Monday, August 10, 2020

A Work Day in the Middle of Vacation, Surprising Bonus

The Ridge

On Monday, Aug. 10th, I woke up just after Bill. He was actually just coming out of the bathroom around 7 when I decided that I wasn’t going to walk today. This turned out to be a good decision as will be evident later. Instead, I enjoyed relaxing a bit. Bill had received a call from Mike, his boss, last night telling him that he wasn’t needed today. It had to do with waiting for a permit before starting a garage build.

Lack of pictures means you get to see what I did this morning
The bottom left corner still needs work

So, he was going to have an easier day of doing things for himself. There were a few things on his list but a few required us picking up some wood. We decided on making a trip to Hanover this afternoon. I had informed Mitch, my boss, that I needed another 4 days off for LadyFest but offered to work today for 3 or 4 hours. I had my tea with Bill and we sat at our laptops catching up on our blogger friends.

By this time, I was getting pretty comfortable with it

At a few minutes before 9, I drove around the corner. Mitch was ready for me and taught me a new procedure. When this stuff will ever come in handy AFTER I’m done there is likely ‘never’ but it is fun learning and earning some cash while I’m at it. Today, I hooked up the hand sander to the air compressor and worked on the 1996 (?) Chev pick up that was dropped off last Thursday. This truck doesn’t need major work, just sanding and repainting.

Again here, the dark blue needs to be sanded

I make it sound small but for 3 ½ hours I sanded the fiberglass tonneau cover, the top edges of the box and down the sides to the lower panels. It took me about half hour to get the hang of it, as Mitch said it would, but controlling the ‘trigger’ switch was not easy for me. It would be easier if there was a button like on my hand beater. You ladies know what I mean. Anyway, I worked with it and Mitch came over often to check on the progress.

He couldn’t say it enough or often enough that I was doing ‘great, perfect, you’re doing fine’ so that sure helps when you are doing a job for the first time. He is a great confidence booster. By 11:30 I was feeling peckish so had a peanut bar from the car and carried on. With tomorrow being LadyFest, I didn’t want to go home for lunch and return. I had things of my own to do yet but I did want to get as much done as I could for him.

First, I laid in the hammock and let the breezes cool me down

By 12:30, I had finished the areas he gave me to work on and then I said “Mit\ch, I’m going home. I’m completely bushed and will start screwing up if I continue.” Of course, he had to tease me about quitting on him but then when I was writing my time on the calendar, he surprised the heck out of me. He told me that when I return on the 17th, he was giving me a 1$ raise! Wha? When he told me that I was a good worker, he could count on me and that the work I did was good, I left with a bounce in my step. Not even 2 months and he is increasing my pay. Nice!

Back home, I had some lunch as Bill had already eaten at noon and after my much-needed shower, we drove to Hanover.  I was literally covered in blue/gray dust from face to feet. I had a list of groceries to pick up at Walmart, including a few things for Bill this week on his own, and we stopped at Home Hardware and then Rona for his wood pieces etc.

By the time we returned home, it was hot again and humid. The thermometer was reading 29C/88F feeling much hotter.  Bill puttered around outside on one of his projects (you’ll see when he next posts) and inside, I began putting a few things away in the cupboards preparing for Wednesday. Bill is taking the Suite in to Hometown Tire in Walkerton. Yes, new tires and grease job.

And then there were two

When we'd each finished I pulled the hammock into the shade and stretched out. There had to be a bit of weight distribution between us but we finally settled and rested in the cool of this afternoon’s breeze. It was lovely and eventually time to move back inside to start supper. Thanks to one of my blogger friends for the idea, we had pork stir fry. To onions, peppers and green onions from the garden 😊, the pork loin, a bit of dressing and chop from last night, I added sweet and sour sauce.

This was delicious! I need leftover pork more often.

With a small serving of rice each, this was a wonderful meal. All that was missing was some pineapple and as we were eating, I remembered that I have some in the cupboard. LOL After dishes, Bill moved outside to finish working and because it was very warm in there, I moved out to a chair in the shade to finish writing. There are more words than photos today, sorry, I guess other things took priority over picture-taking.

Good night everyone!

