Sunday, December 15, 2019

Another Full Day of Fun!

Yuma Lakes RV Resort, Yuma, AZ
Saturday, Dec. 15th started out very ritualistic. Bill and I were up by 6:30, had our brew together and took a mile and a half walk. He’s spoiling me with the company! It was shaping up to be another nice day, just the kind we love.

Good Morning, Saturday!

Goodbye to the moon
No wind at all as you can see by our wind sock

Back at the ranch, so to speak, Bill and I had stripped the bed sheets and I took those and our two chair blankets over to the laundromat. While there, I met Demitra, the lady who cleans the Mats in here. Very nice lady (aren’t we all?) and we chatted about her routine and mine. It was nice to meet her. She and her hubby are from Iowa and were offered the job for the cost of their site ‘free’ for the winter. Tim looks after the pool, hot tubs and they share the washroom duty.

I can't remember his name but we got a kick out of this lively
Australian shepherd cross playing with the balls
Bill spotted this Vermillion Flycatcher in a tree
behind our sites
(I'm not THAT good, had to look it up)
I left an appropriate rock at the laundromat
(before morning, it was gone - yay!)

My sheets and blankets drying quickly
The clothes lines are a great idea and get used a lot
After I had our laundry on the line, I texted Jo-Anne to see if she wanted to go up to the main clubhouse with me. There was a craft sale from 9 to ?. I don’t usually buy anything but rather get ideas and just plain admire what talent is out there. We wandered around the tables and chatted with the vendors aka rv’ers. There were some really nice products and some very interesting ones.

A small but talented group
Jo-Anne at the left booth
Dave at the right front corner booth
We stopped at a full table of wood plaques. Beautiful work that a lady taught herself to do on her own after retirement. These were awesome so we each bought a couple of tree ornaments. 

I asked her for a 'Vanna' pose so I got it :)
It was then that I felt an arm slip around my shoulder and I hear “Now, you can do better than that, Pat”. Wha?? I turned to my left to see Dave from Our View from Here standing beside me. 😊

I think they would be neat puzzles too
My contribution to her hobby
and to our tree as well
When Jo and I left, I invited Dave and Cheryl back to our site for Happy Hour and we returned to our guys. I made us some breakfast, cinnamon rolls, and then kind of relaxed until 12:30 when Jo-Anne and I walked up to the pool. 

There were only 4 of us for a while
 Gorgeous day!! It was 77F in the heat of the afternoon and we couldn’t ask for any better. The pool water was 88F. We are both sun lovers so there was nothing more to be said as we stretched out on our towels and did the flip flop from front to back.

Guess who can't wait to decorate for Christmas!
I managed to get quite a bit of my book read throughout the day and when we returned to our sites, it was close to Happy Hour so I had my shower and then Bill had his. At 3:30, Dave and Cheryl joined us and Bob and Jo-Anne came over with their chairs. Conversation flowed, as it tends to do, covering everything from travel adventures to grandchildren and families back home. Even though we are here, our family is not far from our minds and hearts. I hope they all know that.

Happy Hour was a happy one!
sorry Cheryl, I caught you in a blink

Dave and Cheryl brought some yummy sausage treats
After H.H. we had a quick but delicious bacon cheeseburger. We cleaned up dishes and for about 10 minutes I put together a makeshift 50’s outfit. I didn’t really have anything that was typical but I try my best for any occasion to get creative.

I wore denim leggings rolled up to just below the knee, white ankle socks and my funky coloured ‘free from Tres Rios’ running shoes. My top wasn’t traditional but it worked and matched the roses on my pants. With a chiffon scarf wrapped around my neck and hair in two ponytails, I was ready. Oh yes, my Cancun sunglasses fit perfectly too!

The music was good and had us all on the floor a lot
I packed a cooler of some drinks and the four of us walked up to the clubhouse for 6:30. It wasn’t a full house but it was a nice turn out, maybe 50 guests. The thing about these dances………many people are on the floor from the minute the music starts until it ends. 

The hostess tried her darnedest to get someone doing the limbo
She's forgotten how old we all are!
The Blu Reys were pretty good, a father and son (I think) and he played true 50’s tunes that brought back memories and had us (well not me, personally) jiving, twisting and shaking our booties. The slow tunes were special too.

I love this picture of Bob and Jo-Anne without a flash
The red and green lights showed up nicely!

This is nice too but no lights here
There were a few contests – a twist contest, a limbo contest (!!) and a best costume. All of us who had dressed in the 50’s had to go up and dance through a song while randomly picked judges made their decision. 

There were 15-20 of us in 50's attire

And 6 judges conferred off to the right
No one was as surprised as me when I was chosen as runner up! Well, that 10 minutes of preparation was worth it! Too funny. The popcorn will be a treat. The dance wrapped up at 10 so before the last dance, we packed up and walked back in the dark.


Bowing to the applause
There are lots of festive rv’s with lovely lights and décor in the park and why not? Christmas is in less than 2 weeks! Back home, Bill and I read for a while and by 10:45 we were in bed. What a jam-packed fun-filled day that was!

A nice container of assorted popcorn - Yay!
Good night y'all!
Thank you for dropping by! Tomorrow is moving day, just 20 minutes down the road and I’m looking forward to settling down for the holidays.


  1. Oh my gosh you are too cute! Love it! What a great we are at 32 degrees this morning with a fire going and there you are getting tan! The green monster lives!! Happy Hour, craft fair yep..I'm jealous! Party on!!

  2. What a fun day you and Bill had with your friends. Beautiful picture of the flycatcher. Don't think I've ever seen one. No boot scootin but you did great with the 50s look.

  3. How fun, dancing to the oldies. Cute outfit!!! Congrats! Sure looks like a great park to spend some time. Nice ornaments too!

  4. What fun! I'm not much of a dancer and I'm a little young (seriously!) for the 50's but I would so enjoy the music.

    It might be a short drive, but safe travels!

  5. Cute outfit, the pigtails were a nice touch. Congratulations!
    Reads like a nice fun filled day.

  6. Very cute. Congrats on the win.
    Safe travels on your long journey. Haha.

  7. Oh, you look so cute! Love the Christmas nails.