Monday, December 5, 2022

An Unexpected Trip to Blythe

Park Place RV Park

The day started out on the bright side. Monday, Dec. 5th was mostly blue sky when Gibbs and I went for our walk. There were a few wispy clouds. It seemed like it had rained overnight from the dampness on the truck's tonneau cover, the ground and the scent in the air. Bill thinks it was just a very heavy dew. This morning, we all got up together, close to 8. Bill had already decided that he wasn’t going to the flying field this morning. He needs/wants to work on the issue with his plane. He hopped in the shower and Gibbs and I left.

A lovely morning 

We met with Sue, previous host who was parked behind us in Feb/Mar., walking her dog too. They moved over the summer to Arizona Sun RV Park, which is the park directly behind ours. I believe they are both owned by the same people. We chatted a bit about our summers and our dogs and she reminded me of Bingo tomorrow night over there. 😊

The drive to Blythe

I don’t do Bingo, not because it isn’t fun, but because I’m cheap and don’t like paying to play any games. That’s just me and I can put the onus on being raised by Mom, which is an upbringing I wouldn’t trade for anything. After dropping Gibbs off at home with Bill, I went back out for my longer walk. I don’t meet my step goals every day but I’m happy with what I do manage to get in during the day.

The grocery store we visitd today

We had breakfast; Bill had cereal and I had half a grapefruit with a keto tart. It was the tart that filled the hole but I am enjoying my fruit haul too. Last week, when I mailed our Christmas cards out, we were short 6 stamps. We stopped at the Quartzsite post office and he didn’t have any international stamps at all. He suggested I put extra regular stamps on to make up the difference, but at .10¢ a shot and needing 3 stamps for each card, I said ‘no thank you’.  I’ll wait.

It was early to send cards but since the others were dropped in the box, I didn’t want to wait too long. Also, who knows how quick they’ll get through the snail mail system to our friends and family? So, the plan was to check with the town post office today and see if they had them and then go from there. We drove in with that being the plan and a stop at the hardware store for Bill.  

Well look who's getting a bath!

Arriving at the full lot at the P.O., I walked in to find a line of at least 30 people, snaked around the small building. OMgoodness! I left, shaking my head. It is Monday, Bill reminded me. We did need a few groceries that I wasn’t going to buy  here, so Bill said “Let’s go to Blythe”. It is a town in California about 20 minutes away so we follow the jiggle of the Jell-o. Albertson’s is their big grocery store, although there is a Smart ‘n Final too. We like Albertson’s and found what we needed and a bit more. 😊

This is a beautiful drive through the mountains

Bill found what he wanted at the Ace Hardware and I picked up 3 packs of suet for the birds. Not sure if I’ll use them here but at .99¢ each, I couldn’t go wrong! A stop at the post office to find 8 customers ahead of me and two cashiers, made my day. They had all kinds of the stamps so I was able to mail the remaining cards. From “W” on so my daughter should still get hers on time. Lastly, Black Beauty got a wash. Finally! She was filthier than she has EVER been so now she’s happy.

Isn't it neat the way the clouds hang over the mountains

Back home, we had lunch and I went to the clubhouse while Bill and Gibbs puttered outside. 😊 I was able to work on the puzzle, listening to my podcast of Mitch Albom and by 3:30, I was finished! Tadah! Sadly, there is a piece missing from this new puzzle and Patty was disappointed. I think someone is playing a trick on me, at least I hope that is the case. LOL We chatted for a while and I walked home to find the boys still outside. 😊

I've recently found baskets to keep the jars and canned foods in
This will make it so much nicer after a move

The glasses on this shelf, we use glass not plastic,
would always fall over and slide during travel
Now, they stay put and I stay happy 😍

Bill was happy that what he was working for his plane, worked and he should be able to fly again in the morning. Inside, I had a cup of tea and we finalized our supper plans. Fish and chips tonight will be good. Tonight, is our tv night so we started cooking at 6 and watched The Voice during our meal. Supper was delicious, as usual. I like it because we each have our own part in the cooking. 😊

I worked on my blog with the tv in the background and then we watched NCIS together. NCIS Hawaii is also recording but that will be for another night. This has been a good day all around.

What a grand finish to the night
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. That looks like a lovely drive, very scenic. Great photos of the evening sky too.

  2. Sounds like a great way to spend the day. It's nice to tuck a grocery stop in amongst the other stops. I've got to get busy on the Christmas card front. With that being such a "busy" puzzle I bet you can't even tell it's missing a piece.

  3. I'm thinking it was worth it to go to Blythe to get the stamps. That's a lot of people at the Q Post Office. We have two in town, not quite sure why, an old one downtown and a new one further out but both have been closed intermittently these last few weeks for staffing shortages. I remember when working for the post office was THE job to have! Too bad about the missing piece of the puzzle!

    1. It definitely was worth going to Blythe - the stamps especially!

  4. The drive to Blythe was a nice surprise. It's very pretty.

    1. Funny how we never get tired of seeing those rocky mountains. :)

  5. I am glad you got your cards off. Snail mail seems to take forever to get where it needs to go. Harvey has done two puzzles lately that are missing one or two pieces. It is very annoying.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you. I'm surprised that the first bundle of cards we mailed out are being received already! Oh well, early is better than late! Missing pieces can be very annoying, especially when you aren't aware of it.

  6. When we go to Florida with our neighbors, they always want us to play Bingo which they have once a week. We always said we didn't want to. Not our cup of tea. Gambling is not for us either. I have used those baskets in our motorhome too. Keeps things in place. Becky

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like the $$ involved in games. ;)
      The baskets will make travel so much nicer.

  7. You are still making me jealous. The road to Blyth, the cloudy skies and the warmer temperatures.
    I remember the Quartzsite Post Office all too well.
    Glad Bill has his plane ready to fly again.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the desert.

    It's about time.

    1. Sorry about making you jealous. That post office is always busy.
      Thanks Rick.