This was a good day and now I’m back on vacation. I loaded the bag of clothes for exchange in Ptooties and went through a few things I’d set out for my suitcase. We don’t need as many clothing changes this year as we’re not completely sure how many times we’ll be out and about. Stay tuned to see what us girls get up to!

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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Just the Two of Us

 The Ridge

Bill and I were up with the birds, 6:30, had laundry sorted and were on our way to the Mat by 7. I’d forgotten he was going with me to help clean but we had discussed it earlier so I can refresh his memory on what all I do in the hour. He will be stepping in for one cleaning while I am off with my LadyFest. He is a sweetheart as, otherwise, I would have to ask Jamie to look after it while I’m away. I’ll be sure to give him his pay!

The 3 boys and Oreo having a last morning conflab
Typical lady, not interested in the man talk?

We did the two loads of laundry and because the sky was a bit ‘iffy’, while Bill finished washing the floors, I put them in the dryer for 15 minutes. Most dried in that short time and a few pieces had to be hung on the line back home. Bill, Ken and Keith sat outside with their coffee for a bit before Kim and I joined them. It was our last morning together (that’s the thing about many ‘firsts’ – there are usually ‘lasts’ to follow).

Just a few clothes needed to be hung on the line
They are really good dryers at the Mat

Around 9:30, after getting multiple kisses from Oreo and giving her tummy and neck rubs, our guests finished their pack up. They were on the road by10 as planned. Ken and Kim have about 2 ½ hours to home and Keith about the same so they should arrive just after lunch. It was great having them all, hopefully next year we will have our full compliment again. 😊

See ya, Wilsons! Y'all come back now.

See ya, Keith! Don't be a stranger to these parts!

As we watched them round the bend at the road, Bill said ‘well, Sweetie, it is just the two of us again’. “yup! Good thing we like each other!” We puttered around and I came inside to work on my blog and make a couple of lists. There are things I need to do before I leave Tuesday and don’t want to leave everything until tomorrow night.

Bill had a coffee and went to the Hangar and I made a coffee and put clothes away and dallied online. 

There was rain overnight, early this morning for about half hour and that surprised both of us. It was heavy enough that I heard it with my ear plugs in and that is rare. It didn’t last but it obviously got windy at some point for Bill to have brought the awnings in too. That’s when I like it to rain and that shower certainly was enough so I didn’t have to water the garden.

I walked up to check it out and boy do things look happy! Yay! We had lunch, eggs and bacon for Bill and bacon with a lunch plate for me. Dishes were taken care of net and then Bill stretched out for a snooze and I started today’s post. I usually start it early, as I think I’ve mentioned before, in the hopes it is finished in a day. Lately, I haven’t been doing that and you have seen the results. I’m working on a crossword puzzle in between other things and after checking my book list to see if I’ve read a couple of books I kept from John, I was happy that I hadn’t read them.

Over at the Acreage, Bill, Emily and Cody brainstorm and solve some issues

I decided to read the Harry Bosch story by Michael Connelly called The Black Echo. Bill has read the e-book version so once I finish it, we can move it on out. 😊 That’s important. At 2:30 I got up out of my chair after trying to doze off for a bit and we packed a cooler to go to the Acreage. My sister, Audrey and Tom were arriving this afternoon from Quebec and Emily, Mike’s daughter, was renting them her trailer.

The 5th wheel is a WildCat by Forest River and it’s quite a nice one although not new. There were some issues with it that Bill was able to help them with, getting it set up and finding what needs attention. Emily and Cody took notes, mental or otherwise. After a couple of hours, A & T arrived and Bill was still puttering away with the water pump/tank etc. and the hot water heater connection and electrical. They shouldn’t have any problems during the week when Tom stays there. Bill is a phone call away.

Bill doing his orientation because he knows it, loves it and enjoys helping others

We headed home after 6. I was feeling quite hungry which was good since we were having bbq’d thick pork chops. You know that’s not anywhere near a fav of mine so being ready to eat was a good thing. Keith gave us a tip when he was here on how he cooks the thick chops so we tried that. I almost ate it all but the main thing is that I ‘enjoyed’ what I did eat. The small piece leftover will go with the pork loin from the other night into a stir fry as one of my readers suggested. 😊

Surprisingly, I enjoyed the pork chop

We had a salad on the side and a couple of keto peanut butter fat bombs for dessert. Bill wanted to run our 50’ electrical hose over to the Acreage for the two fivers to connect to (Gayle and John’s Montana is there for John as well) so I did the dishes and sent him over. I worked on my blog in between a few more answers to the crossword and then sat and read for a while. The new book has the longest chapters known to mankind; I think. Good grief, Michael, what were you thinking?

