Sunday, December 15, 2019

A Change of Space, Feeling Like Home Again

Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
On Sunday, Dec. 15th Bill and I continued our walking routine. We were up at 6:30 and out the door by 7:15 for a nice trek around the park. We went in the opposite direction this time and scooted around the road and back in the main entrance taking in the perimeter of the park. We always meet ‘dog’ people and enjoy seeing all the breeds and chatting with the owners.

A nice morning to be alive!
First time we've noticed this sign after walking
this way a few times
Back at the Suite, after tea and coffee, we began packing for our departure from Yuma Lakes Resort. We had some oatmeal for breakfast and when we were almost ready, Bill took our empty 40 lb. propane tank up to get it filled. They offer it right in the park. All you have to do is call and they’ll come. They are open from 8 am to 2 pm.

This is from the main road in, looking
down at the newest section of the park where we were
situated for a week
Bill spotted this heron fly over so I was lucky
to capture it in flight
Then a whole flock of about 7 followed
and my camera wasn't quick enough
We said goodbye to Chris and Autumn as well as Glenda when she popped over to offer us a piece of her homemade blackberry pie. Bob and Jo-Anne were doing the same and getting ready as well. It was just a few short minutes before 10 when we pulled out of the park. Our view to the left showed us that Dave was outside getting ready to leave also. We would see them at Pilot Knob later on today.

The sun rose beautifully after we returned back from our walk
It was nice to see Cathy and Sheri again when we checked in at the office of Pilot Knob RV Resort. We paid for the month and then signed up and paid for Christmas dinner. They put on the best meal here and for only $10 pp. We love it! We pulled in to our respective sites, 79 & 80 and were set up easily by 11. We had the welcome greeters, Ken and Kim, arrive soon after and that just made our day. Once the Suite was opened up, I raked our lot area, just to remove the bigger stones and small twigs.

An eagle? We've seen him a few times but this was
the first time I got him on my screen

The Ocean to Ocean Highway Bridge near the Yuma Territorial Prison
 Even though we are physically in California and gained an hour upon entering this state, the park stays on Arizona time. It is just easier for everyone since 95% of us will trek back and forth to Yuma for most of our stay here. Los Algodones, Mexico is also on Arizona time so we won’t need to be changing our watches and clocks back and forth each trip. Bill and I puttered around, him working outside and I went out and hung some of the outdoor tree decorations that I’d purchased last year.

Welcome to California

I wasn’t prepared to put the Christmas tree up inside yet but I did pull the box out from under the bed and placed the stored decorations inside as well. It is starting to look like Christmas and with 10 days to go, that’s a good thing! We’ll get the tree out tomorrow and get this place spiffed up! It seems late for me but I know that couldn't be helped this year. 

Approaching Winterhaven this area is frequented by boondockers

The Fruit inspection station
No sir, only apples from Washington
Since today was Sunday, all 6 of us walked up to the Ice Cream social at 2. Dave joined us as well. It was neat seeing Gordon and Barb serving again and even Joe at one point. We were reminded of Boccee ball in the morning at 9:30 but unfortunately there is only one game per week and no shuffleboard scheduled for the time being. Maybe we can still play our own private games and others can join. We really enjoyed it last December while here.  

Our welcoming committee
Kim and Ken

Barb dishes up the ice cream and Gordon takes the cash

A nice scoop with all the fixings $1
Bill and I hosted today’s Happy Hour and our friends joined us. At a few minutes before 5, the wind and the hour had us going our separate ways for supper. I had 2 chicken breasts out for ours and a week ago I’d picked up a can of beans and rice. Hmm, never had these before so tonight was the night. I used Madame IP for the chicken and after the sauté process, it only took 5 minutes cook time and 3 minutes natural release. It was done perfectly. I heated the beans and rice in a pot on the stove. We were done eating and with dishes by 7.

