Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Wednesday Successes, Clear Day

Park Place RV Park

We were up on Wednesday, Dec. 7th by 7:30. Bill was up earlier than Gibbs and I but it gave him quiet time to get washed and ready for his morning. 😊 We left for our walk before 8 and as we turned off the main road to the field, Bill was just going past. It felt cool inside the Suite, at 60F/16C (sounds silly but it’s true) so he stopped to tell me he turned the furnace to warm the floors for me.

Probably my favourite picture of the day
and all I did was stand still and take it

to the west, the sun shines on the mountains
under a heavy cloud cover

It’s my biggest complaint – ‘the floors are cold’ – Bill also told me that he’d set the boxed ladder was outside for UPS to pick up. Their timeline for pickup to return the parcel was between 10:30 am and 8 pm so I offered to stay home this morning. Gibbs and I had a good walk this morning and then mine, through the residential housing, was also a nice one. The sky started out quite cloudy but once I returned home, they were pushed out of the way allowing clear blue above us.

I promised some pictures of these homes
across the road from our park

This is the first time I've seen such large coloured glass
in landscaping. It's lovely!

I had my tea and while drinking it, added the required icing sugar to the ‘dough’ and rolled out the peanut butter balls. Good grief! If I’d only followed instructions properly yesterday, I could have avoided some of the frustration. I can only laugh about it, it’s such a minor thing, and they turned out perfectly, the way they should. 😊 It was only 9:30 so I went through my recipe folder to see what else I could bake/make this morning.

I love these houses
and many have garages high enough for a motor home or 5th wheel

Four recipes sounded good so I pulled them out and made some Low carb shortbread cookies and a batch of ‘Cheryl’s No Bake Cookies’. Cheryl made them for us, well, for Dave, but shared them with us at our Christmas eve Happy Hour in Pilot Knob Resort in 2018, I think it was. Kim, Ken, Tom, Deb, Gayle, John, Dave, Cheryl and Bill and I were in attendance. Now, you’ll understand a bit about what we mean by ‘our friends aren’t down here with us’ this year. Our H.H.’s were always so much fun! We do miss them, I can’t lie.

Back to today, Bill was home around 11 and he’d had a semi-successful flight session this morning. We chatted a bit and Gibbs and I sat outside to watch him fiddle some more with his planes. It’s a hobby that often needs tweaking and he seems to enjoy the fine detail involved. I made westerns on buns for lunch and they were quite tasty.

Gayle and John called to discuss some parcels that they’d ordered to come to us here in the park. Just an fyi for us. We suggested they do that rather than deal with Quiet Times hours and fee in downtown Quartzsite for their deliveries. 😊 We also have a few more parcels coming here from Amazon. I went to the clubhouse; it was my time for a hobby I enjoy. I say that lightly, because this puzzle is a killer! Ha ha!

This was the sky this morning as it began to change
for the better

I chatted with Patty and Johnny for a while and then sat for an hour or so to see if I could sort it all out. The pieces are difficult to work with yet I am actually making some headway on the border. I listened to another couple of podcasts of which I am really enjoying, and headed home around 3 for my cup of tea. 

I broke the cardinal rule and worked on inside pieces
before finishing the border 
Eventually, I'll come across the remaining straight edges
that work 😁

I packed up the cookies and asked if the Cookie Monster in the house enjoyed them. They have been taste-approved and I verified that myself! Our ladder was picked up around 4:30 but we're going to wait on ordering another one. 

Shortbread, peanut butter, Cheryl's no bake cookies
and peanut butter balls which turned out just fine
Yummy treats for a start

For supper, we had Italian Mozzarella meatballs with potatoes and a vegetable. It was a good hearty meal and we were cleaned up from it by 6:30. 


There wasn’t anything worth watching on tv so we tossed around watching one of our dvd’s but first I had a blog to finish. This was a good day. The bright moon is up there in the dark east sky looking down into our home. 😊 It’s beautiful.

Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. A nice comfortable day for you three. Always nice.

  2. Love the camel relief on the wall of the house. You did lots of baking.

    God bless.

  3. Sounds like you had a good day, lots accomplished to your satisfaction and much less frustration.


  4. Don't know exactly what kind of ladder you guys are looking for, but go to Amazon and search for "extendable ladders" and take a look. These things fold up to almost nothing and are surprisingly sturdy when extended. We had a tech out to out house the other day for a check up of the central heating system, and he had one. I have to say I was most impressed with his ladder, and thinking of how you guys have limited storage space, this might work for you. Worth a look, anyway.

    1. Thank you KCD. That is exactly the ladder we want. A 12.5' collapsible ladder. Our last one got damaged in the back of the truck. We ordered this one from Amazon but they shipped us a 10' one. So frustrating. We'll wait until we get home as we don't need it here to lift our panels anymore. Thank you for the input, I appreciate it.

  5. I always felt the "originals" had a special bond. But the only constant in life is change. We go with the flow. I like the pictures of the houses. I'm trying to get ideas for the front of this property. Some people have gotten really fancy but they are probably full time Wellton peeps. I'm looking for simple. The other day our neighbor was planting rocks. Good job with the baking.

    1. Yes, I like that - that 'originals' - we did have a special bond. Still do just from a distance and you're right about change. I like your sentence 'your neighbour was planting rocks'. :) haha

  6. Isn't that Santa on the bronco cool! :) Also, your reference to 'kick' in the same sentence made me smile. Gayle and John will visit briefly in January before they head to Mexico. ;)