Sunday, December 4, 2022

A Pretty Quiet Day

Park Place Rv Park

Sunday, Dec. 4th was a quiet day. Not much happening here other than our normal routine. Bill was up at 7 and started getting ready to go flying. Gibbs and I got up closer to 8 and went for our walk. He’s walking fine these days, in between the sniffs. I grabbed one more orange for good measure. I won’t let them go to waste if we’ll eat them. 😊

The day started out cloudy

In the lot across from the truck stop,
there have been the occasional truckers and this Winnebago
It made me think of our friends, Kim and Ken
and their daughter in Seattle, WA

A nice little suburb

This looks like another suberb
This one for the birds
We need a Saguaro on the Ridge!

Bill left soon after. I dropped Gibbs off at home and carried on for a walk in a different direction. I walked to the east (?) to where the subdivision of residential homes are. Another day, I’ll walk through the Arroyos and take pictures of the Arizona homes. I love the look of those homes and wouldn’t shake a stick if one was offered to us. Hmm, I guess we need to win the lottery first.

Now, isn't he adorable?

Looking back towards the park

After I returned home, I sorted the laundry into 2 loads and made a cup of tea in my to-go mug. The machines were free, there are only 3, so I was happy to be first. In between loads, I walked to the front to work on the puzzle. Back and forth at intervals and when I finished folding, I carried the basket home. I’m glad we are on a close site, for that reason alone.

I'll walk through here another day
and take pictures of the homes

Bill was home around 11:15, I think, and since he’s having some troubles with his plane, he sat outside to work on it. Lunch was late and we finished the last 4 of the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. They aren’t as nice as the first ones were, it’s hard to save half a package, but they were fine. Then I walked back to the clubhouse. The puzzle has me hooked! Susan hasn’t done too much but she does wander in for a few pieces here and there.

And then I saw this along the side of the road

Yeuch! They've been busy
and I'm glad they're here instead of at the park

Back home, I went upstairs and watched a movie that I haven’t seen. It’s a 2004 version of Finding Neverland with, of course, Peter Pan. This one was special because Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet were the main characters. It was fun to watch and I didn’t disturb Bill who was snoozing downstairs. Gibbs and I went for a walk around 5 and I made a cup of tea, even though it was later than normal.

Because he's so darn cute,
Pictures of Leroy Jethro Gibbs 💕💕

Coming along, eh?

For supper, I hadn’t anything planned. Woops! No problem here, we decided on cheese and crackers and I finished the noodle soup from yesterday. Quick and easy. 😊 We loaded the dishes and relaxed for the rest of the evening. This was a quiet day and I made great strides on that puzzle. Susan is going to visit her Mom in Washington state tomorrow for 10 days so she knows the puzzle will be done when she is gone. I’ll keep a picture for her.

The clouds were shoved out of the way,
the moon says hi from a pretty sky

The sun sets on a nice Sunday
Good night!

Thank you for your visit on this Sunday.


  1. Yes Gibbs certainly is cute!
    I couldn't see what the stuff on the ground was..... ants?
    Good work on that challenging puzzle. You sure do have patience.

  2. Those ants are crazy big ... and occasionally they make huge treks into the desert to find a new spot. I followed a trail half a mile long once. NOT my favorite critter.

  3. What a cute picture of Gibbs with his head on the table. You must put a lot of steps in. You are a long way from the resort. Great sunset picture too. All in all a great day.

  4. Gibbs certainly keeps you guessing. I get such a kick out of his poses.
    The puzzle looks like fun. Enjoy!

  5. You know Gibbs is posing for you all the time, right? He likes the camera!

  6. I think Gibbs should be a dog model.... Lovely photos, and what a blue sky.

    God bless.

  7. Im interested to see that subdivision. Gibbs is a real cutie isnt he. He is very photogenic!!!