Saturday, May 23, 2020

Paradise by the Ridge Morning Light, A Gift from Above?

The Ridge

It was 6:15 when I first opened my eyes enough to see the clock on Saturday, May 23rd. The bed was empty beside me. In my deep sleep, I didn’t even hear him move let alone get up. The door to downstairs was closed indicating he was letting me sleep. About 20 minutes later I got up. He was downstairs drinking his coffee so I checked the temperature outside and after a good morning kiss, went for my walk.

This is this morning's walk
And the bug hat in place
Already 11C/52F and no wind at all was encouragement to wear just my Az hoody and take my bug hat in my pocket. The added weight this morning was my large Canon camera. The strap isn’t as long as Bill’s, something I’d like to rectify one day – inexpensively, but I put it over my head anyway. If I’m in the dropsy stage, I don’t want to take a chance. LOL It was a lovely walk down Baptist Church Road and back to the tune of a tight 2 miles.

this was yesterday's walk
I was able to retrieve my pictures from my camera

I like the shadows on the pavement
Back home, I made my tea and sat reading on my laptop. The reason for the title of my post is because today is a ‘special’ but sad day. It was 2 years ago that my father-in-law (Dad) passed away. It doesn’t seem possible it has been that long and yet in some senses, it seems longer. Sad in a way that life just keeps plugging along at such a pace. Yet, again, it is a good thing it does or we’d all be at a standstill.

Dad, was a joy, making the best of everything
A kind, calm classy gentleman
We miss him terribly and at the same time are very glad that he isn’t here to see what has become of the state of our world. He is in a better place right now but that doesn’t make light of the heart pangs when we think of him. We are sure Dad is sending this good weather down to us on this memorable day. He sure loved the heat and the sunshine. Love you, Dad. Before we got any further in our day, Bill called Marilynne to see how she was doing. We all share this loss today and it's nice to touch base.

Bill made a second coffee and put a string of solar lights around our little damaged tree. He also got out the bag of individual solar lights and placed 5 around the gardens and those without pegs, in the trees. I’m anxious to see them tonight as they are certainly getting enough sunlight today. Speaking of which, we are getting bonus hours from our solar panels these days. That makes us happy.

The solar lights wrapped around the tree
The same tree
Here you can see the healthy branch leaves
and in the forefront, leaves yet to pop on the damaged branches
When my tea was finished, I also went out to the Bunky. Nothing else to do, really, but open the outside doors and sit and paint rocks. I was on a roll and with the radio playing the rock classics, I was quite content. 

For the time being, the Bunky is my paint palette
I chatted by text with Donna this morning and she is doing well and then a chit chat with my buddy, Pat. They are also doing well. 😊 It was 10 when I was ready for my coffee so made that and took it back out with me.

The plain ones should make sense soon
Within an hour, I had enough rocks ready to be glossed with a clear spray. Outside on a couple of boards I spread them out, flipping them after a few minutes to do the other side. I was running out of ideas to paint so had to search for some on FB and Google. There were a lot of fun suggestions and so I ‘stole’, er, borrowed some. I just enjoy ‘trying’ to replicate the professional looking faces and cacti.

These are in the prep stage
I took a walk down the lane around 11:30 and the pesky flies seemed to be non-existent until my walk back up but I had my netted hat in place. Deb D. would be happy, but we’re not particularly, the front field is already dotted with bright yellow dandelions. Bill just cut it the other day. Obviously, that just spread their glory around even more. I don’t hate them and we’ve never made huge attempts at trying to contain the persistent weeds. (Sorry Deb but they are weeds 😊

My lunch
The crackers were only necessary to ward off the spice
but I enjoyed the soup
Bill had grown tired of the job he was doing on his plane and was at a point where he needed to take a break anyway. When he moved inside the Suite, I followed and prepared to make our lunch. He suggested something different and I was all ears. He felt like just having a peanut butter and cheese sandwich and that worked for me! I boiled some water and had myself a Ramon noodle soup. It said Spicy Chicken and they weren’t kidding but it was good. I had water close by.

These 3 pictures are out of order
but I wanted you to see the mistiness across the pond this morning

I had the ingredients out to make a cherry pie for my sweetie but since he was dozing in his chair, I sat beside him in mine. I don’t know why I’m feeling tired too but there you have it. We both rested. Before Bill dropped off, or just as he did, Gerry called to say he was on his way to Owen Sound to pick Donna up from the hospital! Wow! She must have been a model patient and they are sending her home a day early. Good stuff!

