Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Days are Zipping By

Yuma, Arizona
On Wednesday, Dec. 11th we were up before 6:30 and by 7:30 both Bill and I were out the door for a morning walk. I was pleased that my sweetie was joining me and we had a nice walk surrounding the park and down into the Yuma Estates section. This is where the ‘permanents’ live in their units, 5th wheels, travel trailers, motor homes and park models, all covered with those huge rv shelters. I neglected to get a picture of the complex. I really didn't get many pictures at all today so I'll share some of the overload from yesterday.

A pretty sunrise
We then walked up to the bocce ball area and took some measurements of their smaller courts. Bill and I talked about making one at the Ridge and this has given us a good idea. On the way back, we chatted briefly with a fellow at the Eagle fifth wheel from Ontario. We like to know where our fellow Canadians are from. They are from the Oshawa area and we shared our future travel plans with each other.

The park is decorated with interesting
old things

This guy likes to play in the mud, obviously
Close to our site, we saw and chatted with Jo-Anne (& Higgy) and I asked her if she was going to join me for the Beginner line dance class at 9. At first, she said no, she had some paperwork to do (for back home) and then at 8:45, she texted that she would go along. Yay! It was the only day of the week when the beginner’s class was held, all the rest are advanced. So, we walked up to the Western Country clubhouse together.

This one is cute.
Jo-Anne had a good time, learning one dance after the other and even though we can easily forget what we’ve learned after leaving, she learned the most popular basic Electric Slide and will be able to put it to use on any dance floor, to any music. After the hour, our hearts were pumping and we’d worked up a sweat for sure. The walk back was a necessary cool down and at our sites, we parted ways.

                                      These ladies do well at remembering
                                                       all the steps.

I changed into shorts and took my bullet proof coffee out to the picnic table. In the sun, I read through the White Sheet, the Yuma booklet and the Los Algodones booklet that the park staff gave us upon arrival. I’m just getting some ideas, new or old, about what we can do over the next month. I texted Ken and Kim and basically invited ourselves to Happy Hour at their spot in Pilot Knob RV Resort. LOL

I thought I was in for a sad story
but.............not so!
Around 1, I walked to the clubhouse and worked on the 2,000-pc puzzle with 'Don'. Apparently, Don is always working on puzzles and so I joined him. Bill wanted to fuel up so he drove to Kim and Ken's site. They were waiting for us. 

A happy group in part sun, part shade
Even Higgins relaxed under Kim's chair
We sat under their awning, behind the sun shade and enjoyed drinks, laughs, warmth and conversation together. It was 4:30 or so when we packed up our chairs and coolers and drove back to Yuma Lakes. It was a ‘scenic’ route showing Bob the way into some key shopping areas from that direction for when we are at P.K.

And on the drive home, the sun started setting
Bill lit the Weber and grilled 2 farmer sausages for our supper and inside I warmed the buns and prepared our salad. Supper was good. Actually, the sausage on a bun with sauerkraut, mustard and onions was delicious! 

After dishes we watched a pre-recording of The Voice and Madame Secretary. Both were good for evening entertainment and after I finished my blog, I read some of my book while Bill watched a movie and went to bed around 10.

And then we had a little ice cream for dessert
and I had choke cherry syrup (jelly that didn't work out)
on mine
Good night y'all!

Another wonderful day in our lives. Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Nothing quite like enjoying the warm sunny days and they just drift on by. Way too quickly for you guys there.

    1. Beautiful days and the busier we are, the quicker the days fly by! But we are having fun!

  2. I do love that CREAM wagon. It would look nice at my Arizona abode. I love the dancing, but cannot remember the steps either! Plus no one does that around here to practice! Enjoy those sunny days!!

    1. I love the old 'vehicles' on display. Dancing is fun and good exercise. I did better in the class than I expected but the dances were short and repetitive, right up my country alley!

  3. Replies
    1. I know, they are all over the entrance area of the park. Love it. :)

  4. That cream wagon is awesome. That is quite the park you're staying at!

  5. Nice that Bill joined you on your walk and Jo-Anne joined you at line dancing! Then to top it off Happy Hour with the rest of the gang! Good for you guys! Sounds like a perfect day to me!

  6. Some creative thinking around the park. Looks like you are enjoying yourself there. Keep on having fun.

    1. There are some creative staff here for sure. Or has been............these have been here for a while. :)
      Thank you, we will do our best to continue with the fun!