Thursday, December 10, 2020

Filling up my Day Off, Aunt Fern, Cheesecake

Paisley, On

As always seems to happen, on my day off, I couldn’t drop back off to sleep after Bill left at 6:30. Thursday, Dec. 10th was no different which tells me that I’m getting plenty of sleep. I feel bad for the many many people who have a hard time sleeping through the night. So far, I’ve been able to count enough sheep to keep me in slumberland for 7, 8, sometimes 9 hours! I’m lucky and I do think my ear plugs help a lot.

My cousin said I needed a selfie
with a Gingerbread man
So, here you go, Brad!

So, I stayed under the covers curled up for about half hour and then grabbed my phone, played my Scrabble Go games and then read a couple of chapters of my book. It wasn’t grabbing me after the Prologue and first chapter so reading it at night when I’m already tired just doesn’t cut it. This morning, wider awake, I was able to ease into the story and that encourages me to carry on with it. 

There isn't much snow around and that is aok in our books!

Today was another riverbank walk

I got up at 7:45, got washed and went down for my tea and some cereal. That’s the last of my Shreddies. I don’t eat cereak a lot so the box has lasted me a very long time. I empty the bags of our cereal into seal-tight containers and it stays fresh. Maybe I’ll try something different next time just to have some in the cupboard. I’m not keen on Bill’s choice of Cranberry Crunch so that helps his to last a longer time too. 😃

As you drive along the highways in this area
there are a lot of Saugeen Access signs
this one tells you the distance between one town and the next
by canoe or other water craft

When that was done, and I’d read the latest blog postings from our friends, I slipped my debit card into my phone with some cash and went for a walk. It was a mild 2.7C/37F so I didn’t need my winter coat. The fleece lined hoodie I found at the Mat under my poufy vest was perfect, all I needed. I did need gloves but what a gorgeous morning for a walk! I went down along the river and followed it around through the campground.

This is the tree I noticed a while ago, after our winter storm
I took a closer look today and saw this awesome
'gramophone' fungus
Not an official name at all, just my name for it

Today, I ventured a bit further along a grassy trail before turning around. It got too ‘bushy’ for me and I’m sure it would be a muddy walk as well. ‘Maybe’ another day when it is sunny. We were supposed to see the sun a bit today but even though it rose before 8, I hadn’t seen hide nor hair of it yet. On my way back, I thought what better time to call my Aunt Fern?

It was quiet and peaceful out here with nature and I seem to have my best chats out-of-doors. I remember calling Mom from south of the border over the past winters while I was walking in the morning. 😊 Nice memories even though some conversations were difficult. So, Aunt Fern (Mom’s older and last remaining sister) answered within 3 rings. A pang in my heart because I felt a loss at that moment. Hearing her voice, when the only other time I’ve heard it was when Mom wasn’t far away.

this part of the trail I didn't mind at all
but it wasn't much of a trail, more like a walk along
the edge of an open field

We had a lovely chat for about 15 minutes once she caught on to who I was. It was special and she told me at least 4 times how happy she was that I called but not because she'd forgotten she'd said it; her mind is pretty sharp. I know I will call again. It wasn’t until I got back to the house and starting to get ingredients out for baking when the ‘loss’ hit me again. Silly. I know I’m ‘okay’ with Mom’s passing because of how she was but the realization that I won’t talk to her again is sad.

then I came to the 'trail' part and I was too
chicken to go any further
It looks a bit like the forest in a fairy tale
and you know how scary they can be!!

Anyway, I was making a cheesecake today so right away ground up the almonds for the crust. That distracted me. I was ½ cup short so pounded and crushed pecans to top it up. They don’t grind up in my coffee grinder as nice as the almonds so I used my cooking mallet. I was just waiting for the last 3 minutes of release time when Wes and Susan returned from shopping. The cake was done! It was 12:30 and because of my cereal earlier, I found I wasn’t hungry. Plus, I did lick the beaters!

I look quite proud of myself here
although I really didn't accomplish much

With the cake covered lightly with saran wrap and in the fridge to cool, I came upstairs. I needed to have my shower today so I wouldn’t have to in the morning. Bill and I have both taken the day off work to drive to London. I texted Patrick, my son, to make sure that it was okay that we stop in to see him at his work.  Just a short visit, I need to talk to him about something. Plus, I’m going to steal a hug, a Christmas gift. 😊 We have a few other things to take care of as well.

Cheesecake, before and after
It looks kind of messy so won't win any beauty contest
but I hope it tastes good

I turned our Sirius XM radio on to Country Christmas music and once my shower was done, I chose a couple of dressy outfits. We have two or three small gatherings between now and Christmas day, if they work out, so want to ‘spruce’ up a bit.  Then I stretched out on the bed with my book and the music in the background. It was an easy afternoon and it was so nice to see the sun coming in through the window periodically.