One family was across the road this morning
Mid-afternoon I made a cherry pie and an apple crumble pie but didn’t bake them until around 5 o’clock. It was already warm inside the Suite. 27C/80F outside and 26C/79F inside. Well, that’s not too bad. We’ve managed to keep it cooler in here with the awnings extended and windows open. There was a nice calm breeze coming in the windows and while the pie baked, I went upstairs for a nap. I had set it for half-time so I could remove the tin foil around the crust and then cooked them for another 35 minutes.

Getting ready to make my hubby happy
I only made single crusts so for the apple crumble topping
I used the crumble from the unsuccessful cookie recipe I got
from Pat
I knew it would come in handy!
 They were done just after 6 and I warmed up the last portion of lasagna and put Caesar salad on our plates. It was just enough, especially with a piece of cherry pie for dessert! I wanted to mix up some whipped cream but didn’t get that done so tomorrow I’ll do that. Bill loves cherry pie, it’s his favourite, so he doesn’t need anything else with it. It is pretty sweet for me so I’ll be happy with the topping.

It was a great day. I didn’t notice as many of the black flies today and later this afternoon when I sat outside on the patio, only a couple made themselves visible. Maybe this is the end of them already. Fingers crossed. 

I got some rocks finished, some baking done and the floors swept. That’s enough for one day. After dishes, as I was sitting typing my post, look what I saw out the windows. More babies!!

Mama DUCK escorts her 10+ babies across the pond
They are so tiny and adorable!
Good night!

I hope you have had a wonderful day and evening. Thank you for popping in to see what we’re up to.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Summer Weather, Connecting with Friends, He-Shed, She-Shed

The Ridge
On Friday, May 22nd, I was up out of bed first and that doesn’t happen often. I opened blinds and then got stuff out for our morning drinks. It was a lovely 14C/57F outside so I slipped on my Arizona hoody and trotted on down the lane. Bill slipped into the shower, I’m sure anxious to get the film of OFF off. Teehee. It was a beautiful morning, clear blue sky and gorgeous sunshine.

Because I don't have a lot of pictures today,
I thought I'd share these that came up on my phone
from 4 years ago. So, our first year up here.
Notice how small the spruce trees are

I can't believe the change
I wasn’t prepared for the black flies though as I never had any on yesterday’s walk. They weren’t terrible but bad enough that I kept my mouth closed while walking as much as possible. I know they are drawn to the carbon dioxide we exhale when breathing. Good grief! I refuse to stop doing that! I was covered from head to foot with the exception of my head and hands so hopefully they didn’t get me.

A different angle of the garden
I touched base with my sister, Donna, while walking and let her know that we are thinking of her today. Without going into any personal details, she is having a procedure today.  Naturally, it makes us anxious until our loved one is out of surgery and in recovery. Not sure when we’ll hear from Gerry that all is well. It is too nice of a day to be stuck in a hospital and yet that is where he would like to be, waiting. They don’t allow that during this pandemic which we think is horrible for anyone

this was another picture from 4 years ago
Donna and I realized we had the exact same top on
I thought it was fitting for today since she was
on my mind a lot

Back home, Bill was sitting with his coffee so I joined him at the table. He covered up, head to toe, with protection and went out to cut the back field. I’m sure that disturbed their grass sitting and explains why his hands were bitten. He forgot to put gloves on until part way through the cut. Inside, I leisurely had my tea and read friend’s comments and blogs.  

A view out the clean window at the back
I told you about the window cleaning yesterday and I’m happy to report that through the sun, the windows are much better for my efforts. I got out the Windex and cleaned the insides and then the bedroom and bathroom mirrors. Aaah, much better! Sitting at the table, it is awesome to see and be able to take pictures without any additional streaks from dirty views.

A view out the side
I have the fun job in the mornings deciding what to have for supper as I need to get meat out of the freezer. Bill is helpful sometimes with this but not always. I was torn but found chicken thighs and pork chops and got a pack of each out to thaw. Bill likes the chops, I like the thighs so I will cook half of each pack tonight and then on Sunday night, do it again. We have leftover lasagna for Saturday night to share with a salad and rolls.

Our peony bush up on the berm is happy
That decided, I went out to water the repotted plants. I needed the hat with netting while at the water pump, the bf’s were thick around me. Then I rushed into the Bunky closing the door behind me. I swept it out and sprayed well with Raid to kill the critters that followed me in. I opened the 2 windows and liberally sprayed the screens. I may as well be as close to the outdoors as possible and the fresh air coming in was wonderful. I got my rocks and paints out before vacating it for 15 minutes.

