easy. So was the clean up!
    Boxing Day for us means boxing things up for return. Haha

  5. Happy to hear you folks have enjoyed the Christmas Season once again in the warmth of the desert. Nothing quite like it. The tenderloin looked wonderful.

    1. Thank you Deb and Riley. It has been another great Christmas here far from home.

  6. It appears you made the best out of a shadowed day.
    I grew up to the Fighter's version of Boxing Day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the season.

    It's about time.

  7. We might have "groaned" but we all really did have fun. I think the laughter proved Thank you for hosting inside your lovely home.
    I knew it would be a pretty sunset can not believe I missed it.

    1. Ha ha, yup, I could tell from the laughter that a great time was had by all. I wouldn't have had it any other way - groans included!
      Thank you Deb for your kind words.

  8. Nothing like a social gathering to celebrate Boxing Day. I hear the game was a hit.

    1. Yes, I can put my friends through all kinds of things and as long as they are laughing, it was a hit! :)