Thursday, December 8, 2022

Starting Ladies Poker Pool! A Cooler Day

Park Place RV Park

I woke up once in the wee hour of the morning of Thursday, Dec. 8th. The thing that I thought of was about the game I was introducing today. I can’t completely say I was ‘nervous’ but I wondered if there would be any interested ladies, who wanted to learn a new game. 😊 Patty was excited about it and had been spreading the work at morning coffee and Pokeno so our fingers were crossed.

The mourning doves are in a different tree
this morning

First thing I did when we got up was to hop in the shower. My hair was wet so I had to dry it in order to accompany Gibbs on our short walk. Bill left for the flying field soon after and we saw him go by on the highway just after we cut across behind the park on the gravel path. I made my tea at home instead of going for my own walk and ran through the rules and instructions for Poker Pool. At 9:15, I walked over to the clubhouse to get things ready.

The table is ready for players

Linda, Adele, Patty

There were 4 ladies for the first game, myself included, and everyone took to the game as I’d hoped. None of us knew much about playing pool/billiards and other than Patty, none of us were very good. 

Linda, Barb, Patty

After one game, a 5th player joined us and we played another, much quicker one. I lost badly but I had fun and felt quite proud when the ladies said ‘see you next Thursday morning!’ 😊

My opponents

I noticed Black Beauty was at our site so I walked back home for lunch. Bill was happy for me and that the game was a success. We had some lunch and then took a drive to town to tour Tyson Wells. We found a few things but there are sure a lot of vendors missing again this year. Maybe more will arrive for January (I hope) but as it is, it is kind of sad.

We followed this truck to N.Riggles Ave on the 
way home from town

Aaaannnnddd, the diesel prices have dropped again

When we returned home, we chatted with Patty in the office and booked our site for next year. I went back over to the puzzle after lunch and finally feel like I’m getting somewhere with it. When I came home, I felt chilled, so took my blanket upstairs and watched a movie with Gibbs and Bill. The day didn’t get too warm even though the sky was clear and sunny.

It's finally looking like a puzzle
with a border 

Gibbs curled up between us to
watch the movie

It shoul
Our family selfie 
It should have Bill's name on it, he took it

We’d turned our power off for the day to capture some of the free rays but as for heat, we barely reached 63F/16C with that wind. We’ve got a few cold nights and some cool days coming over the next week but each day looks like full sun. I won’t complain too loudly since back home the temperatures are cut in half. 😊 We are grateful for our choices.

the sausages and the buns
were great

For supper, Bill grilled sausages on buns and that was quite tasty and filling. We had a quiet evening watching whatever we could find on the boob tube. This was a fun day and I’ve started a trend in our park. Yay!

Bill took these pictures of the full moon
for me tonight
Good night!

Thanks for stopping in.


  1. Good job on Poker Pool, I would be nervous as well but it sounds like you did a good job of getting people interested ... I hope the group keeps growing in the following weeks :-)

    1. Thank you MT. 6 players is the maximum number of players for one table so we did good.

  2. Congrats on getting the ladies started, hopefully the turnout will be as good next week.


  3. It's a nice park so good that you booked ahead. Nice family picture.

  4. Your poker pool is a fun game. Glad you have some interested participants. I love the family photo Gibbs is quite intrigued by the movie...what was it "Lassie come home?" Beautiful full moon pics Bill!

  5. That's great that you were able to get a group together to play. Also nice to know where you'll be next winter too. I'm sure that makes planning so much easier.

  6. I am glad that you got a game going with all the girls and it is wonderful that they said they would see you again next week.

    God bless.