I brought my ski poles in and wanted to show you
The price on them was $64.99 new
Someone tried to sell them privately for $29
Value Village had them for $12.99
I got them for that - 30% for being an 'older lady'

If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d have gone for another walk but didn’t get beyond the door! On my way back from my morning walk, I stopped at the Puzzles & Games store across from us, near the Pharmacy and Marty’s. Bill and I decided since we aren’t buying for our children or grandchildren that we would buy a gift for the Toy Drive here in town. I'm sure our kids would like that. I found something kind of cool for mid-age to teenager. We can drop it off at the Fire Hall on Saturday.

With this kind of a sky before sunset........

At 3:30, I went down and made my afternoon ‘fix’. The creamy tea sure hits the spot. Having a book in hand too makes everything pretty much perfect. Bill texted when he left Billy’s, a bit later today as they were further from home and had a stop to make at Rona first. I unlocked the door and waited downstairs for him to come in. I had our last steak thawing in the fridge and some small potatoes that just needed to be steamed in the microwave for supper. Because I had some, we'll have Caesar salad instead of a vegetable.

I am not at all surprised that my sister
captured such a beautiful sunset in Teeswater!
Bill told me how nice it was on his drive home but I don't
have access to it 
thanks Cathy for sharing!

After Bill had a snooze, we went downstairs around 6:30 to start getting it ready. Madame IP does a great job with a steak, depending on how you like it, it only takes a few minutes. There was just enough Creamy Jell-o to share and that was another dish emptied.  We needed to finish it up as it was getting runny and we aren’t as keen on it that way. We did the dishes and moved upstairs around 7:30.

Supper was good and just enough

Time for Bill’s shower and I finished writing and downloading pictures for my blog. The evening was quiet with laptop play and reading. This was another great day.

and this gorgeous sunset was Dec. 10, 2016
at La Posa South, Quartzsite, AZ
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around. Your comments are always welcome!


  1. You didn't have any lunch? Just Shreddies for breakfast and then a couple of licks from the beaters? Glad you had a good supper. Well, you look happy and healthy, so, what can I say.Thanks for your posts. I enjoy them every day.

    1. Ha ha, well, I can't remember! Maybe I had some cheese. I don't eat cereal as a regular breakfast and my tea with coconut oil and cream seems to fill me.
      Thank you JudithK for your comments. :)

  2. You look pretty spiffy in that outfit for an 'older lady'. :) Looks like some nice walking trails around your area. That is nice.

  3. Older lady?? No way!!! Nice you got a good deal on the poles. Perfect for your trail walking. Your cheesecake looks really good compared to many I have seen!! Enjoy!

  4. Love the sunset photo your sister shared, wow! Have a great day.

    1. Isn't it gorgeous? I sure miss seeing them myself but as long as others share, I can handle it for now. :)

  5. Looked like another nice weather day with lots of local scenery to check out.
    That La Posa South picture makes anyone who has been there wishing they were there now.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your London trip.

    It's about time.

    1. I like the way you put that about La Posa South. Those who haven't been there can't quite see the 'charm', can they? :)

  6. Love the selfie pics and that blue you!! Cheesecake looks yummy but so does that dinner! Nice you were able to talk with aunt Fern, sure that made her happy! Cathy's pic is wonderful and your last one too!

    1. Thank you, I'd forgotten about my winter 'ball' caps and with Donna's headband to cover my ears, they both keep me warm. :)
      i do miss seeing my own sunsets.

  7. I share your thoughts on you and your mom. I will be thinking about something and think, I'll just ask Mom. Then I remember she's not with us now. Bummer! Anyway, she's much better off now than when she was here.
    Don in Okla.

    1. It is sad about our Mom's but at the same time - not so. If my Mom had still had her memory when she passed, I know it would be a whole lot harder for me to deal with. She is definitely in a better place right now than she was her last 6 mths.

  8. Wow, that fungus is amazing!!

    I love my walking poles, they remind me to move my arms when briskly walking.

    God bless.

    1. I loved that fungus too!
      I think it was your suggestion to get ski poles for winter walking so thank you! I have regular ones but with no spike to gripping so these will be great!

  9. The Cheesecake sounds yummy. I am curious about the almond crust. If you could message me the recipe I would be appreciate it.
    I still think once and a while I need to call Mom and tell her something and it has been, catch my breath, over 20 years.
    Always enjoy seeing your pictures of the river. Stay safe.

    1. Sure! I'll send the recipe along.
      I feel that way about Daddy. So many things that I'd like to share with him that is happening to and for us. He has been gone 25 years.
      Thanks Deb.