Sunday, December 22, 2019

Clouds Hang On, Ice Cream and Happy Hours

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
On Sunday, Dec. 22nd we woke up to a cloudy day. No way was the sun going to make it through today. I was awake just after 6 and relaxed in bed until 6:45 because my snuggle bug was sound asleep and sawing a few logs. I hated to disturb him but he is a light sleeper and he heard me shut the bathroom door. I was trying to be so quiet!

Park exit
We had coffee and tea together while reading some blogs and then went out for our walk. It was quite mild at 50F/10C with no wind. We did some park walking and then Bill suggested going out the entrance and around to the road behind us making a wide swoop outside the property. The problem with having my tea before I walk (and the main reason I avoid doing that) is that as we rounded the front west corner, I knew I would have to stop at the Ladies’ room before making it home.

Looking out over the LTVA area

Bill waited and we continued on with no threat of an accident!! Back home, I went on line to my personal Avon site. I need to keep my representative status active by ordering every couple of months so I try and find some of my regular stuff on sale and have it sent to my sister at home. It works well and sometimes she orders and gets her products through the winter even without me there! I give her my discount for accepting and holding them for me.

There were actually a few blooms on this lovely ocotillo
Speaking of winter, I guess yesterday was the first full day, wasn’t it? It sure is weird here, it does not feel like winter. That’s why we need our Christmas decorations, trees and lights up as early as possible. It helps us get in the spirit. We are now used to being away from the family Christmas gatherings but it doesn’t mean we don’t miss the children and grandchildren. We will call them on the special day on FB Messenger or Hangouts. Seeing their faces and/or hearing their voices are a great gift.

And looking to the south, that black strip is the Wall
on the Mexican border
Bill hopped in the shower while I worked on my laptop. I finished with my Avon order and Bill worked on a job outside until we were ready for breakfast. I wasn’t excited about the puzzle up in the puzzle room, as I mentioned yesterday, so sat for a bit at home and tried to get into True Blue, the next book I’ve started. It is a David Baldacci book so I know it will be a good one.  Next time I go up to the room, I know I can start a new puzzle, if someone hasn’t already.

Bill works on his project
No point in guessing, just check out his blog post
I had an errand to run so after making us an omelette and doing dishes, I walked up to the clubhouse to buy a couple of Christmas dinner tickets. It is filling up and we’re expecting 2 more to arrive before then. 

Another jam-packed omelette (w/o the jam)
Bill was working away outside and since it wasn’t a sunny day, I decided to bake some more. It’s addicting! So, using Cheryl’s recipe for a different kind of No-Bake Macaroons, I got the ingredients. Because of Bill’s love of his Kraft peanut butter, I bought a 4-lb jar of Kroger’s smooth p.b. to use for baking.

Sometimes, unfortunate things happen to our rv's
Not much left of this air conditioner
I've had frequent visitors to the feeder
Today is Sunday so that means Ice Cream social day. Not sure if we are going alone as some went to Mexico for lunch and our neighbours went somewhere over the noon hour. We’ll walk up for 2 pm and see who we see. 😊 As it turned out, none of our friends were there but we met another couple who sat with us. That's how it works some times. They are from New Hampshire. We had a nice chat sharing experiences and information before it was time to say goodbye.

Deb texted at 5 to 3 about H.H. at their site so we made our drinks at home and walked back with our chairs. Dave and Cheryl wandered over but we assumed Bob and Jo-Anne hadn’t returned yet as they didn’t arrive. At a few minutes after 5, the fun ended when we all walked back to our sites. Lotsa laughs and multiple discussions about wifi, crank calls, lights, nicknames, weather forecasts, cookies and margaritas. There is never a dull moment at Happy Hour, lots of chatter.

1/3 of a scoop on my banana, toppings $1
The weather didn't quite reach its forecasted high of 64F, I think only making it to 61F. Clouds didn't let the sun through for very long at all but the wind did die down. Back home, Bill said he wasn’t too hungry and I wasn’t either but we had to eat something. So, since I’d planned only air fryer shrimp, he agreed that would work. We didn’t want salad so I cooked just enough broccoli for me. 

The shrimp was cooked in our Dash air fryer. It is a bright red colour and discussion today convinced me that she, like Madame IP, needs a name. I think it is going to have to be ‘Rosy’ since ‘Rose’ is already taken by a friend of ours. Unless I come up with something better, Rosy it is!

Our meal was quick and tasty and we cleaned up the baking dishes from earlier as well as supper dishes. Time to relax. Well, kind of. I had at least started my post for today so sat to finish that. Because Bill had completed a project today, he was also writing one. Look for it here. We watched an old movie that we’ve seen often. Home Alone always makes us laugh a few times no matter how many times we watched it.

Supper was good, the broccoli was delicious!
Good night!

The rest of the evening was quiet. Together, we watched some tv and I read some of my book. I won’t be too late going to bed again, probably my normal 10 pm. This was a nice busy day and we didn’t have to leave the park. I hope you’ve enjoyed your Sunday as well.

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. You had me at ice cream! Hahaha Nice to be in a park that does things like that, not to mention meeting new people.

    1. I thought that might be a show stopper for you. ha ha I said 1/3 scoop but it was 1/3 strawberry, 1/3 chocolate and 1/3 vanilla to make 1 scoop for the $1. :)

  2. Love the ice cream social, looks yummy! Meeting new people always a bonus! That's a great group for Happy Hour!

    1. We enjoy the social part as well as the ice cream. :)
      We do have fun at our H.H. Hope you can join us one day!

  3. Happy Hour is always a good time it is amazing how much chatter and conversations go on at one time...😊
    One more grocery run and then I want to spend several days of not leaving the park sounds like a good type of day.

    1. Once you have everything you need, it is very nice to just sit home. :)