Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Household Chores, Quiet Afternoon, Not Too Crafty

Park Place RV Park

On Wednesday, Dec. 14th Gibbs took me for a short walk. He knew where he wanted to go so, I follow and we returned home after 15 minutes. When I figure that Bill now walks him a bit when he first goes out at 6:30 →7:00, maybe Gibbs is thinking he has reached his maximum number of steps. 😊 Whether I meet my preferred daily step count or not, at least I am getting out for a steady walk after dropping the little bum back home.

Some vehicles had frost this morning
as a result of our 33F/1C overnight drop

My son asked last night if we could get snow
but with the warmth of the sun so early, it would be
totally freakish if we did

Bill was close to leaving for the Q. Desert Flyers meeting at Jim’s and because it was so chilly on my face and fingers this morning, I waited at home a few minutes before heading back out. I was dressed warmly with my long johns under my jeans, a neck wrap, my gloves and down-filled jacket so was as warm as I was going to be without overloading the layers. My walk was good and my jacket was undone by the time I returned home at 8:55.

 I love this walkway, why I come here most days

Bill was gone and I made my tea and began sorting our 2 loads of clothes. No one was at the laundry room so I was in and out quickly with everything washed and folded. Nice part about parking so closely to the clubhouse, I walked back and forth. Since the puzzle was done there was no point in hanging around. 😉 Gibbs and I sat outside for over an hour waiting for Bill and enjoying the sunshine. It was cool in the shade but the sun warmed me up.

The park beside us looks pretty full too

Bill got home around noon and at 12:30 I made us grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Instead of starting a new puzzle, I got out my craft drawer and one of my paint bins. I had a great idea, forgetting, of course, that I’m not very crafty and I’m often disappointed in my efforts. A lot. However, I wanted to attempt to make a couple of snow globes.

Yummy lunch

I’d picked up some ‘suitable’ containers, at least for the practice run, and although after an hour and a half I had to basically go back to square one, I have a better idea of what I need to do. I’ll go at it another day. I also lifted the bed and pulled out one of my own puzzles to work on next. This one was given to me back home, Donna and Gerry say it is a challenge, so I’m up for it. Nothing could be as difficult as these last two I’ve just done!

Our afternoon walk

At 3:30, I made a cup of tea and began my blog. That I knew I could do! I admire people like Maebeme, a fellow blogger and commenter, who can whip up most things she puts her mind to! Some of the cutest little things. Yes, you can! 😊 I hadn’t reached 6,000 steps yet so I slipped into my coat and took Gibbs for a walk around the park at 4:30. The temperature today didn’t get above 55F/13C so we were very grateful for the clear blue sky and sunshine.

Delicious supper

Supper was bbq’d steak and potatoes with Caesar salad on the side. It was delicious and we haven’t decided yet whether we want ice cream for dessert. A tub of Tillamook’s Butter Pecan found it’s way into our cart yesterday. This has been a pretty quiet day and after a cool night again tonight, we should see a bit of a rise in temperature. Not much but definitely an upward swing.

Not much changes in our world
This is Gibbs last year on Dec. 14th
Good night

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. My, based on the way you dressed this morning one would think you're in Alaska, not Arizona. I do realize the cool desert air can be cutting, so I understand. That Gibbs always has a sad look for such a loved doggie.

    1. Haha it's true. When i can see my breath, it's time to bundle a bit more.
      Gibbs, thankfully, is happy regardless of his little expressions. ☺️

  2. It couldn't be pouring any harder here this morning in Ontario. I'd take your weather any day compared to this. That's a lovely walkway.

  3. Perfect dinner. I'm surprised to see so many people there. Or maybe everyone decided to have hookups instead of boondocks. Hoping it warms up soon!!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments Patsy. I can make easy things look...well, easy. :p
    But brrr...that isn't the kind of temperatures one would expect in Arizona. I guess, no snow is a blessing though. I do hope it starts warming up soon for you.
    If it helps, we had another dump of snow last night and the temperatures are supposed to plummet next. I'm so looking forward to January when I can get away for a couple of weeks.

    1. You're welcome. 😊
      It will warm up, this is winter so I don't mean it to sound like a complaint.
      Afternoons are quite pleasant and the fresh morning air is goid for me when I'm walking

  5. I think you're too hard on yourself regarding crafty stuff. I always like what you make or paint. Dinner does look delicious! Ken wanted grilled cheese with tomato the other day and yes it was quite yummy :)

    1. ah, thank you, Shirley. That's sweet of you to say.
      Grilled cheese is never a disappointment. :)