Bill hung Woody the woodpecker that Keith made for me
Isn't he gorgeous? 😁

This day was a hot one and I think we were grateful that it wasn’t full sunshine. The humidity was quite extreme. We’re not complaining as it seems the alternative for August could be cool, wet and cloudy. It is the strangest summer month for weather. It can change in a heartbeat. 

When Bill returned, he came inside and found something on tv to watch for the evening. It was a great day. Sad to see our friends leave but still a very good one.

Good night y'all!

Thank you for stopping around.

Friends Say Goodbye, We Know How to Par-Tay!

The Ridge

It was nice to be able to lounge in bed a little longer on Saturday, Aug. 8th. No cleaning or work of any kind to get up for. When we did get up, I slipped on a hoody and went for my 2-mile walk. It was a beautiful morning, no breeze and only 12C/55F which is perfect when it’s sunny. I enjoyed the walk, nothing exciting to see but I got a good leg stretch.

I wasn't alone - the sunshine accompanied me

The beckoning tree on North Line

Back home, I had my tea and sat to finish my delayed posting, again. Bill called me outside at 8:30 as Marlene and Benno were packed up ready to pull out. We said our goodbyes and I got a couple of pictures of them before they pulled out. It was really nice to have them up here and we hope they return at another time. I do believe they enjoyed themselves too even though there wasn’t much going on this year. Another year, we could at least take them to our Keady market.

Goodbye Marlene and Benno!

Obviously, Benno said something funny here

After they left, Keith went with Bill to the Acreage to get a bladder of water. Kim and I sat in the half shade/half sun reading our books and chatting. When the guys returned, they went down to the Hangar and before I knew it the big red Telemaster was running again and it was touring around on the grass in the field. Yay! Progress! I knew Bill would be happy about that. It was pretty impressive so I took a short video for him and he can smile about it later.

The beauty who visited us

Keith got his drone out with the goggles
Now that was a neat 'virtual' experience!

It has its own landing pad

The afternoon zipped by and when 2:30 rolled around my sisters, Gayle and Donna plus their hubbies, John and Gerry popped over from the Acreage for Happy Hour. I had made some devilled eggs in Madame IP, cut some cheese, salami and radishes for a snack and with our drinks, I think it was appreciated. When they left around 5, we moved to the shade and it was just the 5 of us once more, like last winter.

The Telemaster takes a walk around the field

A few pictures of our Happy Hour group today
Far side, Gayle, Donna, Gerry, John

Kim, Ken, Keith, Bill

A picture from the berm (southwest)
The Richard's RV Ridge
By reservation and invitation only

At 6:30 or so, Bill grilled us cheese and bacon burgers and because we had no burger buns we had them in sausage buns. Was that ever good! The buns were fresh and I put all thoughts of carbs out of my head as I finished every bite. 

I'd do this again, it was yummy

We got the dishes done and Bill went out to get the fire going. Everyone gathered for our last fire together this month. Bill had the boys help him take the big plane apart and put it away.  At minimum, two people make it much easier getting that large fuselage into the cargo trailer – just so.

Keith brought a few fire crackers and set them off
That was cool!

We enjoyed another calm evening at the fire but for some reason, I was worn out and at 9 I was the first to say goodnight. I came inside and finished the last 3 chapters of Plum Island. It wasn’t just a good mystery; it was well-written with many, many comical things inserted into the main character. I loved it. This was a great day with friends and some of our family too.

The grand finale had Oreo hiding under their trailer
Good night!

Thank you for your visit too!

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Morning Job, More Company Arrives, Another Lovely Afternoon

 The Ridge

It was 6:00 am when I first moved and looked at the clock on Friday, Aug. 7th. Good, maybe time for a bit more sleep. I was in the midst of a dream, time with my sisters which is appropriate at this time of year, and I fell right back into it until 6:20 when I forced myself to wake up. Rising at 6:35 was still a real push and I told Bill he could stay in bed if he wanted.

