Thursday, December 17, 2020

Winter Walk, Book Drop, Crossing Guard Chat, Colour Splashes, Snowy White

Paisley, On

On Thursday, Dec. 17th things went as per usual. Bill was up at 5:30 and out the door by 6:30. Looking out the window at Edward’s car, it doesn’t look like Jack Frost visited which is odd since it was only -7C/19F. Remember when we used to look at the windows in our homes as children and admire his frosty drawings? I do, they were always so unique and intricate. I got up closer to 7 and slipped down for my tea and some cereal with half banana and cream.

The sidewalk wasn't clear but it was easy to walk on
Colour splash - pretty obvious here

Back in our room, I caught up on the blog postings from our friends. Some of you are making me drool with the lovely weather, not to mention any names. Doug and Deb! 😊 Keep those pictures coming, I’m not opposed to drooling. I knew I needed to push myself this morning in order to get a walk in so that is exactly what I did. I bundled in a nice warm turtleneck sweater, long coat, tights, leggings, high boots, scarf, winter ball cap plus ear ‘muff’ AND I doubled up on the mini gloves today.

A speck of red and yellow against the winter scene
of the trail

I remembered to grab the bag with 3 books plus my ski poles. That was a bit awkward (the bag kept banging against the pole) so I clipped them together and just used them on my right-hand side. I was still braced from falling. Okay, now that you’ve got the picture in your head of this stuffed, layered ball walking down the street are you thinking of the movie Christmas Story? Ha ha. I’m not that bad, really, I could get up if you pushed me over!

to the east, towards town

I walked main street to the south and met the crossing guard lady. I didn’t really need her to get me across the street but she said she’s getting paid anyway so she’d be happy to. We got to chat for about 10 minutes at least and it was nice to meet her. Her name is still only ‘crossing guard lady’ but that’s okay. I’d likely forget her real one anyway and visa versa. She was surprised about the Exchange Barn Box on the trail, after having lived here a long time, she knew nothing about it. Too funny, it’s always the way.

Looking to the west
Teeswater River

Carrying on, I dropped my books in the 'barn' and then used the ski poles properly all the way to the train trestle bridge. I walked across but let me tell you how unnerving that was! The creaking and groaning from the frosty snow-covered boards had my heart in my throat. Silly, I know, but still. 

Her jacket was the colour splash here

I met a young lady walking her two dogs, a pretty brown and black striped boxer and an older lab who both were happy to let me pet them. Most dogs love any attention they can get and these were no exception.

Too bad there wasn't a red apple on the bench
but it is still a nice wintry scene

It was cold out, believe me, but other than my fingers feeling it the most, I was pretty toasty. I slowed down long enough along Mill St. to take a picture of the river and bench when I noticed just the right thing. Another splash of colour! 

I couldn't zoom in too much on my phone camera

But once I downloaded it, you can see the berries better
Not clearly but better

And then another one within just a few steps. My camera battery died right then so my phone camera (gloves off – brr) was required. I’m glad for the backup.

These leftover pumpkins look nice in the surroundings

When I got back, I was warmed a-plenty and moved upstairs. Before Susan and Wes left for some shopping around 10:30 she found me some grocery flyers so I could peruse them for tomorrow’s stops on the way home from work. With Christmas next week (!!!) I wanted to be sure to have anything we might need or want without having to stop again. The stores will be even crazier than they are now.

These are the books I dropped off

I made up short lists for 3 stores to stop in and then started my blog. For lunch, I warmed up the leftover meatballs and the last 2 crescent rolls and that hit the spot. There were a few small containers of things that needed to be tossed from the fridge so I cleaned those out as well. Bits of gravy, tomatoes and sour cream, things I think we’ll have but then don’t.

I'm hoping this one isn't a disappointment

Bill and I both finished our books last night so I’ve moved on to The Bourne Imperative by Robert Ludlum/Eric Van Lustbader. We’ve loved watching the trilogy on tv and have our own copies of the movies (love Matt Damon) so I’m hoping I enjoy this. I went down and washed up our dishes from this morning and then came up to read for a bit. I don’t have the mail key so no point in walking up there. I think Bill is expecting another parcel, as am I, but not by royal mail.

So, I drove to the north to Port Elgin

It's only 15 minutes so a nice easy drive

Shortly after W & S returned, Susan showed me of a great deal they got at the Independent in Port Elgin on chicken legs and thighs. .49¢/lb!!! I had my 3 stores to stop at tomorrow to stock up on food so instead of doing that, I hopped in the car and drove the 15 minutes in the opposite direction. I’m not familiar with the P.E. stores but they are all easy to find on the main street (hwy 21).  I managed to get the chicken, 4 pack legs and thighs attached for $2.77. That’s crazy good!

