Sunday, December 20, 2020

Our Weekend Starts Quietly, Snowfall, Hallmark Movies


Paisley, On

Bill and I were up shortly after 7 on Saturday, Dec. 19th. I felt quite rested so it was another good night’s sleep. We brought our morning brew upstairs. I felt like some cereal and he had some toast so we had an early breakfast together. The weekends are the only time we can do that right now, since we’ve gone back to work again. Yup, retired my foot. Ha ha 😊

Shall we walk along the river?

We are both looking forward to some time off together. Well, Bill will get the week between Christmas eve day and New Years Day off from his work and I’ll take Christmas Day and New Years’ Day off from the Mat. He will likely come with me for the mornings that I do go that through that period. Nothing is in stone and I can always take a few more days off if something interesting comes up.

Yes, we shall!

We had a lazy morning and puttered around upstairs. I mopped ALL the floors in our room (ha ha) while he read his book. There is the bathroom, the closet and our main living area. I moved our things that sit on the floor in order to do a thorough job. I can tell Bill is hooked on the J.A. Jance story; they are quite addictive. The book I’m reading isn’t as exciting as Bourne’s movies but it is keeping me turning the pages.

I wondered if the green grass around the tree base would pop in this photo
but it is losing the battle to the white blanket

I also did a fair bit of crocheting today too, should be finishing up the project soon enough. The last ball of yarn is almost gone so then I’ll be done. We both did a fair bit of online surfing, some of it just going through our own pictures but most time passers. I could hear my tummy grumbling around 12 noon and wasn’t surprised because cereal is just a bowl of empty carbs. The only thing really good is the cream. 😊

This one pops!
An empty campsite waits for spring as we do

So, we went down and I opened a can of pea soup, one of my favourites. Habitant has always made a good split pea soup but it isn’t anything Bill likes. Therefore, I had a bowl and put the rest in the fridge for tomorrow. He made himself a sandwich and was just as happy. Earlier, some time in there between all that busy-ness, I had my shower. I don’t need to do any more baking today even though the shortbread cookies are all gone. We’ll give it a rest for a few days.

Obvious trails of snow machines
Someone is enjoying the snow

Around 1:30, I got dressed and headed out for a walk. It had started snowing before lunch hour but light fluffies, nothing that was really sticking to anything. It was mild at 2C/36F and they were more like rain flurries than anything. At least that is what seemed to be hitting my glasses as I walked. I went down along the river and could see a few more ice floes floating to the west before making my way through the back streets to the south and up to the main street again.

One store at the corner near the Go-Co Gas Bar & Variety store was having an indoor garage sale but I had no cash on me so there was no need to go in. Just on Saturday’s by the look of it. Back home, after 2 miles, I grabbed a Zero Coke for Bill and a diet Gingerale for me and came upstairs. My bookworm was stretched out on the bed and getting really close to finishing another book.

I walked to the edge of the bank when I saw
this unique formation of snow and ice
Just 'hanging' there
Soon, it will break up if this mild weather stays for a few days

We dozed for a little over half hour and when we woke were happy to hear that Sweet Pea (next door’s pooch) had stopped barking. I hope she’s alright, as looking out the window I see that they aren’t home yet. It’s a wonder that little dog isn’t hoarse from barking all afternoon. We were fortunate that Clemson wasn’t a barker and if he had been, we’d have done what we could to break the habit when we were away.

I see a family of bear across the lane
Ssssh! :)

For supper, we had some of the big sausage I’d bought on Thursday. We had hash brown potatoes and vegetable so a traditional type of meal. When we went down we were surprised to see that we were alone in the house but found a note that our landlords had gone out. We later learned they had called up to us but with our Christmas music playing and noses in our books, we didn’t hear them.

And further down, someone has renovated
and joined a park model home with their sticks and bricks
It is actually attached

Throughout our meal we watched the last half of a movie Bill had seen previously and thought I would enjoy. When it finished and after dishes, we moved directly into the games room to watch the 7:00 Hallmark movie. It was comfy in there tonight and I had my blanket over my knees. This movie wasn’t too bad, it improved in the second half.

Food for the winter creatures
These apples, although in rough condition, still clinging

My camera button got switched accidentally at one point
so it gave me several variations of each picture
This one is pretty

Yum, this was a tasty meal

The cherries made a nice 'sweet' addition
to my cheesecake

I was feeling tired so when Wes and Susan returned and told us they’d be watching the 9:00 movie upstairs, knowing that I liked the main character, I decided to sit in there with the ‘group’ and watch it too. Wow! 2 ½ half Hallmark movies is way over my limit but these were enjoyable enough for me to stay awake. 😊 There are two more on Sunday night but I think I’ll stay in our room and read/crochet and/or watch a dvd.

I don't think I showed you our Christmas presents to each other
If I did, sorry, here is a repeat
They are making for comfy seats while watching tv in the games room

Bill's bragging rights
Oldest daughter, Yvonne and her family

Here are those handsome young men in living colour

Bill's 3rd daughter, Krystal and Matt
Thank you to all of you for sending family pictures
with your Christmas cards

The snow didn’t seem to last or if it did, it was light enough not to be a hindrance. Susan mentioned that the roads weren’t bad at all. Being it was 11 pm when the movie ended, we both crawled straight into bed. Hence, the late blog posting. It was a nice easy day for us and we enjoyed the quiet time together.

Dec. 19, 2017
We were staying at Rose and George's in Lake Havasu City, AZ
What a view!
Soon to move on to Pilot Knob RV Resort, CA
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Glad the weather is holding off and that you will both have some Holiday Time together.
    Nice Family Pictures.
    Better to wait until you return from a cold walk for your shower. Less chance of catching pneumonia.
    Watching Hallmark Movies seems to be our way of relaxing from current events.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, I'm happy too about Bill getting the time off. :)
      Hallmark movies aren't realistic enough for me but I'm glad you and so many others enjoy them.

  2. Hope you had a good day today too. Cold and damp here.

    1. Thanks FG. the cold and damp has our body temps going up and down like yo-yos. A few milder days ahead and then bitter cold over Christmas.