Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Hump Day, Taking a Chauffeur to Durham or Visa Versa

Paisley, On

Because my first blog picture would be the first picture I took of the day
and a FB friend would say it was nasty, this is for Earl
Taken on Dec. 30, 2019 at Pilot Knob RV Resort

On Wednesday, Dec. 30th I’d planned to drive to Durham to clean the laundromat. It was so clear yesterday and last night that I told Bill I could probably go alone. Ha ha ha ha! Famous last words. We woke this morning to snow covered vehicles and roads and it was still coming down. If it were me on my own, I wouldn’t have gone.

However, this is the real deal for our drive this morning
to Durham to clean the Mat

As it turned out, Bill stepped in and drove me. No point in him sitting around while I cleaned so he shoveled the walkway and entrances for me. He sprinkled ice melt in those spots and then came inside and did the floors. No one was doing their laundry so it made the job that much easier. It was snowing pretty heavily when we left Durham for home but #4 highway was track bare in most places.

We are half hour from home and still crossing the Saugeen River

The snowbanks at the laundromat and it's only December

Bill didn’t have a problem but I had to entertain myself on my phone so I wasn’t making myself nervous. I’m sure he doesn’t need to hear my ‘jeez!’ comments and sighs etc. 😊   The snow turned to rain part way home and we know the temperature is rising to 3C/38F this afternoon. A lot of this white stuff will be disappearing and that is a GOOD thing in our books. It won’t hurt my feelings if it is back and forth (snow and rain) all winter.

The drive home was a bit clearer

My timing was bad but this little green guy was completely in the ditch

We stopped at Walmart in Hanover and encountered nothing different from what I’ve encountered over the last 6 months. Easy in and easy out to get a few essentials, milk, cream, bread, Clementines and oh, a pair of mitts for my walks. Good suggestion by a commenter and worth a shot. I’ll try them out next time I’m encouraged enough to go.

Driving through Hanover, we met the snow plow

 At home, it was 11:45 so while Bill shoveled the walkways here, I started chopping bacon, peppers, onion and mushrooms for omelets. It has been a while since we’ve had them and they were very good. Filling too, we were both hungry. After dishes, we retired to our room and puttered around. Bill finished his Lee Child book last night and I will be done with mine, Count to Ten, today. Bridgette gave me a book yesterday that was recommended to her so I’ll give it a shot next.

Keep your eyes on the road, Bill
Patsy, keep your eyes on your phone!

But first! I decided to get my wool out again and attempt something else. I found a pattern for a simple crocheted shawl and since I have a lot of balls in one colour, I need to use some of it up. I sat on the bed beside Bill, and in between working a basic stitch I played my Scrabble Go games on my phone. Oh, for lazy afternoons. 

And the Saugeen River on the other side, as we headed home

I admit that I'm not good at some online things (quite a few)
Instagram being one. I just don't get it. Why?
But then, I should learn it. So, Bridgette helped me yesterday.
This is me practising and I posted it to Facebook as well
The windshield was a mess but I took this one on my phone
so I could get with the 'in' crowd. 😁

At one point, around 2:30, I’d got dressed for out-of-doors and walked to the post office.  Still waiting for my parcel, plus Bill has one coming as well. No parcel, but 2 cards arrived for us. It was quite mild outside but the snow that was falling was very wet and a walk, had I felt so inclined, would have had me soaking wet by the time I got back. Instead I came home and I made a cup of tea and returned to my hobby.

and then I did another with a # (hashtag)

At 6, we went down and got supper on the go. Leftover ham, a sweet potato and still bean casserole for me, an Idaho potato and corn for Bill plus a piece of delectable pecan pie each. I had homemade whipped cream with mine. 

It was tasty and colourful meal

Topped off with pecan pie

After dishes, we returned upstairs and spent the rest of the evening together. This was another good day with a countdown to the end of 2020 ever closer.

A different year, Dec. 30, 2018
This is where we should be today!!
Beautiful Freddy sleeps at Happy Hour
Good night y'all!

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  1. All of my backed up Amazon orders arrived today. Some they were saying wouldn't arrive until well on in January! Unfortunately there is still no sign of my sisters birthday gift. I had it sent to her home. She has secure box for them to put it in, no porch drop there. They say it was delivered but she still doesn't have it.
    We went for a nice walk in the beautiful snowfall today. It sure has been warm for December, and going into the next week too. That's kind of scary though, as it often gets NASTY cold when winter starts off warmer than average.

  2. Ah. Thanks for the photos. Brings back memories of 50 years ago when I was a young thing and lived where it snowed. A lot. As a transplanted Texan, I thought, OK, they say snow tires, I've got them! I'm good to go. And I did, with no bad results. Perhaps I had a guardian angel. Wonder if anybody actually showed up at the laundromat to benefit from your and Bill's labors!

  3. Is Bill still working for that outfit? And are you playing him for his help at the landry, ha! Take care, Rawn Stone

  4. I have no doubt Bill can handle the snow driving! I would probably be looking at my phone too!! I've driven in it before going skiing, but only with 4-wheel drive!! Your dinner looks amazing ... pecan pie? OH YEAH!!!

  5. My what bad weather to start the day. If Bill keeps doing all the extra work around the Mat they may fire you and hire him 😀 I hate snow then rain type of weather. Just let it snow and stuck around. That 2019 pic looks familiar except from the outside of the fence. Have a Happy New Year's eve.

  6. As Elva said, that pie...oh my! It looks so good.

    Have a great evening, and an early Happy New Years to you!

  7. Pie looks great. Do you think it could make the trip to Saskatchewan?

    We are getting snow all today, great way to spend a New Years Eve.

    God bless.

  8. I'd want a driver too in that weather! Dinner and the pie looks yummy! Happy New Year you TWO!