I also was able to get everything on my lists between there, Giant Tiger and Walmart, most items at sale prices so I came home a happy 'camper'. Figures that as I was on my way home, 12 minutes away, Bill texted that he was also on his way from Billy’s, 12 minutes away. He’s seldom home that early so I upped my speed a notch and told him to slow down a bit. Other than a slow down (and stop) on the way, it was pretty good timing as we met in the laneway. I need to get Ptooties backed in first or it involves a little more jiggling. 😊

Here is the amazing reason I had to slow down and then stop

It’s all good, he pulled out, I backed in and then he followed. I even was successful cramming, er, I mean placing all the goodies in the fridge. We won’t be starving any time soon. Tomorrow, after work all I need to stop for is RO water in Durham and then scoot home to separate the meat parcels into meal sizes before freezing them. We came upstairs and online I transferred the $ spent on food from our Grocery A/C into our chequing and Bill will do the Quicken update on his laptop.

If you can believe it, he was on this pole when I drove through
at 2 pm but with a vehicle behind me, I couldn't slow down
I fervently prayed that he would be there on my return trip

He had a snooze and I went down to make a cup of tea. That was it for the afternoon but I’m very pleased to have it all done and to get some great deals too! Thanks Susan! We had a simple supper of bacon, eggs and stove top stuffing. It actually all went well together. I had more little tomatoes with my meal. It was good and we finished it off with a piece of my cheesecake. Delicious! I have a can of cherry pie filling in the cupboard, I think, so next serving will be adorned (with 'a splash of colour').

and he was!
The first picture, I didn't zoom in, I was afraid he'd fly off and he looked right at me
The second picture is like he's snubbing me
all puffed up 
this last one is like "are you still here?" but
a car was coming and I was in the middle of the lane
so couldn't wait any longer for him to look at me again

After the dishes were done, Bill made his lunch and upstairs we settled for the evening. At 7:30 it was Jeopardy for me and I think Bill needed to find a new book. It felt too cold in the games room to watch one of the new movies he’s missed, so he’ll have to see  them at another time. They'll be played over and over. I’m ahead of him on a few books here and in the Suite so he’ll easily find something to keep him entertained tonight.

Supper was very good even though it looks like breakfast

And, my cheesecake is awesome with the almond crust
if I do say so myself

This was a good day. It turned out differently than I expected but that is great, it got things done.

Getting ready for some margaritas
in Los Algodones, Mexico
Dec. 17th, 2018
with our buddies, Pat and Rob
We HAVE to do this again!!
Buenas noches!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Oh I miss the Welcome Back party at Algondones ... here's to Fall 2021 and hopefully the return south for all of us :)

  2. Wow. Photos of a snowy owl. Beutiful. Glad you got to see it and show it to us!

  3. I did a quick run into NoFrills for a few things. I told M. I'm not allowed in town until after New Year. I'd love to see another Snowy. It's been awhile.

    1. That's my first close encounter of a snowy owl. I was so tickled that he waited for my return!

  4. A snowy owl ... what a beauty!! Next walk you should carry an apple in your pocket for pictures. It certainly does look COLD!!!!! Brrrrrrr

    1. He is, isn't he? Quite cocky too, I'd say. :)
      Yes, or even my bright blue glove.

  5. Oh give me some of that cheesecake and a good cup of coffee!! Love the snowy Owl!! I could definitely see stuffing instead of potatoes..Did that yesterday too, cleaning out the fridge. I hate to waste anything, and then it's never used hahah!

    1. It was so good and not bad for us. Nothing in it. :) Love those desserts.
      Good to clean out the fridge.

  6. Nice to still be able to get out for your walks and learn more about the area.
    Still having Problems.
    Wishing you both a Safe and Merry Christmas.

    It's about time.

  7. Love the photos of the snow owl, what a beautiful bird!

    You got an amazing deal on the chicken! I don't think I've ever seen a price that low here.
    Take care and stay well!

  8. Gorgeous pictures of the Snow Owl. They are so beautiful!!

    I did my stock up at Walmart today (only department store in my city) and went overboard. But since starting Christmas Day they will only be allowing a certain number in I don't want to have to go for awhile.

    Must look into that Margret Atwood novel. I haven't seen that one before, or is it her poetry one?

    God bless.

  9. Great spotting that Snowy Owl! And close too. Great pictures.

  10. Such a beautiful town you live in. I see why you enjoy walking. Never seen a snow owl. Beautiful bird and you were fortunate that it stuck around for you. I'll have some of that cheese cake. 😀

  11. Great pictures of the snow owl looking very majestic on the pole. Really liked your splashes of color and the river pictures.
    I am better at not saving those little bits of food in our RV fridge but there are still some. Not sure why I think they need to die in there versus just go right in the garbage...LOL