Saturday, December 21, 2019

To The Dump, Dump, Dump, Christmas Cake, Happy Hour (s)

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
Saturday, Dec. 21st started off busy. Once we were up, dressed and had our morning drink we loaded our 2 old recliners and console into the back of Black Beauty. Bill tied them down. We have the darnedest record for losing things out the back of our truck box. All we can do is laugh about it – so far. Thank goodness, no one gets hurt in these minor infractions.

All loaded up before 8 am
And the sun over the mountains as we travel east
We pulled out onto the Interstate, not too fast and about a mile down the road a passing car motioned something to Bill. He pulled over and our console was gone. Oh my goodness! Probably because of the soft cushions of the chairs, which the console was tied to, things loosened up enough that it bounced right out. We took the closest exit, turned back, went through the Agricultural Inspection station to go back and pick it up.

I like this Arizona sign with the organ pipe cacti
Ahead of us, we noticed a state patrol car pulling up onto the overpass and down the highway where we were headed. LOL Now, we’re thinking ‘darn!’ Expecting a possible charge for ‘an unsafe load’ we braved up and took responsibility as we pulled up behind the trooper’s car. He had walked up to the console which was lying on the merge part of the highway and tossed it off into the shoulder. He saw us behind him and walked towards my side of the truck, with a smile.

We'd never been out this far
I liked the apparatus at the entrance
 I asked him not to laugh at us and he asked Bill "Is that yours?" “Yes sir, it is, we were just coming back for it”. No worries, he said most people would just leave it and it was up to us what we did. Wished us a good day and drove off. Too funny. It went into the back seat this time and we proceeded to the South Yuma County Landfill, south of the airport and the Marine Corps Air Station. Quite a large neat (for a dump) landfill and we easily disposed of our furniture for $12.

Bill liked the air craft at the front gate
The landfill entrance
Back in quite a ways was the rubbage where household
garbage gets dumped
We just added to the mess

And apologized to these scavengers that we left them nothing
of interest
On the way back home, we detoured through Yuma to Fry’s and Home Depot for some things we needed to pick up. Bill has a little project that he wants to work on here. 
I wished I'd spent more time on this but I could name the areas
I worked on! haha

A nice sitting area outside the laundry room
 Back home, I put the few groceries away and after having bacon and eggs for breakfast, walked to the puzzle room. I was sad to see the large 2,000-pc one was finished so worked on an easy one on a different table. I had done this very same one last winter so put a lot of pieces in and then got bored with it.

Christmas cake ready for the oven
This one was very thick with fruit
I decided to bake my Christmas cakes after returning to the Suite, now that I had enough raisins. With two loaf pans of cake in the oven, I sat outside with my book while Bill worked on his project. We texted the group that we would host H.H. today since the cakes were going to take an hour and a half to bake. I hope they turn out; some results are better than others. Everyone joined us here by 3:30 and our Happy Hour turned into two. No complaints, we always have lots to chat about.

Bill took the Happy Hour picture for me today
What a lovely group!
Patsy, Jo-Anne, Bob, Tom, Deb, Kim, Ken, Dave, Cheryl
At 5:30, after the gang left, we came inside and I cooked 2 very thick pork chops in Madame IP. On the side we finished the last of the garden salad and cleaned up dishes. The chops were okay but Bill wasn’t keen on the mushroom soup that I’d added. There were two in this pack and the remaining chops in the freezer are individually packaged. The soup flavouring helped me to get through mine, you know I’m not a fan of pork chops. I can make his plain next time and I'll have chicken. :)

The clouds had control of the sky during Happy Hour
We watched some television together and for some reason, I’m feeling really tired tonight. I didn’t get my normal number of steps today so I can't even blame it on walking. 

It is kind of cute seeing the Happy gang walk back home
or are they P.K. immigrants?
It feels like we’ve been on the move the whole day but I think part of that is because I was awake at 3:30 and had a hard time sleeping after that. I’ll probably be asleep early tonight. This was a good day and the weather was lovely for the most part.

Supper was filling
For dessert, we tasted the Christmas cake with a slice of cheddar
Good night y'all!
Thank you for stopping by to see what we’ve been up to.


  1. I find myself feeling more fatigued and achy if I DON'T walk.

  2. Oh! That Christmas cake looks yummy.
    Don't forget to change your toothbrush Pat. You don't know where its been! :-)

    1. The cake wasn't a perfect batch - a bit 'crusty' on the edges but tastes good.
      Oh yes, I will definitely do that!!! haha

  3. sounds like a good day you had and got rid of ou old recliner , we took ours yo the dump last year at Quail Ridge and were told (No Charge) a bonus for us/
    Lotsa fun social times there as always .

    1. It was a good day. Too bad we weren't still at Quail Ridge, we didn't ask here. Our garbage to dispose of. :)

  4. I wondered where the landfill was, and $12.00 isn't to bad of a price. I hope your Christmas cake turns out.

    1. It was a new and pleasant enough drive to and from the dump.
      The cake might be a bit overdone but still tasty. :)

  5. I'm curious what's in your Christmas cake. It looks pretty tasty!! I also like puzzles, and that one looks pretty challenging. Can't wait to see which one will be up next.

    1. I always add too much fruit to my cake but it has dates, cherries and mixed diced fruit. Definitely not keto!! It is a bit crusty on edges so some of it will become pudding with a sauce!

  6. Another full day - I'm sure you'll be happy to be rid of the old chairs. Glad you didn't get a ticket for littering. :)

    1. We definitely had a good day and are happy to say goodbye to those chairs. :)

  7. Some things just won't stay no matter how well tied.
    Looks like a big gang there at Happy Hour, I'll bet you folks had a good time.

    1. It was a great day and we laugh about the 'console tumble'. :)

  8. I have to ask, Where is Kim's green wine glass? haha. Funny story about the console..good for you for going back, of course I wouldn't expect any less! Christmas cakes look yummy as does dinner!! We were in a motel last night and of course 1:36 I'm wide awaked, didn't fall back until after 4..then up at 6:30 but for us it's like half the day was wasted..oh well, it'll all get done right?!!!

    1. Ha ha, I asked her the same thing when I saw her the first time this trip. She received a purple one from her kids, I think she said. :)
      We see enough litter on the roadside, we would never leave it if we had a choice.
      Sleeping through the night is usually easier for me but the odd time, when I'm too hot or too cold, I wake up a lot.