Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Two More Sleeps, Excitement at Work, Quiet Day


Paisley, On

On Wednesday, Dec. 23rd we were both awake before Bill’s phone alarm went off. Just laying there waiting for his last day of work to begin. Then he was up and off like a shot. It was closer to 7 when I got up and went down for my tea. Leaving around 8:30 for Durham was the plan and a plan that came to fruition. Clear roads, cloudy but non-precipatory (my new word for the day?) skies meant a good drive.

I had a visitor at the Mat this morning and he brought Bill and I
a lovely red box full of Christmas goodies
(thanks Rob and Pat!)

It was quite the excitement at the Mat today and I actually missed it happening right outside the door! A Canpar driver had parked on the main street to deliver packages to Becker’s when 2 young people, male and female, hopped in his truck and sped down towards the laundromat. Making quite a wild turn, the female driver almost hit our customer vehicles but veered away and ended up on the front lawn of the house across the street. I didn’t hear a thing.

One of the washers leaked but again in front
of the drain so the floor got an extra washing

So, when a customer came in and told me the paparazzi in me had to go out and take some photos. The poor Canpar driver, although perhaps they shouldn’t leave their vehicles running, was going to be delayed. When I finished cleaning the Mat it was around 10:30 but I sat in Ptooties with a bird’s-eye view of the events before I headed out. I debated stopping and going into a couple of shops but with the town as busy as it was, I was just as happy to scoot home.

By the time I got outside, the Police had already arrived
and talked to any witnesses and the Canpar driver

I wish I'd heard the excitement
This fellow is the physio/chiropractor from beside the Mat
He saw it happen and was first on the scene to catch the
little thieves, holding the male down until the Police arrived
No CSI required here!

I took the back roads, which are all paved, again and was home within 40 minutes. I’ve got it down to a science now! I had my coffee, cheese, yogourt and pepperoni upstairs. Boy, was I surprised when I got a text from Bill at 12:45 that he was leaving Billy’s! I went down and unlocked the door for him. In the kitchen, I washed our morning dishes leaving the water in the sink for his thermos etc.

Within an hour, the tow truck had arrived

And th driver was able to drive away and finish his run

Around 2, I left my book with just a chapter and the Epilogue remaining, I walked to the post office. The mail box was jammed pack full! 3 Christmas cards, one with a nice package from Rita (thanks Cuz!) and a similar bundle for the landlords. That was a lot of mail and the kind we like to receive. 😊 I dropped them off at the house and then crossed the bridge to walk to the liquor store.

It was a pleasant drive to and from Durham today

I don't know how this barn survives our storms 
but it is still standing

Bill needed his Appleton’s rum and I wanted a sipping drink. Eventually, I am making an appearance in the local shops here in town. People are polite and I quickly found what I was looking for. It isn’t a big store by any means but it has everything you need. I walked back with the wind whipping around me. It was a strong but mild wind and I debated going back out again for my walk. Guess what? I changed my mind and instead went downstairs and made the cranberry sauce for Friday’s dinner.

I showed you a landmark yesterday for one of my turns
Well, here is another one
Corner of Mulock and Hwy #4

Bill was happy to be done work for the holidays and was tuckered out. After his snooze, we sat at our laptops while he worked on the bank statements and I fought to get into a website. We went a bit crazy with our data this month so it has slowed down from our usual quick speed. No complaints though, we still have unlimited, love our plan and no desire to switch.

Over the bridge to the liquor store

I crawled up on the bed and finished my book. It was good but there was quite a lot of information that I felt not necessary. Too many difficult names to pronounce and too many characters to remember but as a movie? It would be great just like the 3 Bourne movies we’ve watched and loved. Bill probably won’t read it so it can be dropped off at the Barn Book Exchange. 😊

Making cranberry sauce for our turkey

It was around 5:30 when we went downstairs to start supper. Just plain old cheeseburgers tonight. That’s funny because they are never ‘plain old’ the way we load them up. I skipped the bacon because we only have thick and it doesn’t taste the same on a burger. I fried them up and remembered to keep the label off the box we buy because these are the best ones I’ve ever bought. They are thick and juicy and delicious.

A filling loaded burger

We had the last of the chocolate pudding and whipped cream for dessert while watching the London news. There was a segment about video recording a parent as they decline during dementia. Not to be mean or embarrassing, but for a personal memory. When I think of the stages Mom went through, I wish I’d thought to do that. I do have some videos of her from last summer and I’m so grateful that I at least did that.

The sky was cloud filled but there were some
pretty pink spots
Maybe that is the weather change warning

After dishes, we did some online surfing and I sat on the bed to finish my crochet project. There isn’t much left, maybe 4 rows so I’d like to get it out of the way. Then, I’ll start the new book. This afternoon, at Donna’s request, I began an Avon order. I need to keep my account active so was grateful for her order. Too bad the system was so slow but at least it will be sent off on the deadline date. 

Here is a good shot showing how little snow we have
before the system blows in tomorrow night

This was a good day with a bit of excitement at work and some quiet days on the horizon. There is a weather system coming into south and mid western Ontario beginning at some point tomorrow, continuing until late Christmas Day. 

A sunset at Pilot Knob RV Resort
Dec. 23, 2018

It is mild enough to begin as rain but at some point will be changing to wet flurries and then accumulating snow. It could be a bit of a messy day to be out and about and we would like to do just that for a part of the day. It seems like a last day of freedom, aside from Christmas Day when we'll be staying put. We actually reached 5C/42F today which was pretty nice!

And Dec. 23, 2017
enjoying an afternoon Happy Hour at P.K.Resort
Taken by George 💓
Good night!
Sleep tight!

Thank you for your visit. Be good! Just 2 more sleeps!


  1. Are you forecast to get snow? Apparently it is going to starting raining tonight right through to Friday up our way. I was just talking to my daughter in the west end of Toronto and it was POURING rain hard the whole time we chatted.

    1. Hi Karen. Yes, rain today turning to snow this afternoon. A dumping overnight and tomorrow. forecasts are variable but anywhere between 5 to 15 cm by end of Christmas Day. Lots of rain though.

  2. Merry Christmas you two! Love the gift from Rob and Pat..too sweet! That was some excitement! The cheeseburger looks so yummy! Hugs!

    1. Thank you Ken and Shirley! Merry Christmas to both of you as well! It is a lovely gift and a surprise. Plus a special new ornament for our little tree.

  3. Merry Christmas from Kansas. Yours is usually the first blog I read every day.

  4. Wow, that was quite the bit of excitement with the Canpar truck. Glad no one was hurt and it doesn't appear there was much damage to the truck.

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  5. There are strange things happening around the holidays and taking the whole cargo including the Canpar truck really tops it. Great you captured it with your camera.
    Wishing you and Bill a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year without any health issues. Lets hope you and the rest of the snowbirds will be able to travel again in 2021. All the best!

    1. A little excitement that doesn't hurt anyone is good for the blog! haha
      Merry Christmas Marlene and Benno! (and of course Reggie and Elsa)

  6. Kids always think they can get away with things like that. Lucky nobody was seriously injured.
    Wishing you both a safe and Merry Christmas.

    It's about time.

    1. I guess we were also kinds once but those things NEVER crossed my mind. There were drugs and weapons found too so kind of scary.
      Merry Christmas Rick and Kathy.

  7. Glad you've got those back roads sorted out. I remember that giant bulldozer. And a Merry Christmas to you and Bill!

    1. Thanks F.G. The bulldozer has Santa inside waving at us too! :)
      Merry Christmas to both you and Maria. All the best in 2021.