Walking back to our site you can see Bill's flags
L to R
Ken, Patsy, Bob, Jo-Anne, Dave, Cheryl, Kim, Bill's chair
and Higgy in front of it

Papa Bill is the 'treat' master

Please Papa Bill
A treat for us both tonight was to watch The Sound of Music. It was my very first time to a theatre movie  at 12 or 13 -years old. I can remember a girlfriend I had in Lucan whose parents were in the ‘well-to-do’ category. They were taking their only child to the theatre soon after the movie came out and invited me along. It was quite a big deal for me, never having set foot in such a place. I’ve loved the movie ever since.
This was enjoyable for both of us. I sat and worked on my blog while it played 

A change up for supper and it was very good!
This was a nice day. I’m so happy that we’ve moved on, not taking away from Yuma Lakes, but just because Pilot Knob feels like home to us now. We’ve been coming here for Christmas since 2016 and although we are missing a few very special friends, we will enjoy our time here very much.

A peek out our festive dining window at the tree
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  1. Hmm blackberry pie, that sounds so good! It is nice that there is a group of you a Pilot Knob and hopefully you will all be able to spent Christmas together.

    We watch an interview with Mark Harmon the other night on Stephen Colbert, which was really interesting, and I thought of you guys, I think you would really have enjoyed it!

    I totally get your feeling about being home at Pilot Knob, even though unfortunately a special couple is missing ☹ It is nice to spend time in places that are familiar especially around the holdiays.

    1. The pie was wonderful! They were huge blackberries.
      This a special group of people and there will be 10 of us at Christmas for dinner. :)
      You are right, we would have loved to see that interview. Mark Harmon is a sweetheart despite his gruff character.
      It truly does feel like home here.

  2. Enjoy Pilot Knob a place we have enjoyed for the last 12 years over Christmas and the wonderful staff there.

    1. Thank you George, we will! The staff were saddened to hear you weren't going to make it this year. :(

  3. I'm glad you have a fun friend-family to spend the holidays with! I hope Mexico across the border is safe although I wouldn't mind taking a short trip to the town!

    1. Thank you, we love it here. Los Algodones is as safe as our home town and we have a ball.
      It is worth going across and for the first time, go with someone else to show you the ropes. :)

  4. It's beginning to look like Christmas!! I'm hoping you will still be there by the time I arrive. I'll come say hello! Love that puppy dog!!!

    1. It is! Inside and out! We will be here for a month, to Q for 2 weeks and then back again. You better come say hello!! :)

  5. I love the Sound of Music as well and we watched it last night too. In 7th/8th grade we had a wonderful music/band director. He loved musicals and we sang many if not all of these songs at our concerts. I think of him everytime I watch it.
    I LOVE Blackberry pie, cobbler, etc. Sounds so good!
    Im curious, would you choose the canned beans and rice again?

    1. I performed a bit for Bill during some songs, he laughs and rolls his eyes because of course I know all the words to all the songs. haha
      The pie was delicious and so kind of her to share.
      Yes, I would buy the beans and rice again, it had a bit of a bite but not hot. :)

  6. You've definitely found a great place to spend Christmas. It sounds like there is lots to do, people to visit with, and good scenery too. It must have been quite chilly at HH as everyone seems to be in light jackets. At least it's better than snow!

    Have a great day!

    1. We are in a great place with our friends around us.
      It is chilly with the wind but the sun is so hot if you are sheltered. :)

  7. It looks like you folks will all have a wonderful Christmas together. Sad that George and Suzie can't be there but I'm sure they will enjoy the photos you post. As I'm certain it will bring back many fond memories for them. Enjoy your time there.

    1. Thank you, we are already missing George and Suzie and our friends Rob and Pat too.
      It's up to us to make new memories.

  8. Lots of friends getting in the Christmas spirit or at least the spirits anyway. Enjoy your stay at Pilot Knob.

    1. Ha ha, good one. A little of Christmas spirit and a little of the spirits too!
      Thanks Doug.