Wednesday, December 21, 2022

As the Mood Swings, Our Minds Change and We Go with the Flow

Park Place RV Park

On Tuesday, Dec. 20th (5 more sleeps!) Bill was up with Gibbs at 7 and when Gibbs returned without Daddy, he curled up beside me and went right back to sleep. I felt quite sleepy this morning, for no apparent reason, but forced myself out of bed at 7:45. Bill was finishing his breakfast when Gibbs and I went out for our walk. It was a short one, only 12 minutes, but I followed his lead and let him call the shots. 😊

a pretty sky this morning
Looked like a message forming in the bottom picture

When I returned, I decided to wait until Bill left for the flying field but then, after sitting down in my chair, ixnayed the rest of my walk. I just wasn’t feeling energetic enough and was unconcerned about missing a day of stepping out nor of podcasting. Instead, Gibbs and I sat together while I had an orange and a cup of tea.

A Sun Dog which usually means rain,
was proven wrong when we ended up with a beautiful day
It was after this picture that once more, clumsy fingers dropped the camera
It's pretty much euchred and I doubt I'll bother with a repair

I was using the strap for a long time
and today, didn't, when Gibbs moved unexpectedly
towards another dog, I was unprepared
My fault 😕
At least the photo card and battery fits Bill's little camera too

‘We’ played my online Wordle games and then I unraveled the last row of stitches from my Afghan. There wasn’t enough of that last ball of wool to finish the row; I was about 6” short. However, it is now done, with the exception of tucking in or tying off ends. I’m not good at that, I never know what to do so they aren’t sticking out all over the place. Good thing it isn’t a gift.

Posing with his new cut
We may trim his ears a bit so he won't trip on them! 😂
It was our original request, not to cut his ears short

Around 10:30, I decided to bake a pie and pulled a pack of frozen apples out of the freezer. I believe it is the last bag although I didn’t rummage to the very bottom. It’s a pretty full freezer! The pie crust needed to be pieced together a bit, but it turned out pretty good regardless. I’ve patted myself on the back for my pies before so didn’t want a dud!

And he sleeps

Bill was home around 11 and we had sandwiches made from the nice fresh baked load of French bread that I bought at Roadrunner. It is so fresh! All I needed on mine was a slice of medium cheddar. Yum. I put the pie in to bake and when it was finished at 1:30, I walked over to partake in more puzzling. There were 4 ladies playing Pokeno behind me but other than that, it was quiet in there.

Looks wonderful to me!
And a jam-filled treat with the leftover batter

After returning home and making a cup of tea, Gibbs and I went for our afternoon walk around the outside perimeter of the park. On the way back, of course a visit to the dog park was in order where Gibbs (and I) expelled some energy by racing and chasing each other. 😊 I’m sure it feels great with his new haircut.

Puzzle progress
fresh French bread for lunchtime sandwiches

For supper, I had taken the last 4 Italian meatballs out of the freezer. I’ll cook either beans or mac & cheese to go along with and a salad. There is a bonfire and music by Josh here in the park at 6 so we want to check that out. He only comes every 3rd Tuesday and apparently, he is quite good. So, after supper, which turned out to be quick and good, we dressed in warmer coats and walked across.

Doggie park fun
Easy supper

The fire was going and we increased the attendee count to 10. Rick had made a large bowl of popcorn that Patty was putting into circus type bags for everyone. Unfortunately, or so we thought, Josh did not show up with his guitar so we entertained ourselves with talk about many things and eventually we sang along to music on John’s Prime music channel on his I-phone. Patty said she actually enjoyed it better this way. We’ll go back another time.

It was a fun evening

Back home around 8, we watched the extended Christmas episode of Ghosts. A cute program we enjoy and tonight’s was fun for the hour. There was a Christmas movie half over that we watched but I couldn’t keep my eyes open enough to even work on my blog. Hence, its lateness. We had a wonderful day and a new and fun evening with our new group of friends. 😊

sorry to my fellow cat lovers!
but it was cute. ♥

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Although I have a cat, I did chuckle!
    I'm sitting here wrapped up in a blanket, feeling chilling and wishing for warm weather. Your camp fire sounds like great fun, and I can almost smell the wood smoke from here.

    1. I picture Gibbs looking innocent like that. ♥
      I wish you could also feel the warmth from the fire!

  2. Popcorn and conversation. Sounds like a fun evening. Gibbs looks cuter than ever.

  3. The pie and the jam filled one looks awesome! The camp fire and popcorn sounds wonderful, glad you joined in. Nothing like fresh bread :)

    1. Thank you, we want to take part in things in the park even though we aren't necessarily the type to do that. :) We're getting better! haha