Thursday, December 1, 2022

Pulling up the Jacks, Feeling Welcome ♥♥

Park Place RV Park 

We woke and got up around 7:30 on Thursday, Dec. 1st. A new month and that is fitting for us to move on and start it in a new place. We went about our regular routine, Gibbs and I starting the day with a walk. Once I dropped him back home, I gathered his ‘poop’ bags together in a grocery bag (TMI?) and walked up to the garbage dumpsters to dispose of them.

It was a nice morning again
with a few low hovering clouds

I took this picture because of the Canadian flag
but look at the background
The mountains are beautiful even when
their not clear

It wasn’t a long walk, so I shouldn’t be surprised that my steps were well below my goal today. When I got back, we had cereal and set to work packing up. It was 9:30 when we drove around behind us to say s’long to the neighbours on the other side of the wash. We learned yesterday from Marilyn that Rusty is an RC flyer too so Bill wanted to meet him before we pulled out. Rusty told us that they were stealing our site. Told ya it was a nice one! 😊

The last walk at La Posa South this trip

I'm glad we were here in November
it was quiet on this beautiful site

I’m sure Bill will see him at the field a few times. 

It was nice to see the diesel price had dropped
another .10¢/gallon - YES!
By the time we were set up, even the gas had dropped
to $3.79

Our home for the next 4 months

We arrived at Park Place RV Park by 10 and had everything set up, including the satellite dish, before noon. I had dusted the surfaces and the floors by then too and Bill had our long string of lights set out around the base of the Suite. They look so good and he did it easily enough, being sure that Gibbs couldn’t get tangled in it, that we may do it back home on the Ridge.

We parked out front and Bill went in to register
I snapped this picture of Don and Heather's home
Look closely

I think Dakota spends a lot of time
up there on the dash

Before I go much further, I should mention the greeting we received when we arrived. There are 3 hosts in the park as well as our Managers, Rick and Patty. We only know the Managers and one set of hosts, Don and Heather but they were both thrilled to have us back. Patty, after we hugged, said she had something in the office for me. “Nothing special”, she said. After our lunch, I wandered over to take our 5 or 6 books over to the exchange library and to mail a card.

My new puzzle from Rick and Patty

Patty watched my face when she handed me a 1000 pc. puzzle that her and Rick bought for me. I think she was thrilled with my reaction. I laughed and laughed and told her they were trying to drive me crazy! 😊 What a sweet gesture. Then she showed me another puzzle in their storage cupboard with my name taped on it. It is nice to have made enough an impression for them to remember us and to be happy we’re back.

Gibbs and I went upstairs to read and watch tv
Well, I did. Gibbs slept. πŸ’—

Our site and a pretty sky
in the making

The afternoon turned a bit cool when the clouds took over the sky. It brought me indoors and Gibbs and I went upstairs and watched some tv while Bill watched a movie downstairs. 

For supper, he grilled burgers, the ones with bacon and cheese. They looked a bit funny because the buns were so small but they were messy and delicious. 

We topped our meal off with more cheesecake and then watched Dolly Parton’s new Christmas special.

This was a great day, getting into the park where we can settle until our next move on April 1st. Yes, we’re here for 4 months and the feeling is great. No more rationing of power or water, no more generator and much less dust. We’re going to like it here. 😊

Good night y'all!

Thank you for the visit today!


  1. Looks and sounds like set for a great winter

  2. Beautiful skies with the wispy clouds. It was nice of them to remember you and give you a puzzle for a gift. I know you're going to just love your stay there. Enjoy your amenities and don't give a thought of poor me with no water and no electricity braving the cold with no heat. Boondocking is tough, but somebody has to do it.

    1. I started to read your comment, Doug, but had to go get the tissues before I finished. You are hilarious. We will indeed think about you and your choices. ♥ We don't all LOVE boondocking but I happen to know you DO! :)

  3. Nice place and good people. Sounds like a great way to spend the winter. Enjoy!

  4. Looks like a nice spot to settle for while. Wow, that puzzle is bound to be a puzzler, but you are a very talented puzzler, good luck.

  5. How nice to be remembered and in such a thoughtful way.
    Diesel prices are looking much better there, hopefully they keep going down.
    Nice that someone moved into your old home dirt, makes you feel like it was a good choice.
    I’m sure you will both be very happy in the park.


    1. Thank you Deb. I think we've made a good choice for us and we are among good people here. The fuel prices surprised us although downtown they are still ridiculous at the Chevron and Terribles.

  6. I've been stopping at that park for almost twelve years now. The hosts have changed, but they all seem to go out of their way to welcome you. Bill should get in lots of flying time now!! Burgers and cheesecake ... right up my alley!!!

    1. Yes, you put us on to this park and we are grateful for the tip! We've not met the new hosts yet but they've waved and greeted us from a distance. :) Sue and Fred are at the Arizona Sun RV Park behind us, where she does the Bingo.
      Bill is indeed happy and will enjoy his mornings with the boys. ♥

  7. Hi Bill and Patsy and Gibbs !! I am still checking in with your amazing family daily.
    I looked at the rates for your wonderful park and could not believe how reasonably priced they are!! I understand boondockers have more space and privacy, but when we had our motorhome, we really didn't like anything more than a couple of days. Bring on the full hookups ... LOL
    This morning in Regina, it is -26C with a minus 40 windchill !!!
    Hmmm ... Maybe ask Rick and Patty if they would consider buying an RV of some type to rent to folks like us that no longer have a rig.
    Wishing you a wonderful winter down south, and repeating to myself " thou shalt not envy, thou shalt not envy"
    Hugs, Trent and Teresa

    1. Thank you T & T for your great comment. It is always nice to hear from regular commenters but also from new ones. Thank you for reading daily. :)
      The prices have gone up this year for new rv'ers that didn't book and deposit before they left like we did, but still an awesome price.
      Stay warm there in Regina, brrr, I laughed at your 'thou shalt not envy' mantra. Bless you!
      Hugs back atcha!

  8. Looks like an awesome place to spend the next while. How wonderful that they remember and greet you like I would say family.

    God bless.

    1. We really did get a great welcome back and it sure does feel good. :)

  9. Looks like a nice place for you three. Wow that's some puzzle. Very nice to be remembered and greeted so wonderfully! Looks like quite a few people there already. Your burgers always look awesome and I'd rather have more meat and less bread :)

    1. thank you, we are going to enjoy this time here. I agree about the bread and meat but they still looked funny! haha

  10. Didn't think of you staying in one place for that long. Makes sense.

    1. Some rv'ers never stay in one place for too long and we didn't think we'd get to this point after only 6 years but it is feeling right for us. Other rv'ers come down and stay in the same park year after year without moving around. That is nice too!

  11. Glad you have a nice place to stay. Full hookups are always great after a few days of boondocking. Have fun. Becky

    1. Thank you Becky. Boondocking is fun for a while, but lately I enjoy the hookups too much. :)

  12. What made you settle down for 4 months? Maybe I can persuade Michael to come south if we settle into one place for a few months.