Friday, December 16, 2022

Chilly Day Again, Frost Warning for Tonight, Warmer Days Ahead

Park Place RV Park

Well, Friday morning, Dec. 16th was a tad warmer than yesterday but still a ‘bundled up’ walk. Gibbs wore his sweater but even though there was no wind, there was also no sun to speak of making it necessary to dress warm. 39F/4C makes me shiver. 😊

a pretty morning sky

Gibbs trotted right along with no hesitation

I’ve talked about the cool nights and days but by no means is it a complaint. We know it could be worse and is back home, so we’ll take it all with a grain of salt and look forward to warmer days. Gibbs and I walked for 15 minutes and then I walked the bigger block, meeting Bill on my way home as he headed to the field.

Walking along the path behind our park

Since I was lackadaisical last night and didn’t finish my blog, I had that to do while drinking my tea. It took me longer than it should of but I was distracted texting at the same time. 😊 I had one of my ‘free’ oranges for breakfast and it was nice and juicy. I didn’t feel hungry enough for anything else. By the time I was ending my post, Bill returned. It was a bit windy and chilly there too.

A pretty flowered bush in the dry desert
is certainly picture worthy

I hopped in the shower and admit to having a nice long hot one today. I just couldn’t get warm even though the furnace was running periodically, as needed. At noon, Bill decided to just have fruit and cheese so I made a salad plate of sorts and that filled me up. It was around 12:30 that I walked over to the clubhouse. It’s always overly warm in there but today it was welcome.

they were erecting a new house in the
residential area, the pounding
had Gibbs stopping to check it out

My hands were so cold and my birthmark was purple. First indication. My birthmark is on my right-hand thumb muscle – best way to describe it. It turns purple when I’m cold and always has since childhood. I remember being embarrassed by it as a young girl, until I started seeing the placement of others. Then I was grateful for where mine was. 😊

Someone was very tired and fell asleep on my lap
across the table from Daddy

I made great strides on the new puzzle and it was hard to leave when I did, at 3:30. Back home, Bill and I had a cup of tea and relaxed together. 

It was slow starting today but soon the pieces
fell into place

For supper, we’d planned sausages on the grill but with that cold wind, I cooked them in Rosy, our air fryer. It took probably the same amount of time as on the Weber, about 15 minutes, and they came out juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Yum.

Sausage on a bun

Tillamook ice cream!

Because I’d warmed up nicely by then, we decided to have Butter pecan ice cream for dessert.  It was a nice treat for a change. We loaded the dishwasher and sat to watch a movie. This one is It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie. At least, we’ll see how it is. 😊

Here is the 'aaah' picture of the day
Bill's youngest daughter, Jess, flew home to her Mom's
for Christmas
Easton and Hadley came too
We're sorry to miss them but they'll have a good time
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around today.


  1. Tough having a cast at Christmas time! Cuties for sure!


  2. What a cute picture of the grands!
    You've got a great attitude about the weather. I recall vacationing in Cuba one year in February, when the weather turned cold (for them). No beach time for a few days as it was just too chilly by the water. Instead, we hunkered in an area between the resort and beach surrounded by trees. It was okay in the sun, but there were folks in parkas. It wasn't my best holiday by far.
    Enjoy your day!

    1. That's the good thing fur is. Even if we have a cool week, we are here for 5 months and can wait for the warmth.

  3. Is there any place in the country that is warm now? We are in North Alabama where the high today will be 45. I should not complain as when we leave next Thursday for the northeast it will be down to 12 at night here. About the same as we can expect it to be in MD and PA.

    1. Haha, no i don't think so. It seems abnormal everywhere right now.

  4. That Gibbs looks comfy with Mom. I love Butter Pecan Cream ice cream. Been a long time though.