Friday, December 6, 2019

Mine Tour, Bisbee Lunch, Shopping and a Visit with Friends

Huachuca City, Arizona
On Friday, Dec. 6th, we slept in. Well, we were half awake but didn’t get up until 7:15. Just felt lazy and cozy in bed. It was a cooler day and we felt the 41F surrounding the Suite. For some reason, I didn’t feel like walking and instead accepted a tea when Bill asked. I’ll probably beat myself up a bit about that but I can handle it. I’d read most blogs last night before bed so didn’t spend much time at the table.

A little bit of colour against the desert landscape
on our drive to Bisbee
Around 8:30, I fried up some mini sausages and 2 eggs for Bill. I had my little porkers in a tortilla wrap with mozzarella cheese and was that ever tasty. I’ll do that again when I don’t feel like eggs. When we were both ready and after I dropped off a couple of books at the clubhouse, we met J & B at the truck for the drive to Bisbee. K. and K. were ready and followed us in their own car. Too bad we can’t all fit in one vehicle.

Approaching Bisbee - see the B on the rock face?
Before we entered the min, we chatted with a nice couple of fulltimers
from AZ who had camped up the hill
She called themselves You-Tubers
First stop was the Queen Mine Museum and we all wandered around there until it was time for our tour. At 11:45, we were ‘suited’ up in vests, hard hats and flashlights. Our tour guide was a former miner so we had a great tour from someone who knew what he was talking about and there is nothing better than first hand experience. We all enjoyed the tour very much and it was close to 1:30 when we loaded back up and drove downtown Old Bisbee.

In we go to the Museum

A 'half dressed' group
I didn't get one of us all in helmets
But here we are, ready to go

Our tour guide giving us the rules and a bit of history
I knew our friends would like this little town with residences built into the high rock cliffs and original buildings. We didn’t get too far and someone mentioned being hungry. It was 2 pm so no wonder! We found a restaurant called Bisbee’s Table on Main St. and it had really nice décor and atmosphere. The best part is other than one other party, we were alone when we arrived. This time I ordered a Reuben which came with sweet potato fries and I settled for an ice water. Yum, that was good.

700', 1500' with a couple of stops along the way and more history

The supervisor's bike because he walked so many miles on a shift
Don't anyone else touch it or you'd be written up!!

Our guide described the improvements over the jack hammers
He worked inside the mine from 1964 to 1975, I think
and he used the one on his far right

You'll know what this necessity is!

I couldn’t eat it all so the last portion of my sandwich was stripped of the bread and I ate the innards, the good stuff. Playing with my food I guess you could say. All we did after that was walk down the strip of Main St. where the shops were. 

A nice place for lunch

Us girls poked inside a few of them and then with Higgins in mind, we all headed back to the vehicles. I feel bad that I forget Jo-Anne and Bob have a little dog back at the trailer. Last year, that was Bill and I with Clemson and I should know better.

The huge library and post office building

Stairs to go home for some residents

We were home just before 4:30 and therefore didn’t need to get together for Happy Hour today. As Ken said, it was a happy hour all day! Bill drove today and felt that a nap was in order. It sure was, as after 10 minutes he was dropping off. I reminded him that if he woke up and I was gone, I would be at the clubhouse working on the puzzle. I took a walk around the back permanent section of the park. It was a nice night.

Before heading home, I checked that Deb and Dj’s vehicles were both at their site. They were so I walked home and told Bill. At 6, we slipped our hoodies on and walked back to Site B23. Now only Deb’s car was in the drive but we went to the door and knocked anyway. It took her a puzzled minute when she asked if she could help us……….then she realized who we were. She gave us a wonderful greeting and explained that Dj had just left for pizza.

You'd sure get your exercise every day - look at those steps

A glance back at the mine site
 We visited with Debbie and caught up on their life and visa versa. When Dj returned, he was also very surprised to see us. It was nice to see them again and the next hour and a half flew by. At 7:30, we hugged them goodbye until next time. I hope their new plans work out for them and we’ll stay in touch in the future. We are glad to have connected with them before we left on Sunday.  Back home, I was very dry (not Deb's fault, she offered us a drink when we arrived) and drank a couple of glasses of water. Bill also felt thirsty and poured himself a Zero Coke.

Good night from Quail Ridge
I felt tired but pushed on to download pictures from today and finish my post. We watched some tv and relaxed for the rest of the evening. Our lunch was so late so again we didn’t need any supper. This was another busy but entertaining day. We have crossed quite a few things off our ‘list of things to do’ already this trip and that makes us feel wonderful.

Thank you for checking out what we’re up to. I think some of us will slow down for tomorrow. 😊


  1. Loved touring Bisbee a few times, and the BBC ( Bisbee Breakfast Club) I guess you missed just past the mine pit in a cool older section of town, with old vehicles parked on the street and a fun great food.

    1. It's our second time there and after walking the street remembered Higgins so had to head back. We'll try and remember to look for the BBC next time.

  2. There was a museum in the old library ... is it still there? I'm a little too claustrophobic to be going down in that mine! No thank you!! Definitely check out the BBC!!

    1. I went in the library last year and I can't remember about the Museum. I was just enthralled with the building! Kim didn't know if she could do the mine either but she was positive and had no issues. Glad she went. :)

  3. What a great day and how fun to do the mine tour! We'll have to remember that as we've never been to Bisbee, but have been told by lots of people that it's a definite to do! your lunch looks amazing, nothing better than marbled rye! Nice to have all 6 of you together for a few days :)

    1. It was another great day with friends. We're eating too much but will soon get back on track. Ha ha.

  4. A very busy few days. Lots of exciting things to see and experience. We too enjoyed Tombstone and hope to go back in the future. It's nice to have good friends to come along on such adventures. Keep having fun.

    1. We knew this week would be busy, it makes up for Elephant Butte. :)
      Tombstone is that much more fun with friends.

  5. Another wonderful day, seeing the sights and visiting with old friends. And that Reuben looked delicious! Enjoy your quieter day today.

    1. I love Reubens and haven't had one since we left home so it was time!! Ha!
      We had a great day and can now slow it down for a while. :)

  6. I passed the road to Bisbee yesterday. Always like visiting the town. What a brightly colored group of miners you guys are. You two meet more people in a day than I'll meet all winter except for Bloggerfest.

    1. Ah, too bad we couldn't have connected at Bisbee. It would have been great to see you both. Maybe in the Q.

  7. We have been to Bisbee a couple of times and always enjoy our time there. Tom would like to do the mine tour, I really dislike going underground, enjoyed the pictures though. I always tell him to just go. You can drop me downtown, I would enjoy the shops, and not spend any money...ha...ha. I wonder if that is why he has not taken the mine tour?...LOL

    1. Tom would really enjoy it and the downtown is safe enough for you to walk on your own. Better still, plan to go with someone else and the guys can do the tour. :)

  8. I'm not sure if I could do the mine thing. I did do the tour under the Canadian Niagara Falls but I think the tunnels aren't as tight. Looked like a great time!