Saturday, December 3, 2022

A Cloudy, Cooler Day, Puzzling, Christmas Parade

Park Place RV Park

On Saturday, Dec. 3rd the day started off at a moderate 50F/10C and by the time I headed out for my walks, it was under a sky filled with a blanket of clouds. The sun tried really, really hard to break its way through with no success. The day was cloudy from there on in. Gibbs walked well this morning and I was prepared for walking where the grapefruit tree was. I had a grocery bag in my pocket.

A few things in my path
this morning on both walks

The plane is at the town park

Before returning home, I was able to pick another couple of grapefruit and 4 oranges. I hadn’t noticed the reachable orange tree yesterday. 😉 My walk by myself took me a bit further this morning and on my way home, I met Black Beauty again as Bill made his way to the field. One day, I’ll walk there to see him and the ‘boys’. Back home, I had my tea and I turned the furnace off.

Quite a few pieces added today

My sister asked where Gibbs' stocking was
Here it is, near where he spends a lot of his days

We didn’t have heat on all night but Bill turned it on when he got up at 7. I’d mentioned having a shower so the furnace heats the Suite up quickly. Since the day didn’t warm up beyond 61F/16C, inside our home felt cooler than it was outside. There is no wind today which certainly helps but we’re ready for our sunshine to return.

An early supper of chicken thighs, potatoes and vegetables

The Quartzsite Christmas parade is tonight and we’d like to partake in the viewing of that. I went to the puzzle for a couple of hours before Bill got home and after we had some lunch, we drove in to Roadrunner Grocery Store for a few items. 😊 When we got back home, I went back over to the clubhouse around 2. I’m making good progress with the puzzle and Susan is on duty today again but has popped over a few times to help.

I made a cup of tea and began my post when I got home at 4. Bill and Gibbs finished watching a movie and since we have evening plans, I started supper around 5. Tonight, air fried chicken thighs, a potato and a vegetable. Bill loaded the dishwasher and we washed the pots that were used by hand.

The parade starts at 7 so we drove out towards the Desert Flyers field around 6:30 and parked not far from it along the side of the road. That’s the road the parade came down and it wasn’t much after 7 when it started. The surrounding streets were already pretty packed. We were both very impressed with the number of ‘vehicles’ that participated. It was a great effort and although we didn’t count them, it lasted 30 minutes.

Like most winter parades, it ends 
with Santa Clause
pulled by a camel? 😂

We drove from there to the Community Centre around the block and the ladies had a variety of drinks for us and homemade cookies set out for everyone. How they would ever know how much to make, and how many would show up, always amazes me. Nothing else was going on, unless when Santa arrived the kids were involved in something, so we walked back to the truck and returned home before 8.

Like all good parade watchers,
we gathered up the candy tossed to us just like
our younger counterparts

We are here for 4 months and need to get out more often to enjoy some of the local events if possible. 😊 It was a good day and a wonderful night. I’m glad we went!

the town ladies had hot chocolate,
coffee and cider to offer everyone
as well as a selection of home baked cookies
Good night!

Thank you for popping by.


  1. Looks like a great parade, good job Quartzite!

  2. A fun evening. Lots of thought went into the planning and execution for such a small town. Santa pulled by a camel, I like that.


  3. Yay you made it!! Good for Quartzsite. I'm glad they had the parade this year. I have a list of things going on in the area. They actually have a lot of get togethers to help the locals. I love the crazy lights on the ATV's!! Thanks for the pictures!!

  4. The parade was great, and cookies too! What a great time!!

  5. The parade looked like a lot of fun for both the participants and spectators. I haven't been to one for many years but 30 minutes is a perfect length.
    I do hope you start getting some warmer temps. Have a great day!

  6. What a lovely parade!!! Hopefully it gets warmer very soon.

    God bless.