Wednesday, December 21, 2022

More Like What We Expect

Park Place RV Park

On Wednesday, Dec. 21st, it was still a cool 36F/3C when we all got up. Gibbs and I went for our walk and he actually lasted 13 minutes today. 😊 Yes, he had his little jacket on and I wore my mini gloves. After dropping him off at home, I didn’t risk getting lazy again but instead turned around and went back out. I turned on my podcast and walked for another 35 minutes.

Watching the sun pop above what I assume are the Plomosa Mountains

On Monday, my steps only met 2/3 of my goal and yesterday they were totally ‘in the toilet’ at just over 1/3. Woops! Told you it was a lazy day but my pie makes up for all that. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Today, I beat both and I still haven’t taken Gibbs out for his afternoon leg stretch.

For the first time since we left home, I think,
Gibbs found an empty water bottle and brought
it home

Here is the fire pit in the daylight

After returning, Bill was gone as I’d expected and it was already warming up like crazy. I took our recliner quilts and dining chair covers over to the laundry room. They were past due for a good wash. Since I hadn’t finished my blog post from Tuesday, I took my laptop along and in between loads, sat in the library to complete and publish it. Timing was pretty much perfect and I returned home to Gibbs.

Sitting in the library finishing my blog post
while waiting for the laundry

We sat outside in the sun while I had a coffee and it was gorgeous! This is more like what we expect when we’re down here. It reached 64F/18C before noon hour. Bill was later returning as he went to the club’s clubhouse at Jim’s place. We didn’t mind, the sun was so nice. Carol Ann stopped over for a brief visit and was impressed with how Gibbs went from barking at her, to sitting quietly on the ground beside her chair within a couple of minutes.

It isn't the best picture, but
Gibbs buried today's special bottle (can you see it?)
Here he is about to dig it up again

We had more French bread sandwiches for lunch (I can feel the lbs. going on!) and we commented on how nice it is to have fresh baked bread. 😊 I had my shower and then went to work on the puzzle. It is a challenging one and I’m loving it. I know Suz occasionally puts pieces in so we may be done by Christmas! 

Gibbs was a little 'barky' so I put his bark collar on
(withOUT the battery) and he settled right down

Back home at 4, I had my tea and started today’s post. Then it was time for our walk, before the sun set and I met today’s goal after all.

For supper, it was grilled Italian sausages with Caesar salad. Bill had his on a bun but I opted out of more bread today. We did finish the Christmas cake with sauce for dessert. It will be back to basics in January to shed the few extra pounds! It was a quiet evening, without our favourite channels, it gets harder and harder to find something decent to watch. Bill did find a Paul Simon tribute special so we enjoyed that.

Supper and dessert
Good night!

It was a good day and we are all happy here in the park that the weather is warming up. Thank you for your visit.


  1. Pretty sneaky with collar and no batteries. Glad it works. I'm glad the weather is getting better. Can't say that about the rest of the country. Enjoy.

    1. Depends on where you live, Doug. My weather is always nice and it's getting better too. :O)

    2. Sneaky, yes. Sometimes it works better than others. ;)

  2. Did I miss something? Where did that good looking pie go?

  3. You are lucky to be where you are Patsy. There is a "storm bomb", that's what the weather people are calling it coming to Ontario. Supposed to start Thursday evening. Gibbs looks cute with his new haircut.

  4. No snow and above freezing temps, it’s all good. The puzzle looks like a tough one.


  5. Gibbs is just a recycler!! It's so funny how he buries stuff, then immediately digs it up.

  6. Glad you can look forward to your nice warm weather, but I'm getting concerned about those steps. Fresh baked pie and bread but only half your steps doesn't sound promising!

    1. Thank you FG. I know, you're concerned that I'm putting on pounds! :)