Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Things Looking Up for my Pilot, Parker and Puzzle

Park Place RV Park

 On Tuesday, Dec. 13th Gibbs and I had a short walk. He found the brake pedal again and after going half way around our usual ‘block’, he stopped dead. No ‘come’, ‘let’s go’, or other encouragement got those feet moving other than to turn about for home. Here we go again! 😊 This time, I’m thinking that even though he had his shirt on, I could see his and my breath so maybe he was cold.

This picture is to show you how much rain we 
received last night

Bill hadn’t left yet when we returned so I dropped Gibbs inside and headed off. Bill was ‘test’ flying a possible ‘new to him’ plane and I hoped and prayed that it worked out for the best. He needed some good flying luck today to turn things around. My goal was to walk as far as the Family Dollar at the corner of Main St and Plymouth Rd.

Wet desert smell is too hard to describe
but it is powerful, not in a bad way

Because I’ve been feeling discomfort from my trapezius muscle in the right shoulder/neck area for a couple of weeks. I’ve been trying to determine the cause (puzzle? pillow?) and asked Donna, my Yoga ‘guru, for exercise suggestions again. She came through with one involving a tennis ball or two, of which we don’t have here with us. I found them at Family Dollar, the main reason I went. 😊

I'm glad this camel is chained up
He looks upset

Now this is pretty!

I also picked up a few grocery items and compared prices to a few other things. That is where we’ll go for our 5$ Secret Santa gifts for the dinner here on Christmas Day. They have a lot of things that will work and where else can you find something even half decent for that price? I’m sure the dollar stores here are where most will do the same kind of shopping.

Every once in a while, this little guy, or one like him,
crosses my path

After Bill got home from flying, which was around noon, he had a smile on his face and had had a successful morning. Yay! I felt much better for him, knowing he has something to fly again. We’d decided to go to Parker to do some shopping at Walmart and because Bill needed a haircut, I called C & B Precision Hair Design about an appointment for him. It had the best reviews. We were told they accept walk-ins.

It's a pretty drive to Parker

We arrived at Parker around 1:15 and he walked in and was in the chair right away. They have 2 sides in the salon, one for ladies and one for men, with a young man to look after Bill. He was pleasant and did a really good job. Bill left happy and we drove to Walmart for our food stuff. Finding it all and checking out at a lower price than we’d ‘guesstimated’, was a nice surprise.

The clouds are hanging low over the mountains
In some cases, even behind them

We crossed the street to Mcdonald’s for a mid-lunch/supper. It was 2:30 but we were hungry and it was a unanimous decision. 😉 Our Big Mac combos were good, those fries never let us down, even for junk food. Back home, Gibbs was happy to see us as we unloaded the grocery bags and fit the food into the fridge and cupboards. Happily, I managed to get the jars and cans in the new baskets.

Bill gets settled in the chair for the
royal treatment

Since I hadn’t been at the puzzle all day, I wandered over before 4 and when the office closed, I listened to my podcast and worked away. Before I left at 5:45, it was done. Yes!! Fist pumps and all that slap happy stuff. It was sure a puzzler and now I can move on to something else. This has been a cool day, not reaching anything higher than 54F/12C but at least the sun was full all day.

Oh no! Another night of no cooking! 💓

It’s good to have things restocked for another little while and now I’ve got the ingredients for our contribution to the Christmas dinner at the clubhouse. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day as well.

Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. You're certainly getting around in that area for some nice walks.

  2. Sounds like a good day for all of you...😊

  3. Yikes, that puzzle would have me turning around and going home. Glad you had a good day.

  4. Gotta love those burgers and fries. Great job on the puzzle!

  5. Sounds like a good day for all. You didn't mention the weather so I'm assuming it was warmer than it has been...or maybe you've gotten used to it. :p

    1. It was, the sun is always nice but it was a cool day all the same. Hope it changes soon

  6. Nice that Bill has a plane to fly again. That was some puzzle, glad you got it done!

    1. I'm so pleased that he has one to fly again. Hopefully my next puzzle won't be so hard on the eyeballs!

  7. Ha ha, I might have guessed who the comment was from even if you hadn't told me.

  8. OH. You did have to mention Big Mac. Most of the time I don't even think about them, but when something brings them to mind (and that's rare), then the idea just stays there, until I go get one. So, I suspect I wlll be going to get one soon.