Saturday, December 19, 2020

Lovely Sunshine Returns, Supporting Local

Paisley, On

On Friday, Dec. 18th there was nothing unusual about the start of our day. Bill got off to work and so did I. I left Paisley at 8 am and arrived at the Mat at 8:40. I like the quicker route on clear days. Today, there was a bonus sunrise for my drive. Gorgeous! 

This is what I get for going to work on a clear morning

The sky was completely blue to the east, west and south. There were 2 customers in the laundromat waiting for their laundry, an elderly man and his wife.

I miss seeing these

I was able to get the job done quickly and easily with no machines to run for testing or extra cleaning. It was 9:40 when I was out on the main street. I know that exact time as I’d stopped to pop into The Book Store and/or Going Once, Going Twice to look for a dvd. With a store opening of 10 they weren’t open yet. Darn, oh well. Actually, that was AFTER I went to get my water bottle filled so I was out of the Mat a few minutes early.

This blue house is the landmark at the corner
of Concession 4 and Mulock Rd where we turn

The road is a good one
with hard packed gravel that turns into pavement
The wee bit of traffic encountered on here makes it worth it

By the time I got home and backed in I was quite warm, dressed for the -10C/14F outside. I didn’t take in account the heat of the sun beating in through Ptooties’ windows. No complaint! I lugged the water, my lunch bag and purse inside and made my way upstairs with my pepperoni stick and thermos of coffee. The house was quiet, well, it usually is, with both guys at work. Around 11:30 or so, I got dressed for my walk.

I was trying to get a particular view here
but the camera wasn't showing it very well
It is a nice view down the road though

This is what I was aiming for
What you see off in the distance is not the mountains of Arizona or Nevada
but that is what I was reminded of
It is a heavy bank of clouds which stayed in the
low western sky for the day

Today’s destination was to the north and I walked as far as the fuel station, crossed the street to get a picture of the Paisley sign with the gingerbread, crossed back and headed east to the back street. The sidewalks were not cleared of snow that far down and only on one side so rather than retrace the same steps (boring!) I cut back onto North Street and caught up with the trail I like along the river bank.

Crossing the bridge I had to stop and get lost
watching the ice floe coming from the right

At this point it was all small pieces
but non-stop

I was fascinated (it doesn’t take much) to see the ice floe in the Saugeen. I hope the video opens for you, it is kind of cool.

For the first part of the trail walk, I was dumbfounded by all the untouched snow hills. Even though children are in school, has life changed so much from when I was a child? We’d get home, change our clothes and run outside in snow pants with a sled or toboggan. No such tracks on the first hills I saw.

Beside the LCBO (liquor store) is a parking spot for one police car

this is their Paisley 'office' 
Cute gingerbread policeman

With the sun at my back, this end of town you can see 
that the sidewalks are not cleared

But I wanted to get the Paisley greeter in a picture

I was playing with selfies today in the sunshine

Why not? Life is short
This wasn't supposed to be a wave, I was blocking 
the sun from my face

Later on, I was pleased to see evidence of sleds and/or toboggans. Made sense where they were too, into a green space away from bushes, shrubs and most important – water. 😊 That made me happy that those things are still fun for today’s little people. 

No toboggan tracks here

But lots here
Whee! The rides on me!

At Queen St. bridge, I crossed again and snapped some more photos of the dam and carried on up to Linda’s Barber Shop. I knew she had a phone # in the window and Bill needed a haircut.

All of those dead branches have made an interesting
ice sculpture

This is the west side of the main street

The timing was perfect as Bill had just texted from Billy’s on his way home. When I called Linda from outside her shop, we were able to book an appointment for Bill for 2:30. That would give him time to come home, shower, have a snooze and walk across the street. When he got home a few minutes after I got the mail and came in, I made a bowl of soup for myself. He’d eaten at his break earlier.

I wasn't sure that I could enter so just took a picture
so I could call for an appointment

So, at a few minutes after 2, Bill walked down and over to Linda’s. Just across the street and 4 businesses down. I stretched up on the bed with ‘Jason Bourne’ and was surprised when 15 minutes or so later, I heard him downstairs talking to Susan. He’s a new man and is very pleased with the new haircut. I’d considered doing it up here but he needed to have a professional cut every so often. It looks great but those wavy locks that I love are gone for now.

A nice cut

Can you say 'go away dear'?

We each read our books and passed the rest of the time until I could make the call to order our supper from Marty’s. His restaurant doesn’t open until 4. At 10 to 6, I walked across and picked it up. Classic burger and fries for Bill and Chicken Quesadilla for me. I pigged out and ate the whole thing tonight and we both were too full for dessert. It was good again. The place was packed tonight with a few dining in but most picking up for takeout.

Earlier today, I prepackaged the sausage into meal packs

As well as these large chicken legs and thighs
into 2 meals
Can you believe all this for $2.77?

I thoroughly enjoyed the quesadilla
obviously! I ate the whole thing!

We did the very few dishes since we ate right out of the takeout boxes and then came upstairs. At 7:30, Bill and I agreed to watch Jeopardy downstairs together so I took my blanket down and he went ahead to set our Christmas chairs up and find the channel.😊   I told him I'd watch a movie with him and that was our evening. Our chairs are roomy and comfortable. The seat might need a cushion if we're ever in them for more than a couple of hours but we are pleased with our gift to each other.

When the sun was out this afternoon
I noticed this view from in 'our' butler's kitchen
This is where our 4 Christmas cards are hanging

This has been a good day and I can tell that I walked almost 4 miles today. The ole legs feel tired. I hope yours was a good day. If you’re keeping track, 7 more sleeps!

Holtville, Hot Springs BLM, CA
Dec. 18, 2016
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.



  1. The Teeswater River is pretty. Looking like full blown winter now. Bill's hair looks great but I'm not quite ready for the clean cut handsome look yet. 😉 Nice to be able to just call in dinner. What a life! 😀

  2. The little video opened for me and the sound of the water rushing was fantastic. I'd be lost watching it too.

    Take care, stay well!

    1. Oh great! Thank you for commenting on that. I didn't go back and check.

  3. The police sign is just adorable! Your dinner looks amazing. Just saw on Pioneer Woman a sheet pan quesadilla, I'm going to make this week when grandson Adam is here! So easy and yummy! Love the pics of the snow and imaginary children playing :)

    1. Thank you, Shirley. I thought the police sign was worth a picture. I'm anxious to see how the quesadilla looks and tastes! :)

  4. Looks like another wonderful day in your Winter Wonderland.
    Dinner looks yummy.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It was a pretty good day for sure and dinner made for us - even better!

  5. Seven more sleeps,luv that,haven't heard anyone say it lately☺️ -Mary

  6. Patsy, I so enjoy your posts from Paisley! Happy 6 days before Christmas!

  7. Cute Gingerbread people in Paisley. That river is certainly lovely with the snow on the banks. Something about a blue sky even when it is cold that makes the day seem brighter. Love the mountain clouds in the distance. Stay safe.

    1. They are adorable, the little gingerbread people. :)
      The mountain clouds (I like that) remind me of what I'm missing.

  8. The river video was cool. Love the sound of water. Kids nowadays would rather play games inside on their devices than play outside in the snow. Too bad. With nothing else to do around here, I think trying to find food bargains like that would be a great idea.

    1. I'm glad the video worked, it was mesmerizing. :)
      We used to love bundling up and getting out in the snow. Even my kids were the same. It's sad that it is a dying playtime.