Tuesday, December 27, 2022

A Quiet, Warm, Cloudy Day, Gibbs

Park Place RV Park

On Tuesday, Dec. 27th I woke up finding it hard to believe that Christmas is over. All the hubbub leading up to the Lord’s birthday and then we are discussing when to take the decorations down. I’ll wait until New Year’s Day, I think. The Christmas music stations on Sirius were switched off on Boxing Day. Enough already. 😊

Good morning!

So, today, it was about 7:45 when Gibbs and I went out for our walk. That was short and sweet. Since I took Dino away from him yesterday, this morning he became interested in his other new toy, Doggie. We are so darned creative with the names, huh? Ha ha. So, when he was told that Doggie couldn’t go for the walk with us, he was in a hurry to get back home to hm. LOL

From the highway/Main St. the town
looks hidden in the mountains

I left him with Dad and off I went with Mitch Albom talking in my ear. I know many will probably critique the ear buds but for the short time I wear them, no one can take away the joy I’m getting from them. I walked south to the highway, down Main St. sidewalk to Discount Solar and back home around the big block. I felt great this morning and could have walked further had I been more familiar with other routes to home. I’ll check them out another day. 😊

Walking past these entrances, I had to pause
for a picture
simple but perfect

Back home, I made my tea and had an orange and some yogourt while sitting with Gibbs. I’d played my games inside and I noticed Gibbs was shivering as if he was c-c-cold. The dampness inside makes it feel colder than it is outside sometimes. The outside temp this morning was 52F/10C. That gave me the opportunity to put his new sweatshirt on him and he seemed to love it!

Doggie has a very soft squeak at a very
sensitive touch

So far, no holes have been poked in the hard plastic
of his coat

We went outside, where I found it quite a bit warmer, and had a coffee while reading my book. It was noon when Bill returned, having had some luck with his Piper cub this morning, and we came in for some lunch. I was curious how long before Patty wanted to clear the Christmas dΓ©cor from the clubhouse. She said to go ahead and start a puzzle, if we have another potluck, just because, it won’t be until the second week of January when more rv’ers arrive. 😊

So, I did. It should be a fun one and it piqued the interest of Patty and Suz with many of the 70’s record album covers featured. Four regular ladies played Pokeno and I worked away at the border. It wasn’t as easy as I first though but at least it is done now and I can begin the fun part. I am still waiting for a package that I ordered before Christmas but it won’t likely arrive until Thursday.

Gibbs models his new sweatshirt
Isn't he handsome? πŸ’–πŸ’—

The postal system here is strange. If you received a Christmas card from us and tried to send one back to the address on the back, it won’t find us. It is wrong. Sorry. Hopefully, you will get it back and maybe save it for next year! Email me personally for the correct address if you want to resend it. We are here until March 31st.

A fun record album cover

What is different from large cities or towns is that the park doesn’t get delivery, no one in Quartzsite does. Any postal mail goes to the Main St. post office and then is sorted for individual service depots to pick it up from there and take it to their own sorting organization. This park’s ‘depot’ is called Ironwood. Rick goes and picks up from there, as we assume many others do as well. This all takes a few days usually, especially at this time of year.

Border is done

I returned home for a tea at 3:30 but I’m not enjoying my tea these days. I usually buy 18% cream back home and it just isn’t sold down here.  That’s unfortunate, as I’ve resorted to using whipping cream/35%, which is ridiculously expensive here, or 10%/half and half, which just doesn’t taste the same.

A pretty bush along my walk

I boiled up some hummer food and it is cooling so I can fill my new feeder and see if we can coax the little one back. 🐦 I was close to reaching my steps this morning so at 4:15, I took Gibbs out for an afternoon walk and bypassed my goal. It’s a funny weather day, reaching 75F/24C at its peak but with the clouds making it feeling cooler than that. It is still quite a nice day and we are enjoying it.

I love this pretty little house setting
and look at those clouds!

We were going to have grilled sausages tonight but we were quite late getting started so instead we had toasted tomato and cheese sandwiches. Bill loaded the dishwasher and I worked on my blog while Bill watched a movie. When it was finished, we watched another one together. Not a Christmas one, yay! πŸ˜Š This was a good day.

Not tonight's sunset but one from Dec. 27th, 2018
Good night!

Thank you for coming around to see how things are going.


  1. I always wear my bluetooth earbuds when I walk early morning during the winter. When we are home on the lake I don't wear them because I like to hear the birds but more important I want to hear the bears, deer, and coyotes so they don't sneak up on me :-)

    Love Gibb's sweater!

    1. the ear buds give me such freedom, as you well know. It just took me a while to catch up with the rest of the world! haha

  2. Yes Gibbs looks so cute as always. It's hard to find toys that last. Reggie has gone through so many so now he gets old towels tied in a knot. Keeps him busy. I did send a card and if it comes back I'll save it.

    1. I never thought of old towels but I'd be afraid Gibbs would tear threads off and eat them.
      sorry about the card address. :(

  3. 50 degrees? No wonder he was shivering!! Love his sweatshirt. He's so funny about his toys ... makes me laugh. Another tough puzzle ... you go girl!!

    1. 50 degrees isn't that cold! haha As he gets older, he gets better with his toys, not eating them as much. :)

  4. You can always just wear one, that way you can still hear.
    Cute sweater for Gibbs.
    Puzzle looks interesting, I recognize a number of those covers, even still own some of them.


  5. I'm not sure what the issue is with earbuds. I see a lot of people wearing them and I can't say it has ever bothered me. Now the people who walk with their heads down looking at their phones...that's another story.
    75F sounds lovely! Gibbs looks adorable in his sweater.

    1. Nor me but I've heard a few people say they're harmful to the ears. I agree about people walking while looking at their phones!!

  6. Gibbs looks adorable in his sweater. He's got quite the personality!

    1. He thinks he looks so handsome in it! Wait a minute, he does! ♥

  7. I love the sweater.....such a cutie!

  8. Christmas does seem to end immediately!

  9. Yes, 1/2 and 1/2 is 10% cream and yes, I like it richer. 18% cream is perfect but down here I'm going with 35% cream as long as I can find it at a decent price. ;)