Wednesday, December 28, 2022

After the Rains….

Park Place RV Place

When we woke up on Wednesday, Dec. 28th, the rains from the previous evening had stopped. Bill said he heard it through the night and morning, as early as 5 am. Before we got up, Gibbs found his plastic Doggie and crawled down under the covers (for the first time ever) and continued to chew on his nose.

I likely missed another gorgeous sunrise
but I'm still very fond of this version

I came downstairs and prepared to go for our walk. Gibbs was anxious to go but as soon as I got the leash on him, he beelined upstairs to take his Doggie with him. I unclipped him and went for my walk alone. He was happy to be with his puppy. When I returned, we noticed the nose had been bitten/chewed off. Bill and I had to take his 2nd new toy away. It is in a cupboard and will go into the memory basket. I couldn't take a picture because Gibbs was watching me tonight. πŸ’“

At least he hadn’t eaten it, Bill found the pieces for discard. Neither of us was surprised, nor upset. The toys didn’t cost us much at all and we know this is what he does. I enjoyed the walk, although it was shorter, around the residential area and back home. There were many puddles around the streets and the sun was popping out from behind the clouds. The thing I loved the most, was the smell of the desert after the rain. 😊

The Quartzsite Houses

Look at those puddles!
Not so strange for your home town perhaps
but in the Q, it is highly unusual
and the smell!! I can't describe the great smell after a rain.

Bill and I had planned to go to Parker’s Walmart this morning IF he didn’t go flying. He didn’t and we headed out around 9. It was a nice 25-minute drive although as we approached the town, we found ourselves under dense-like clouds. Our first stop was CVS for our vitamins, which we were running low of. If you look at this row of choices, you’ll see why we like shopping here for them.

The drive to Parker
You can see the clouds 'over there'

Next, we drove to Walmart and finally to SafeWay when Walmart didn’t have any 35%/ whipping cream. Thankfully, SafeWay did and at a decent price too. I bought 2, they’ll last me quite a while unless I bake with it. The clouds had mostly dissipated by the time we headed home. Gibbs had a new chew bone and we had a couple of extra bottles of wine on top of everything else on our list. πŸ˜‚

this is why I like going to CVS for our vitamins
Every yellow tag either says "Buy one, get one" or
"Buy one, get one 50% off"

Back home, it was lunch hour and then I walked over to work on the puzzle. I was surprised, but pleasantly, when 3 of the ladies were working on it when I walked in. Together, we managed to finish it. That’s what happens when it is a popular, pretty easy one. 😊

This one was too easy although very fun
working on it with Susan, Adele and Suz

Back home, I had my tea. The weather was very nice today, reaching 68F/20C after a start of 54F/12C this morning. We will be back into some lower temperatures for a few days again with slight chances of more rain until Sunday when it increases. It is what it is and we’re enjoying not having to shovel anything.

A pretty evening

For supper, we had grilled sausages and instead of having mine in a bun, I had squash on the side. I had one piece of pie so finished it and Bill had some of our Tillamook Strawberry ice cream. This has been a really nice day. I am loving it here in the park and also enjoy the outings when we go together to the nearby towns of Parker and Blythe.

Good night!

Thank you for the visit!


  1. Funny ... I've never been to downtown Blythe. I imagine the prices there are a little better? That looks like my kind of puzzle ..... easy!

    1. We don't go too far into Blythe so can't compare the prices too much. The puzzle was fun!

  2. It is funny how Gibbs chews the noses off his toys. Maybe he associates the nose with the Squeaky sound they make.
    Loved the smell of desert rain.
    Stay Safe and Enjoy the Q.

    It's about time.

    1. Gibbs will chew the nose and any other part of a toy that is sticking out. He just likes doing that. :)

  3. We love the smell after a rain! Sound like a productive day for you two. That puzzle really went quickly. On to the next one!

  4. Gibbs might outgrow the need to chew the toys. Perhaps another fluffy one that you can sew up will do the trick. Hope the park has more puzzles to get you through the winter if you now get helpers with it.

    1. I hope he stops chewing his toys but I doubt it. I'll keep sewing this one up for him. :)
      there are a few puzzles still in the park and a few ladies say they've brought puzzles in for 'me', the park.