Such a nice sky this morning

By the time I came out of the bathroom, he was also getting up. I had a job to do in town and he wanted to get the front grass cut as well as the berm area. At my request he did a lower cut up there so we could ‘maybe’ get a game or two of Bocce Ball in with our guests. Hmmm, I’m not sure that is going to happen but a least the hill is prepared.

Bill cuts grass on the berm

Marlene walks the pooches
Of course they find different directions to sniff

When I returned from town, Bill was still finishing up with the grass so I had my tea and sat to publish yesterday’s blog. It was small and this one will be too since we really aren’t going anywhere or doing anything other than sitting around with our books. Us ladies, mostly. The guys are taking turns down with Bill and sitting with us. Keith texted Bill around 9 that he was on his way from Aylmer so we knew we’d see him around noon.

A few pictures I took around the Ridge
The top 3 are from the back field looking east towards our area
The bottom tree is laden with small apples and my petunia filled back hoe

He had his shower and we had lunch at 11:30 so that was out of the way. When Keith pulled in with his cargo trailer (c/w bed and everything he needs), we greeted each other and it was wonderful to see him and Oreo. She was excited to get out and run around. I had little flashbacks (I missed them in the 70’s!) of our winter together. It was such a fun time with these guys.

A view from the southwest corner

Less than last year, but still missing the Aljoes, the Fonts and the Goodens
all who had other things going on 

The rest of the afternoon was much the same as yesterday. Lots of reading, moving our chairs around from sun to shade and back again. It was a warm day, reaching a lovely 24C/76F so we were grateful that the coolness was gone or at the very least delegated to overnight temps for sleeping. Marlene and I fed the Chippys as we sat in our lawn chairs and got some cute pictures of the little charmers.

More property views
Top right is the front field freshly cut

Around 2, Bill and I had the call that Black Beauty was ready for pick up, new certificate and 2 new front tires. We were pleased with the price and the service we received. When we returned, we were not surprised to find Suzie was here for an afternoon visit. She had informed us earlier that she was coming today. 😊 It was very nice to see her and she stayed for a couple of hours during Happy Hour. We all sat in the shade. During the early afternoon, Marlene, Benno and I played ‘chase the stick’ with Oreo and she got her afternoon exercise.

Marlene was pleased that Chippy took peanuts from her

Oh yes, he loved her generosity

Bill and Keith went down to get the Telemaster back together and I was happy around 6 to hear that it was running and running well. That’s about as much as I know, other than it looks good and Bill is happy for Keith’s expertise and 'hands on' help. 

Keith and Oreo arrive around noon hour

Oreo greets everyone
She's such a sweetie

I came in to rub the pork ribs for supper. The mixture is one with a few spices but we love the way they turn out so why change it? After Bill put his things away, he came up to see what he could do to help but I'd already lit the Weber.

Keith helps Bill with the plane

Suzie arrived to complete the Happy Hour group today
The ladies under the tree's shade

The men in the shade of the Bunky

After 20 minutes cooking and a 17-minute NR, he crisped them up with sweet and sour sauce. Inside, I put a salad together on our plates as that is all we’ll need. Supper was late but at 7:30 Bill started the fire for the rest. That is what is nice with our groups up here. You can sit around the fire if you choose and you can say goodnight at any time. There is no pressure and no judgement. We are enjoying the evening ‘campout’ part as much as the daytime ‘campout’.

Oreo loves to play

Supper was a delicious and with dishes done, we donned our long pants and met outside. Well, I put jeans on, Bill remained in his shorts, hot-blooded fellow that he is. He sat closer to the fire. 😊 

The Schneider setup

Yummy ribs

It was a nice fire and a lovely evening. No wind to speak of, bright stars in the cloudless sky. Our guests took turns heading off to bed after 9:00 and I stayed out until 10 before saying goodnight to Keith and Bill. I wasn’t ready for bed yet so read my book until 11. I’m enjoying this story.

As the sun was setting, pink fluffies decorated the blue sky

Such a nice fire it came out the top tonight
Good night!

This was another great easy-going day. I hope you are enjoying some nice days too. Your comments are always welcome.