Saturday, December 7, 2019

Warm Last Day, Boy Go To Pima, Bit of Packing, Happy Hour

Quail Ridge, Huachuca City, AZ
On Saturday, Dec. 7th we were up early. It was 6:30 when we were getting up out of bed. Bill had a ‘date’ with the guys to go to the Pima Air & Space Museum. None of them are happy about that – yah right! I left for my walk at 7:15 and returned in 30 minutes. I didn’t want to miss saying goodbye to Bill who was leaving at 8. Bob drove today, it is nice that they take turns like that. They picked Ken up on the way out of the park.

What a lovely morning wake up
Good morning!

The mountains to the north west perk up in the suns glow

Walking down the lane between us
We are on the left with our wind sock and Big Red on the right side
 I didn’t feel under any pressure to do anything so had my tea and played around on a new book site that my daughter suggested. I didn’t need it to download books, but instead a way to keep a tally of how many books I read in a year. She challenges herself on this site,, by setting up a goal. How many books will I read this year? She reads more books than anyone I personally know and can manage 2 or 3 at a time, easily remembering what they are about. LOL
Ken and Kim have a spot back in the corner
For me, my goal would be much lower but I was up for the challenge of familiarizing myself with a new website. It was a challenge alright, as many are until you get used to them. First chore was to record as many books as I could from my Word document into the new site. It isn’t exactly user-friendly (again as a beginner, I had a few bumps) but I finally figured out how to at least ‘trick’ the program into accepting my documentation.

Looking to the south 

This is Jim and Sharon's but we've run out of time to stop in
They sure know how to treat a Mobile Suite, don't they?
At the point of frustration, I stopped for half hour and vacuumed the Suite and packed a few things away for our morning departure. Then I went for a walk to the clubhouse and finished the jigsaw puzzle in there before returning to my laptop and going at it again. I saw Jo-Anne go out with Higgins a second time and this time called her over for a visit. We were both basically being lazy. They came inside for a bit and then when they left, I finished listing the books I still had in the cupboard. Ones that I’ve read but Bill hasn’t, yet.

The guys get away on on time
The sun was out in full force, beating out the clouds for possession of the blue sky, so I moved my chair to the back of the Suite and took a water and my book outside. Jo-Anne came out with Higgy and she walked back to invite Kim as well. 

For breakfast I finished my calzone and it hit the spot
I was hungry because we didn't have supper last night
It was gorgeous and I had to change into shorts and a sleeveless top and hat to bear the heat. Lovely! It made it to 73F by mid-afternoon. When the guys returned around 2:30, they brought their chairs and drinks and we had the official last Happy Hour at Quail Ridge for this year, with this group. The guys had positive things to say about their day so I'm glad they had a good time.

From my spot in the sun

Then Jo-Anne and Kim joined me
At 4:30, the air had cooled considerably so Bob and Jo-Anne headed into town for supper and fuel, I headed inside to start making our supper, Kim and Ken headed for their rv and Bill left to drive to the corner for fuel. It is nice to be topped up before hooking up for a departure day. 

Higgins slowly settled in his little bed

A little more settled

And finally went to sleep
Happy Hour because we're happy to be here
Tonight, for supper, I made one of Bill’s favourite meals. Meatloaf. We had Caesar salad on the side and it was very good. When I was at the clubhouse earlier, there was a box of another one of Bill’s favourite things so I brought 1 back for him for dessert. A donut.

Meatloaf ready to go in Madame IP
in my new pan and sling
We were eating supper by 5:45 and it turned out perfectly in Madame IP. I think she was feeling neglected. I've never had a failed dish that she has made and tonight was no exception. 

The sun sets over the park

With dishes done, the rest of the evening was a bit of blogging and television movies. It will be an early night; Bill missed his snooze and the fresh air does a number on all of us. Such a beautiful day! I hope you can say the same wherever you are.

And a treat for Bill - just because
Good night everyone!
Thank you for your visit today. I love to hear from you if you wish to leave a comment.


  1. A very nice last day at Quail Ridge. Sounds like the perfect kind, relaxing and warm. Safe travels.

  2. You guys got to see all the great sights around the area. It sure is a great place to visit.
    Safe travels to your next location.

    1. Yes, we kept busy each day. Missed the Xavier Mission and Silo but B & I have seen them and B & J weren't heart set on them.
      Thank you.

  3. A nice last day there at Quail Ridge and that Museum sure is a great place to visit we did many years ago, too , safe travels.

    1. It's nice to see you commenting again George.

    2. We enjoyed Q. R. and 1 week was just perfect for the park. Got to see our friends Deb & DJ too.

  4. Nice the boys had a good time together. Sounds like a great day for you girls too. Travel safely today, where ever you are headed!

  5. Oooooooo DONUTS!!! I went on the Pima Air Museum Tour even though I was not the least bit interested. It was pretty cool. Your meatloaf looks yummy. I'll have to try that one and of course that means I need the sling! LOL

    1. haha Bills eyes lit up too. :)
      I enjoyed the museum when I went with Bill last time. Interesting stuff.
      The meatloaf is fool proof. :)

  6. Beautiful sunrise and a nice warm day to enjoy. Can't beat that.

  7. The sunrise sky photo is simply beautiful! Sounds like a good day was had by all.

    Safe travels!

    1. I was surprised to see such a lovely sunrise. Bonus for the day! :)

  8. Such a great relaxing day! I am a little timid about the IP. Is it easy to use?

    1. It was a perfect day. The IP is so easy and once you've done your first thing in it, you'll wish you'd started sooner. :) Kind of like rv'ing! :)
      Pick something simple - google cooking it in an IP and you will get specific instructions in the recipe. The steam releases and you don't have to touch it until it is done.

  9. The meatloaf looks good. With no fridge the cooking here is very simple never have all the fresh ingredients I need. So I have yet to open the IP but I can see a sling should be on the list of things to buy. Hope wherever you landed today the trip was safe and smooth.