Friday, December 27, 2019

Goodbye to Gayle, First Flight, Deal Shopping in Yuma, Cool Forecast

 Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
On Friday, Dec. 27th, I was awake and up first. Simply because I was in bed first last night. Bill wasn’t far behind me getting up and after I’d read a bit of my book, he was in the shower and then joined me downstairs. We walked our walk after he had his first coffee. It was 8:00 when we headed out and decided to go out the park again and down Hwy 80 to the west this time.

The road isn't much to drive on but for walking, it is pretty much
This Hwy 80 runs parallel to I-8

Looking back towards the park
 We walked a mile before turning back to face the warm sun. It was only 47F/9C but very low winds so not bad at all. We were quite hot when we returned home. I had my tea and we played some Scrabble with each other on our online games before walking over to say goodbye to my sister. Gayle and John were packed up shortly after 10 and that was a good time to wander down.

Sidewinder Road is the exit to take to Pilot Knob RV Park
All rv’ers know that you should never try and visit while others are in the midst of setting up or tearing down. That is courtesy and helps to avoid distractions that create accidents. For me, I know that it only takes one bad experience when trying to get parked in a spot to ruin the whole set up process. The rule is after a quick greeting, please stay away until set up is complete. That applies to us too when friends arrive.

Now there is a great way to advertise
So, after hugs goodbye and a picture of them with their rig, we walked back home. Bill got his Timber plane out as he wanted to fly it while Dave was still here in the park. Dave had never seen it fly. Too bad Ken wasn’t around and as it turned out, the flight was very short. Bill said the old battery wasn’t holding a good charge anymore. Dave was impressed and I was too as it has been a while since Bill has flown and, on the gravel, it was a new experience.

As we walked back, a Dodge charger was pulled over
I can't understand why...........although he was moving by us pretty quickly
We decided to just have toast and/or oatmeal for breakfast as we wanted to get into Yuma for some shopping. I wanted to follow up on a sale for bath towels at J.C. Penney and I also wanted to check out Ross’s, just because. Bill dropped me at JC and after a long search, found the quick dri towels and face cloths to match. There were no hand towels of the same brand so I had to choose a couple of others that would match.

Back in the park, the road to home along the fence line

Saying goodbye

See you two in Quartzsite!
Bill got his plane out and put it together while charging batteries
The prices were phenomenal! $5.99 for bath towels, $2.99 for hand and wash cloths and $7.99 for a bath mat.  Now, we are all decked out and can get rid of some of our old towels. 😊 I walked across the mall parking lots to Ross’s. It wasn’t ideal as I was carrying the large bag of towels but I knew he was off in a different area. I grabbed a cart and went on the search. The only thing I really wanted was a pair of running shoes. Mine, that I wear every morning, are getting pretty beat up even though still comfy.

There it is all put together

Bill was getting his plane ready to fly and waiting for Dave
It looks like he is saying a few words for low winds and a good flight

One of the pictures I took for Bill
The rest, he will use in his next posting

I like this entrance to Yuma

I tried a few on, mostly the same brand, because the price was right. I settled on a black pair that are almost slip-ons but still have some laces too. They’ll do nicely! While shopping, Jo-Anne texted about Happy Hour at their place indoors, so a trend on these cooler days has started. Otherwise, we are all bundling up a little more than some of us are comfortable with. I passed the word on to everyone else since I am the one with everyone’s contact info. I said I feel like ‘Mom’. 😊 That’s okay!

At JC Penney, I found towels
It was a great deal for the towels and bath mat
Back home, I was hungry so had a piece of cheese, some yogourt and a fat bomb. At 3, we made a hot drink and walked next door. First to arrive, first choice of seats so I took a recliner and relaxed. Once everyone arrived, with the exception of the McMechan’s , multiple conversations filled the air. Jo-Anne and Bob had food set out and I had determined that if I wasn’t hungry, I’m not eating, so other than 5 little nuts and bolts, I passed everything by.

My new walking shoes and I'm looking forward to trying them out
 We returned home just after 5 and Bill lit the Weber. Tonight, were grilled farmer sausages with salad. Bill, while outside, dumped our gray water tank. Inside, I made salad on our plates. Opening a pre-made bag of Bacon Caesar salad is a tough job but someone has to do it. As the sausages were cooking, I had to run out to capture sunset photos. Ever-changing.
Along I-8 we always see boondockers out on this stretch of desert
The sky was very interesting just at Happy Hour
A glance back at our site
What a great meal! Just enough and we were full. There is always ice cream and goodies if we needed a snack later. The evening was quiet after dishes. Bill had the television on but Friday night entertainment doesn’t do much for us. I was into my book so after finishing my post, my goal was to get a few chapters completed. As it turned out, we were done dishes by 6:15 so I talked myself into the last scoop and a half of the Oregon Strawberry. Bill opted out.

My dessert before 7 pm
I have enjoyed this day. The sad part was saying goodbye to Gayle and John but there were good moments in shopping and our happy hour to make up for it. Bill and I are really enjoying spending time sitting still this winter, here. As the days arrive, there will be some calm days for Bill to fly his plane and drone and I’m sure some warm days for a pool visit for me. I hope you’ve had a good day.

A beautiful sky tonight
Good night from Pilot Knob

Thank you for your visit!


  1. THats some good shopping deals!! I like your shoes. They look comfortable. I’m praying for good weather next weekend.

  2. Tell Bill that I really want to see one of his planes fly the next time we meet. And seeing that also reminds me to charge the battery on my drone and fly it. Nice shoes!!!!

    1. Bill looks forward (as I do) to seeing you guys again. Your double drone flight in Borrego Springs is often talked about. :) He hasn't flown the drone yet this winter.
      Thank you, I love my shoes!

  3. I'm glad your shopping went better than mine. I do have to say they have a beautiful mall here. Lots of stores, and yes, quite busy. Like the new shoes and the beautiful sunset.

    1. Thanks Doug. Sometimes we get lucky with shopping and sometimes not.

  4. Gotta love Ross and JC Penney's I always seem to find something both places LOL..Great Bill got his place out even if only for a short flight. Always a fun Happy Hour. You guys are really enjoying your stay there..hope it warms up soon for ya!

    1. Yes, me too! I might have to go back and get the same shoes in a different colour. LOL They are so comfy and a great deal.
      We hope for a bit more warmth too but not complaining as long as the sun is out. :)

  5. Love the sunset photos, they are lovely! Good deals on your shopping too.

  6. It was a nice Happy Hour inside at Jo-Anne and Bob's thanks for letting us know "Mom"...😉
    Okay seriously sometimes those bags of pre-made salad are tough to open there has been a time or two I have had to resort to using job!
    Beautiful pictures of last nights sunset.

    1. Thanks for the support of my tough job on the salad. :D They are totally a pain to open!
      Happy Hour was fun for sure!

  7. A nice productive day you had keep on having more

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Glad you're enjoying that desert atmosphere. Hope it warms up for you!

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