Sunday, December 13, 2020

Second Busy Day, First Christmas Meal

Paisley, On

On Saturday, Dec. 12th we moseyed around after getting up just after 7. Trying not to rush, because it is the weekend after all, but at the same time we wanted to get to Durham to clean asap. We left the house by 8. Upon arrival at the Mat, Bill noticed right away that someone had really been messing with a dryer. It is one Jamie has had trouble with but now they’ve really ‘screwed the pooch’. (forgive the expression)

Looks like a visitor with fair sized paws crossed our camp site
at the Ridge

We didn't bother opening the gate, instead walked up the lane
The pond is looking quite frozen but I don't know how thick

It's a whole new look, isn't it?

We cleaned and Bill texted Jamie to let him know and sent him a picture of the damage. This was a new electronic board, costing a lot of $ so we didn’t want it damaged any further by leaving it as is. It was before 10 when Jamie arrived and they set to work. Bill finished with the floors and then there was a lot of ‘brain work’ to get things apart and reset. My plan was to be home by noon so I could cook potatoes to take for our dinner this afternoon. We also made a trip to the Ridge to check on things and Bill wanted to pick up some tools. It was an opportunity for me to drop off some spring/fall unlined boots in the Bunky that I wouldn't need now that I have my new ones😊. 

Can you say 'buggers!!!'?
this is how we found it

That didn’t work out. Gayle and John and had invited us along with Donna and Gerry for a Christmas dinner. Arrival at 2, eat at 4, that was the plan. The Jell-o was in a jiggly mood because it seemed nothing went right from then on until we arrived at their house. It was 3:30. D & G were also later, arriving about 15 minutes before us. No matter, we poured drinks and relaxed. The guys sat in the living room while Donna and I kept Gayle company in the kitchen.

The guys enjoying some quiet time in the living room
Gerry and Bill


She had a lovely looking cooked bird on the countertop, gravy going on the stove and Donna’s turnip and dressing warming in the oven. Donna and I nibbled on the gizzard from the turkey that Gayle boiled, we love our inards! They were so tender. 

That bird is all ready for carving

And Gayle gets right in there

The dining table is all set and ready

Donna brought sweet potato and curry soup and cabbage salad. I took Madame IP with the mashed potatoes all ready but I kept it on ‘keep warm’ until we were ready to eat. They turned out great as did everything else that we had to eat.

Lots of food - yummy!
We know how to eat!

Dessert choices

Gayle outdid herself with double layer pumpkin, apple and mincemeat pies and homemade whipped and ice cream for topping. I took a small carrot cake that I’d picked up on sale at Walmart but it didn’t get touched so I brought it home. There was just too much food! 😊 We sat around with our wine and conversation until around 8 or so when we packed up and made our way home.

My plate of food with a nice glass of wine

And I even had room for her double layered pumpkin pie
the bottom layer is cream cheese

The forecast was calling for 100% rain all day and we got that. It also indicated a chance of freezing rain but it was too mild at 6C/43F so we were not worried about that as we travelled. I think on the way home, the rain could have been partly snow but it didn’t stick on the ground during the rest of the drive. 

a picture with my sisters

Seated at the table

We were home in good time for me to sit and finish Friday’s blog post and then Bill caught a Hallmark movie at 9 with Wes and Susan. I plugged in my dvd player and watched Bridges of Madison County while crocheting on the bed. It was the next one in my folder, alphabetically. Sunday I will have to test the tv connection to my laptop that we picked up from Krystal Friday night.

With reflections from indoors you can see
their fifthe wheel is also bearing the winter this year

Not all things went according to plan today but it turned out to be a good day anyway. We had a nice Christmas dinner with some family and will play the rest of the holiday season by ear. I hope you had a wonderful day!

December 12, 2017 in the Suite
at Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Who would do that to the dryer? Did they get it fixed? The food all looked so yummy. Another wonderful day for you and the family.

    1. People get frustrated with machinery when it doesn't work and if they had a problem with it, that could be the reason. Doesn't make sense to me but hey, there are strange 'animals' out there! Ha ha Jamie got it temporarily disabled but in a safe way until he can replace the lock.

  2. You've had a couple of busy days, lots of driving. Hope you get a good rest today!

    Take care and stay well.

  3. What a gift having family close by to celebrate Christmas with this year. Had you gone south for the winter that wouldn't be happening. One of the many blessing the whole lockdown thing gave you,right? -Mary

    1. Yes, we were fortunate. Funny thing is, my one sister in the picture (host) goes south as well so we've spent 2 or 3 of our 4 Christmases together. :) We do appreciate all the blessings we've had this year as any other. Thank you Mary.

  4. So nice to have your first Christmas dinner with your sisters. The food looked delicious. I think that dryer is way beyond me. Good luck!