One of my healthy evening primrose
When I returned, it was a fresh air room with no bugs that greeted me. 😊 Bill was puttering around and eventually ended up in his bug-free environment inside the Hangar. At noon I made our lunch of b & e and after dishes we were back at it. I remembered to put the awnings out this morning, ‘before’ the sun got around to the north side of the Suite. Well, the northwest. This will help keep the interior a moderate temperature.

I made the birds happy today by filling the 2 feeders up here
and putting out orange pieces for the orioles
After dishes, we sat and made a phone call to our travel friends in Tavistock. We want to keep in touch and weren’t surprised to hear they were enjoying a couple of days at their cottage. We were surprised to hear that they were under overcast skies with the possible chance of rain. It was nice to catch up and to hear that they are doing well. Before saying goodbye, Jo-Anne promised to give Higgins a hug for me. He's such a sweet cuddle.

Time to head back out. Wait! It is only 1 o’clock and the mail lady just drove by. Good grief, her schedule is sure willy-nilly these days. I’ll cover up and walk to the mailbox to see if she left anything before settling back in with my painting. I might have forgot to tell you that my Purolator package ‘did’ arrive yesterday. It was shoved in the mailbox sometime in the afternoon and I didn’t see it until I checked on our out-going mail this morning. Glad I did or the mail lady wouldn’t have seen the cards way at the back.

My t-shirt and 2 buffs plus stickers
So, this afternoon went from good to bad. When I was down retrieving the mail at 1:30, I was juggling mail, my phone, sunglasses and the stupid bug hat and dropped my little Canon camera. Oh no! Oh yes.  Of course, I was trying to take a picture when it fell so the lens was out. The lens won’t close and the camera won’t turn on. I’m just sick about it. It is like my right arm and I haven’t had it that long. I walked back all teary-eyed trying it over and over, shaking it in case sand got in it but it just won’t work.

One last memory picture from May 2016
I think this was taken at Rock Glen,
our home park in Arkona
Putting that behind me and knowing we bought a warranty for it (which may or may not benefit) I moved on to more rock painting. I didn’t get any completed so no picture. Speaking of pictures, what I took up until 2 pm is on the SD card in the camera, so you get what I took on my phone and my big Canon since then. I will just avoid taking ‘sky’ photos or we’ll all be seeing spots. When Bill came in, I sadly told him what I did and he felt my pain. His magic fingers couldn’t do any more than mine did.

Bill and I watched NCIS, naturally, and this time
the shots taken in New Orleans had more meaning
We've been up there!
At 5:30, I started Madame IP and sautéed chicken thighs and Bill’s chop. They took 10 minutes of cooking and 10 minutes release time. It was during the release that we remembered we were unplugged from power. The batteries were still an impressive 12.7. On the side we had Caesar salad. Both the chicken and the pork were done perfectly. I need to remember those times, supper was delicious! We finished the last little bit of ice cream for dessert.

We've seen this view
And there are the coach rides that we walked by
After dishes, I worked on my post and then took a short walk out to close up the Bunky. I could leave the windows open but we don’t like leaving the outside door open. We watched some tv while I finished posting. We'd heard from Gerry around 4:30 and then I texted Donna when she was in her room. Things went well so I can relax now (sometimes you just never know, you know?) and she can too. Hopefully, she'll sleep, the best cure-all. 

This looks like dark clouds but they really weren't
This was a great day. I do wish we could have actually been outside more instead of in refuge in our sheds. Soon we hope. The temperature reads 25C/77F. I do believe we lost spring somewhere and jumped right into summer. I hope you enjoyed your day and are all still remaining healthy.

Supper was wonderful!
good night all!

Thank you for stopping in. Your comments are always appreciated.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Let’s Get Dirty! Garden Time, Unwelcome and Welcome Critters

The Ridge
On Thursday, May 21st we were awake around 6:30 before dropping off again until 7:30. We got up to greet this glorious day. If you got tired of hearing me complain about the cold, wet and windy stuff, now you’ll get the repetitive joyfulness over warm, sunny, calmness. Today just feels perfect. Inside the Suite it was a cool 14C/58F (which doesn’t sound cool, does it?) but outside it was 11C/52F and it felt warm. The sky was clear blue and the wind minimal so I took myself out for a walk.

Normally this is a good spot to work on my potting

The pond looked pretty this morning
 There is something about the solitude of a country road in the morning. I layered too much right off the bat and on my return trip had to remove my hoody and windbreaker. Duh, so overdressed today but it was a wonderful walk. I came in for a tea and Bill filled me in on his plans for the day. He has been waiting for a guaranteed warm day to empty his cargo trailer so he can work on it. I was going to take my tea outside but remembered I hadn’t posted my blog yet. Oops!

