Saturday, December 17, 2022

Warmer Day, Change of Hobby, Happy Gibbs, News!

Park Place RV Park

On Saturday, Dec. 17th  I noticed that it was a warmer morning. The temperature of 42F/6C wasn’t the tell all, really, it was mainly because there were no winds. Gibbs and I headed out for our walk and 15 minutes later, I left him at home with Daddy. Bill and Gibbs both had a rough night, someone had an upset tummy, so I let him sleep him. 😊

The sky was clear blue
Saguaros are still near by
Palm trees are at Arizona Sun RV Park behind us

I got as close to the fence, top pix, without touching it
(in case it was alarmed) but love all these birdhouses!
Bottom pix, those are quite the stairs to the roof patio

I left Bill in the shower and headed out for my walk around the residential area and then the block of rv parks. Bill decided, after sleeping in, that he wouldn’t go flying and after our drinks and cereal, he got out one of the models he bought in Hobby Lobby last month. That was the encouragement I needed and I got out my Afghan from under the bed and reacquainted myself with those stitches. This is my winter project and it is close to being finished.

See my helper?

The morning was gone in a flash and at noon, I made us bacon and eggs for a change. After working on the puzzle in the clubhouse for a couple of hours, I returned home for a cup of tea and more crocheting. I was toasty warm in the sun, working on the blanket and I even had a helper! He spent his time between the bed upstairs with Daddy and on the couch with me.

The fence is almost done

At 4, Gibbs and I went for our afternoon walk. It still wasn’t too windy but the air isn’t as warm as I’d like yet, so I wore my down jacket. 

The clouds were moving in

Gibbs was in a playful mood and at the dog park, he ran and played like I haven’t seen since being on the Ridge. He usually just sniffs and walks around. Today, we chased each other and it was a joy to see.

He was curious about the palm frond

Then he ran, and ran and ran

For supper we had air fried chicken thighs, a boiled potato between us, pepper squash for me and corn for Bill. It was delicious! We didn’t need dessert. After clean up, we watched a Christmas movie while I worked on my blog. For the record, you need to know that after 15 minutes of the Muppet movie last night, we switched to something else. It wasn’t anywhere near our cup of tea.

This is my favourite
Look at our happy boy! 💗

It was a perfect supper for a cool night

The evening was quiet, but there is some news we want to share. Do you remember November 2021 when Bill and I attended his 3rd daughter’s wedding before crossing the border on Nov. 8th? We have recently learned that we are now expecting our 12th grandchild! This is such a lovely surprise! Boy or girl, there will be a little farmer arriving in June. This is Krystal’s FB announcement. Says it all.

Congratulations Krystal and Matt
and to us grandparents! 💓
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Congratulations on your wonderful baby news. I love the announcement.

  2. Congratulations on the new grandbaby!! I watched our two youngest grands yesterday... cousins who don't get to see each other often. It was so fun playing and watching them. The baby announcement it's really cute!!

  3. Wonderful news, congratulations.
    Gibbs sure looked to be enjoying the dog park.


  4. Congratulations to the family! Sweet news.
    Love the photo of Gibbs running toward you.

  5. Congrats on the new family member!! I see Gibbs has the zoomies!! Cooper gets the same affliction. It's sure fun to watch them!!

  6. Such a cute baby announcement. Love the afghan - maybe I'll start something.

  7. Cute baby announcement. Congratulations to everyone.

  8. Congratulations on the announcement of a new grandchild. I love your blanket.

    God bless.