Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Tucson Shopping, Lunch at Denny’s, Happy Hour with Friends

Huachuca City, Arizona
On Wednesday, Dec. 4th Bill and I were up just after 6:30. It had been a pleasant evening for sleeping and a warm wake up. It was 51F outside but still quite dark so I waited for 15 minutes for it to lighten up. Bill had his coffee and then offered to go with me, which I thought was very sweet. There was some very light rain drops but we figured we would be fine in our hoodies.

Our drive to Tucson was one of beautiful scenery
Before we got too far, the rain got heavier so we turned back and headed for home. Good thing as it came down pretty heavy after minutes of us walking in the door. We chatted about the day and since it was raining opted to leave Tombstone until tomorrow, a nicer day. Jo-Anne and Bob agreed and after a breakfast of bacon and eggs, Bill drove to Tucson for some shopping. Our friends had never been at Camping World so that was our first stop.

The flag at Camping World
is one of the biggest we've seen
Sorry for the reflection from the window
We drove by this huge amusement park
We all found a few things that would be great for the rv’s and then we drove further on to the Sam’s Club. Bill and I were checking out something on our Christmas list and although no decision was made yet, we found a few grocery items that we needed. Bob and Jo-Anne also managed to find a few things they couldn’t leave without. We didn’t really have any other place to go so other than filling Black Beauty with fuel, we ate at Denny’s for lunch.

Palm trees means we are closer to where we want to be
Tacos and dip

Jo-Anne's big salad
It was late, 1:30, so we knew that if we wanted to partake in ribs back at Quail Ridge, we shouldn’t pig out too much. Easier said than done. I ordered ½ order of Taco chips and dip. It was certainly big enough but I managed to get through most of it before calling it quits. It was delicious, even with the little bit of a bite. The boys had burgers and Jo-Anne had a huge salad. We laughed at the size of it. She does love her greens!
Some sights along the drive home

We left there and when we were almost home, around 3 pm, I got a text from our friends Ken and Kim. They were asking where Happy Hour was which gave us all a laugh as that meant they were checking in at the park, waiting for us. When we arrived home, they walked over to say hello and to exchange hugs. I can’t tell you how nice it is to see them. Ken says it has been 4 months!!! I’m so glad this worked out that our paths crossed.

I missed the Sonoita sign
and almost missed this familiar western sighting
After putting stuff away, the 4 of us took our chairs over to their site and caught up. I know Jo-Anne was very anxious to meet fellow rv’ers and ones who live so close to them back home. 

When the rain started, Kim invited us all inside their motor home to carry on with the ‘happy-houring’. ๐Ÿ˜Š Not much stops us from having a good time. We parted ways after a lot of laughs and plans were made for the next couple of days. Bill and Bob walked over to the red trailer and ordered ribs with 15 minutes to spare before they closed. We got ½ rack.

And a wee bit of a rainbow over the trailer next door
to our Happy Hour location
When Bill brought them back, we decided we sure didn’t need anything else along with it. It was plenty to fill us after our lunch today. They were delicious!! Probably some of the best pork ribs I’ve ever tasted and that was without added sauce! We cleaned up dishes and I realized that I hadn’t started a post yet. Woops! Too much fun! First, I emailed my cousin the information she needed for the family tree and then set to work.

Bill, Jo-Anne, Kim, Bob, Ken

Ribs - terrific ribs
This has been an awesome day from beginning to end. It is great to spend time with our friends, Bob and Jo-Anne and also great that we’ve reunited with our Ontario friends from back home. Just the short time we’ve spent with you already this afternoon, Kim and Ken, confirms the joy we feel about having you two as our friends.

Good night from Quail Ridge RV Resort

Thank you for your visit today too!


  1. another fun day there out an about, nice to meet up with Ken and kim again. having fun.

  2. Sounds as if you two had a great visit with Ken and Kim. Glad to see you're further south now. Enjoy your time there.

    1. Thanks Doug, much better weather. We'll enjoy the time with Ken and Kim for sure.

  3. What a great day you had! And now there are 6 of you fun people! I'm so jealous LOL~ Now my curiosity is up..wondering what the item is at Sam's Club you are interested in?! Hoping you make Tombstone today. Have fun!

    1. We really did and having K & K here too just adds to the fun! We were discussing you yesterday - are you coming to the Q this January? YOU MUST!! Our group has dwindled so we need everyone we can get. We are def. going to Tombstone so let the joy begin! haha

  4. What fun to meet up with more friends! The ribs look perfect!! I'll have to check them out when I get down there, if he's still around. It should be greening up nicely with the rain. Have fun in Tombstone and stay dry!!

    1. Always great to meet up with friends, new and 'old'. :) It seems like this little rib set up is a hit so hopefully it will be here for a while. He also does other smoked stuff and breakfast burritos. :)
      We'll have fun today, it's a dry day.

  5. Looks like a great Happy Hour!
    Now we are hoping those ribs are still being sold when we get there in February...:)

  6. A great day. Love the cowboy and cow metal work. We enjoy seeing that when we park at Las Ceinegas and head into S.Vista.
    Wonderful for your friends to catch up. Visits are always nice and looks like you all had a wonderful time.
    We also noticed the colourful park in Tucson as we passed through. Really eye catching.
    Enjoy your time at Quail Ridge.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful day! Those salads at Denny's are ginormous but so good.

  8. Such a very different landscape you're in the middle of!