Some 8 year old lost his birthday balloon

It was getting late last night when I finished the write-up and although I’d downloaded the pictures, I was too tired to finish. We sat together and watched some tv together and soon after 10, I had to say goodnight. It felt warm in the bedroom but I must have been comfortable as I didn’t hear Bill come to bed, whenever that was. I slept well. So, this morning, I popped my pictures over and published. With that finished my work day would begin.

I saw a wild turkey across the fields

So, I waited until he opened his magnificent tail feathers
There were 3 geraniums to be potted as well as 12 tomato plants and 8 pepper plants that needed to be planted in the garden. Gosh, it feels good to be out there moving forward. The only downer is the peskiness of the black flies. The unwelcome critters. Wouldn’t it have been nice if the cool weather had killed them all off and we’d not see them this year? No such luck. Bill was trying to work and I could see them flying around his head. He was hoping the stinky OFF that he sprayed on last night would work but it wasn’t.

A female oriole found the other oranges

And these critters came up the hill to check out the bugs
Grass is always greener, don't you know?

Can you believe how big these babies are getting?
Still cute little fluff balls
I set up stuff in my ‘new’ potting area by the Bunky and they were crazy around me too. In the storage shed, I dug out my hat with the netting so I wouldn’t get bitten. Even though I could see them on the outside of the netting, they couldn’t get me. “Nya nya nya nya nya. I’m smarter than you flies”. I didn't have many flowers to pot yet so it didn't take me long. I placed one geranium in the new garden and 2 others in individual pots. 

Bill got it all levelled for me and it's easy to work beside
our hand pump (water comes from the rain barrel)

Tomatoes and peppers are planted leaving
space for some onions and pumpkins
 I obviously need more plants. I want to put together a bigger pot for Bill’s Hangar and one more for the corner of the property oh! Plus, one at the front corner of the corral. There is an old tree stump there that I plant in. Next, I carted my stuff up to the vegetable garden plot and spaced the tomatoes and peppers. Then 8 cages went over top in preparation for their height. I still need to get some Dutch set onions and at least 1 pumpkin plant for Bill. I might need to buy seeds?

then I relaxed
I’m hoping to get a Purolator delivery today with my Alzheimer’s t-shirt and package for the walk. Donna got hers the other day and Cathy just texted that she got hers this morning. I emptied the dishwasher and started my post while drinking a coffee. We had sausages and eggs for lunch and then the rest of my day was low key. My back has had enough for the day and I’ll have to remember to do my yoga stretches tonight before bed.

Forgive the pictures of our tiniest critter visit today
He doesn't even look real!

I sprayed myself liberally and went outside to sit at the patio table and read. The wind dropped off considerably and the flag went from flopping wildly to hanging limply and that is lovely! The sun was hot and I could feel it seeping into my skin so kept switching my position from one chair to the next. Chair hopping, I believe is what Bob calls it. 😊 I took a walk down to check for mail and brought up the flyers. They don’t amount to much these days, so I only read the 2 grocery ads.

He sits in the tree to show me that he is pretty from the back side too
It was after reading through those that I remembered I was going to wash the back and other windows. I’m not sure what I can reach and I know Bill is busy in his trailer so I wasn’t going to bother him for the ladder. The thing is that we won’t know how good a job I did until the sun beats through it tomorrow morning. That’s when the streaks show up but I do have an excuse. I was on a 3-step ladder and could only put so much effort into it while maintaining balance. I’ll let you know!

I was waiting for him to turn his head
I was ready to move inside around 4 and turned NCIS on. Outside I’d been reading this new book by Joan Clark. Gayle recommended it so I wanted to give it a chance. It is way different than any of the latest books I’ve read. It is called An Audience of Chairs and I’ve made it to Chapter 4. They are long chapters so let’s hope I make it to 5! When Bill came in, we sat together for a while as he went through the flyers. The Princess Auto booklet kept him busy for a few minutes. This is his Canadian 'Harbor Freight' fix.

finally, he did
He lit the Weber before 6 and grilled us supper. I didn’t feel like a salad so had 2 hot dogs and he had 2 burgers. They were g-ooo-ood! We did the few dishes and relaxed for the night. It was a busy day and a hot one. We actually have windows open again and both awnings out. What a change! The Suite would need to cool down some before bedtime, it was 28C/84F inside tonight. Shorts tomorrow? Bill has his shirt off and pant legs rolled up. Woohoo! 😊

The flag was just hanging mid afternoon
This was a fun day and we’re glad that Donna and Gerry spent their whole day over at the Acreage as well. It was a good Vitamin D day!

I enjoyed my hot dogs tonight!
One with relish and one with sauerkraut
Good night everyone!
Thank you for your visit.